Living With the Apple Watch Series 9: My Thoughts 3 Months Later - CNET

Living With the Apple Watch Series 9: My Thoughts 3 Months Later – CNET

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Living With the Apple Watch Series 9: My Thoughts 3 Months Later – CNET

The Apple Watch Series 9 has been a part of my everyday life for the past three months, and it has left me with a mix of both positive and negative impressions. Initially, the $399 price tag seemed justified, given the new Features such as Double Tap and Siri’s enhanced Health capabilities. However, as time passed, certain aspects left me wanting more.

Features and Functionality

The Series 9 undoubtedly boasts impressive Features, including a snappy interface, a range of Health monitoring options, and seamless integration with Apple Products. It has an edge over the Apple Watch SE due to its advanced Health and wellness tracking functions like ECG monitoring, blood oxygen readings, and temperature sensing.

Limited Availability

Potential buyers in the US may face challenges obtaining the Series 9 due to a legal dispute that resulted in Apple halting sales. Despite this obstacle, for those fortunate enough to acquire the device, my experiences after three months offer valuable insights.

Siri’s Health Enhancements

The added ability of Siri to address Health-related queries has been a prominent feature that piqued my interest. While it has proven useful for obtaining specific Health statistics, there remains room for improvement in terms of providing comprehensive Health advice and insights.

The Double Tap Feature

Double Tap is another noteworthy addition that enhances user interaction. Although I initially found it challenging to incorporate into my routine, it holds promise for transforming the Apple Watch into a more intuitive and seamless device over time.

Health tracking Capabilities

The Series 9 encompasses essential Health and wellness tracking sensors, but I believe there is potential for greater utilization and interpretation of the data it collects. Comparative to Products from competitors, there are areas for improvement, particularly in sleep tracking and analysis.

Battery Performance

The Series 9 offers an average battery life of one to two days, dependent on usage. However, compared to Other smartwatches in its price range, such as those from Fitbit and Garmin, its battery performance falls slightly short, particularly for users prioritizing sleep monitoring.

Overall Reflections

In summary, the Apple Watch Series 9 serves as a testament to continued Innovation. While it may not be a substantial leap from prior models, it establishes a foundation for future advancements, hinting at broader Health-centric functionalities and user experience enhancements.

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