How to delete photos from your iPhone while still keeping them in iCloud

How to delete photos from your iPhone while still keeping them in iCloud

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How to Delete Photos from Your iPhone While Still Keeping Them in iCloud

Are you running out of storage space on your iPhone due to an excessive number of photos? Are you looking to free up space by deleting some photos from your device without losing them from iCloud? Below, we will explore three convenient methods that allow you to delete photos from your iPhone while ensuring that they remain safely stored in iCloud.

Turning off iCloud Photo Sharing

One approach to deleting photos from your iPhone without affecting iCloud is by turning off iCloud Photo Sharing. This feature not only enables you to share albums with others but also synchronizes your photos across various devices. Disabling it allows you to delete photos from your iPhone without compromising their availability on or other devices utilizing iCloud Photo Sharing.

To commence this process, open the Settings app and tap your Apple ID, followed by iCloud and then Photos. Subsequently, toggle off the switch next to “Sync this iPhone,” and then tap “Remove from iPhone.” You will be prompted to confirm your decision by clicking “Remove from iPhone.” As a result, the photos and videos will remain intact in iCloud Photos.

Utilizing a Different Service for Photo Backup

Another viable solution to deleting photos from your iPhone without affecting iCloud is by employing an alternative service for photo backup. Google Photos is a popular option, offering unlimited free storage for high-quality photos and videos. Once your photos are backed up to Google Photos, you can safely delete them from your iPhone while retaining access to them via your Google Photos account.

To utilize Google Photos for photo backup, download the Google Photos app from the App Store. After installation, open the app, select the desired account, and enable photo backup. By allowing access to all photos and confirming the image quality, Google Photos will commence backing up your photos, after which you can proceed to delete them from your iPhone without impacting their availability in your Google Photos account.

Signing in to a Different iCloud Account

The third method involves signing in to a different iCloud account, enabling you to segregate your photos into distinct accounts and delete them from one account without affecting the other. To execute this, navigate to Settings, tap your Apple ID, and then scroll to the bottom to sign out. Upon signing out, you can sign in to another iCloud account, providing a solution for organizing and managing your photos without compromising their availability on iCloud.

It’s recommended to consider the most suitable approach based on your specific requirements and preferences. Whether it’s turning off iCloud Photo Sharing, utilizing a different photo backup service, or signing into a different iCloud account, these methods offer the flexibility to manage your photos effectively while preserving them in iCloud.

Organizing Your Photos

Once you’ve implemented the chosen method to maintain your photos in iCloud, consider organizing them effectively. Utilize albums, tags, or Other methods to ensure easy access and efficient management of your photos. Your ability to organize and categorize your photos will significantly enhance your overall experience, making it easier to locate specific photos whenever needed.


Your ability to delete photos from your iPhone without compromising their availability in iCloud is essential for managing your device’s storage effectively. By following the outlined methods, such as turning off iCloud Photo Sharing, utilizing alternative photo backup services, or signing into different iCloud accounts, you can free up valuable space on your iPhone while retaining seamless access to your cherished memories in iCloud. Remember to choose the approach that best aligns with your preferences and organizational requirements to ensure a streamlined and efficient photo management experience.

The continuous evolution of technology presents various options for managing and safeguarding our digital assets. Through comprehensive exploration and understanding of these options, individuals can enhance their ability to control and safeguard their valuable content effectively and efficiently.

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