Narwal introduces Narwal Freo X Ultra and other robot vacuums at CES

Narwal introduces Narwal Freo X Ultra and other robot vacuums at CES

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Narwal Introduces Narwal Freo X Ultra and Other Robot Vacuums at CES 2024

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 witnessed the unveiling of Narwal’s latest cleaning solutions, including the Narwal Freo X Ultra, Narwal Freo X Plus, and Narwal S10 Pro. These cutting-edge products are set to revolutionize home cleaning with their innovative features.

narwal Freo X Ultra: A Leap Forward in Robotic Cleaning

Narwal wowed attendees at CES with the introduction of the flagship Narwal Freo X Ultra, a robotic vacuum and mop that incorporates state-of-the-art technology to ensure pristine floors. Equipped with a tangle-free floating brush and an onboard computer featuring AI DirtSense technology, this advanced cleaning device is designed to meet the highest standards.

Features and Innovations

The Narwal Freo X Ultra boasts a remarkable capability to store dust for up to 60 days, eliminating the need for frequent emptying. Additionally, the AI DirtSense technology enables the robot to identify problematic areas on the home map, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning.

Another noteworthy feature of the Narwal Freo X Ultra is its 60,000 RPM fan rotational speed and 8,200 PA suction power, delivering exceptional cleaning performance. With the Zero-Tangling Floating Brush, which captures 95.6% of hair without tangling, this intelligent robot is equipped to handle varying floor surfaces.

The Narwal Freo X Ultra also showcases its mopping abilities, with DirtSense technology analyzing the cleanliness of the mopping water to effectively detect and address dirty floor areas. Furthermore, the robot is capable of navigating using LiDAR SLAM 4.0 technology, ensuring precise movement around the Home.

narwal Freo X Plus and narwal S10 Pro

Accompanying the Narwal Freo X Ultra at CES were the Narwal Freo X Plus and Narwal S10 Pro, offering alternative cleaning solutions tailored to varying needs and preferences. With similar features to the X Ultra, the X Plus model caters to users who prefer not to utilize a self-cleaning base station.

The Narwal S10 Pro, on the other hand, stands out as a handheld wet-dry vacuum featuring 32 running water streams, delivering high-pressure mopping and efficient suction. With its lightweight and agile Design, the S10 Pro is designed for convenient maneuverability, equipped with 180-degree rotation for enhanced functionality.

Pricing and Availability

Consumers can anticipate the arrival of the Narwal Freo X Ultra and Narwal Freo X Plus in March, priced at $1,499 and $469 respectively. Meanwhile, the Narwal S10 Pro is set to launch in April, offering a versatile and powerful cleaning solution at $449.


The CES 2024 showcase marked a significant milestone for Narwal as they introduced their latest range of robotic vacuum and mop solutions. With the unveiling of the Narwal Freo X Ultra, Narwal Freo X Plus, and Narwal S10 Pro, the company has demonstrated its commitment to advancing the field of home cleaning with innovative technology and user-centric design.

As these cutting-edge products prepare to hit the market, consumers can look forward to experiencing the convenience and efficiency of narwal‘s state-of-the-art cleaning solutions in the near future.

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