Microsoft's next-gen Surface laptops expected to showcase "true AI" features

Microsoft’s next-gen Surface laptops expected to showcase “true AI” features

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Microsoft’s Next-Gen Surface Laptops Expected to Showcase “True AI” Features

The Era of AI in Consumer Tech

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly emerged as the dominant trend in the tech industry, capturing the attention of consumers and companies alike.

Consumer tech companies are engaging in a fierce competition to integrate AI features into their products, and Microsoft is no exception.

Following the incorporation of AI in Windows 11 with the introduction of Copilot, Microsoft is poised to launch what could be the world’s first “true” AI PCs.

Microsoft’s Vision for Next-Gen AI PCs

According to reports from Windows Central, Microsoft’s upcoming Surface devices are set to come equipped with a diverse array of AI features, marking them as the company’s first true next-gen AI PCs.

The highly anticipated lineup is expected to include the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6, each boasting next-gen NPUs (neural processing units) and offering a choice between Intel‘s 14th-gen Core processors and Qualcomm’s X-series SoCs.

Referred to as ‘CADMUS,’ the ARM-powered Surface devices are reportedly customized for the upcoming edition of Windows, set to be launched next year.

Highlighting Next-Gen AI Features

These devices are also purported to incorporate several next-gen AI capabilities anticipated to be part of the next Windows iteration.

A notable feature mentioned in the report is a dedicated Copilot button placed on the keyboard deck of the Surface Laptop 6 and on the new Type Cover accessory for the Surface Pro 10.

Microsoft aims for the CADMUS lineup to compete head-to-head with Apple Silicon MacBooks in terms of battery life, performance, and security.

Upcoming Releases and microsoft‘s Future Plans

The upcoming next-gen Surface Pro and Surface Laptop are expected to be unveiled a few months prior to the release of the next version of Windows, codenamed Hudson Valley.

Additionally, microsoft is working on next-gen versions of the Surface Laptop Go and the Surface Laptop Studio, with the latter anticipated for launch in 2025.

Commercial-only iterations of the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop are also reportedly in the pipeline, although their release to the public remains uncertain.

Implications for the industry

The introduction of these “true” AI PCs is poised to fuel further advancements and competition in the consumer tech industry.

Consumers can expect an elevated standard of AI-driven performance, setting a new benchmark for laptops and pushing the boundaries of technological innovation.


With Microsoft’s planned release of next-gen Surface laptops featuring “true AI” capabilities, the tech world eagerly awaits the potential transformation of the traditional laptop experience through advanced AI integration.


Source: TechSpot

Source: techspot

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