Skip The Cybertruck: 2024 Rivian R1T Review

Skip The Cybertruck: 2024 Rivian R1T Review

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Skip The Cybertruck: 2024 Rivian R1T Review

The 2024 Rivian R1T pickup is a remarkable effort from a startup American EV manufacturer, striving to make a mark in the industry, challenging the dominance of the Cybertruck. Despite the noise surrounding the Cybertruck, Rivian’s R1T deserves attention and recognition.

Aesthetic Appeal

In December 2023, deep in California’s Mojave Desert, I had the opportunity to explore the 2024 Rivian R1T. Unlike the Cybertruck, the R1T offers a distinct aesthetic edge. While some may find the Cybertruck’s “funky edge” appealing, the R1T embodies a different kind of allure.

Off-Road Performance

The R1T, equipped with off-road toughness and an adventurous spirit, blends beauty and beast. As I ventured into the Mojave Desert, the R1T proved its capability to navigate through the challenging off-road terrain with ease, instilling confidence and eliminating the fear of getting stuck in remote areas.

Technological Features

Packed with cutting-edge technology expected in an expensive electric vehicle, the R1T presents features akin to those of a Tesla Model Y. The inclusion of Highway Assist, similar to Tesla’s Autopilot, and the formidable charging capabilities further enhance the vehicle’s appeal and functionality.

Charging Capabilities

While charging concerns have been prevalent among early electric vehicle models, the R1T impresses with its adeptness at utilizing public charging stations. In the Mojave Desert, the R1T swiftly charged, delivering over 300 miles in just over 30 minutes, demonstrating its practicality and reliability in challenging environments.

Off-Road Endurance

Rivian has achieved a commendable feat with the R1T, constructing a durable and well-assembled vehicle capable of handling rough terrains and bumpy roads with remarkable composure. The vehicle’s resilient performance in the Mojave Desert showcased its effectiveness and sturdiness.

Drawbacks and Future Prospects

Despite its commendable features, the R1T faces a significant drawback in terms of its price, restricting its accessibility to a minority of affluent consumers. However, the anticipation of the lower-cost R2 platform in 2026 provides hope for a more affordable Rivian in the future, aligning with the company’s aspiration of sustainability and inclusivity.


The 2024 Rivian R1T emerges as a worthy competitor in the electric vehicle market, offering a compelling alternative to the Cybertruck. Its blend of aesthetic sophistication, off-road capabilities, and advanced technology positions it as a vehicle of interest, despite its premium pricing.

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