Incredible plans for ‘world’s fastest train’ FluxJet set to whizz passengers across country at 621mph

Incredible plans for ‘world’s fastest train’ FluxJet set to whizz passengers across country at 621mph

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Incredible plans for ‘world’s fastest train’ FluxJet set to whizz passengers across country at 621mph

INCREDIBLE plans have been unveiled to construct the world’s fastest train, capable of transporting passengers at an astounding speed of 621mph across a country. The ambitious £14 billion high-speed floating train system is expected to connect two major cities before 2035. A Canadian startup, TransPod, has been diligently working on the 300-kilometre passenger and light freight line, known as FluxJet, between Calgary and Edmonton for several years.

Advanced Technology and Design

The fully-electric FluxJet, described by TransPod as “a hybrid between an aircraft and a train,” is designed to accommodate up to 54 passengers and 10 tonnes of cargo. The pioneering train employs physics-based technology for high-speed propulsion through a vacuum-sealed tube. Similar to the Hyperloop network, FluxJet consists of only a train and a vacuum, as opposed to a train, rail, and tunnels. The train hovers magnetically along the rail and utilizes a combination of magnets and plasma technology to achieve unprecedented speeds.

Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

The FluxJet is set to revolutionize travel with its unparalleled operational capabilities. Its pods will depart every two minutes, significantly reducing wait times for passengers. Additionally, TransPod plans to incorporate key stations in major cities, creating an efficient and convenient travel network across Canada. The system is expected to divert almost a third of the traffic from the Calgary to Edmonton highway, thereby alleviating congestion while providing a sustainable alternative mode of Transportation.

Economic and Environmental Impact

Riding the FluxJet is projected to be incredibly cost-effective, with a 44% reduction in expenses compared to air travel. Furthermore, it is anticipated to have a substantial positive environmental impact, reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 636,000 tonnes per year. This aligns with the global efforts to mitigate climate change and develop sustainable transportation solutions. Virgin’s Hyperloop chief, Josh Giegel, once expressed that Hyperloop systems would be able to Transport as many people as a 30-lane highway between cities in minutes.

Assuring Safety and Comfort

Safety has been a paramount concern in the development of this ground-Breaking transportation system. Giegel emphasized the successful test run at a Virgin facility, highlighting the safe and comfortable experience provided by riding inside the FluxJet pods. With a focus on innovation and excellence, the FluxJet represents a major leap forward in the realm of high-speed transportation.


The ambitious vision for the FluxJet promises to usher in a new era of high-speed travel, offering unparalleled speed, efficiency, and environmental benefits. With its remarkable potential to transform transportation, the FluxJet is set to revolutionize the way people travel across vast distances. The future holds great promise, and the realization of the FluxJet project will undoubtedly mark a significant milestone in the evolution of transportation technology.

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