Couple ditches Amazon Alexa — after ‘creepy’ chats with husband

Couple ditches Amazon Alexa — after ‘creepy’ chats with husband

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Why This Couple Ditched amazon Alexa

Imagine a scenario where a piece of technology in your home starts behaving in an eerie and unsettling manner. That’s exactly what happened to Jess, a TikToker known as @cozylifewithbless, when her amazon Alexa began interacting with her husband in the middle of the night. This incident, and similar occurrences reported by other users, have raised concerns about the behavior of virtual assistants such as Alexa.

The Creepy Conversations

In a recent video posted by Jess, she recounted how her Alexa unexpectedly engaged in conversations with her husband while she was out of town. The unsettling situation occurred in the late hours of the night, leaving her husband feeling uncomfortable and spooked by the unexpected interactions with the device.

Evicting Alexa

As if the late-night conversations were not alarming enough, Jess further revealed that Alexa started speaking without any prompt or interaction. This led Jess to take the decision to evict Alexa from their Home, as she found the behavior to be intrusive and unsettling.

Similar Experiences

Jess is not the only one to have encountered such disturbing behavior from Alexa. Other TikTokers and Reddit users shared their own unsettling experiences with the amazon device, ranging from whispering in the dark to delivering chilling messages without any user interaction.

A History of Creepy Behavior

It’s not the first time Alexa has been associated with creepy incidents. Reports of the virtual assistant randomly laughing, speaking at odd times, and even delivering alarming messages have surfaced over the years, causing unease and distrust among users.

Raising Concerns

These incidents have sparked concerns about the privacy and security implications of having virtual assistants like Alexa in our Homes. Users are left questioning the extent to which these devices intrude on their lives and whether they can truly trust them.

amazon‘s Response

With mounting reports of unsettling behavior from Alexa, questions arise about amazon‘s responsibility to address these issues. Users expect the company to take proactive measures to ensure the safety and comfort of their customers.

The Future of Virtual Assistants

As society becomes increasingly reliant on AI and virtual assistants, it’s crucial to have transparent discussions about the potential risks and boundaries of these technologies. This serves as a reminder to always be mindful of the impact of technology on our lives.


The decision of Jess and others to remove Alexa from their homes sends a powerful message about the importance of feeling safe and comfortable with the technology we invite into our lives. It’s a reminder that while AI can enhance our lives, it’s essential to maintain control and ensure our privacy and security.

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