I tried a $2,700 skin laser and was blown away by the results – and five other beauty gadgets I’m obsessed with

I tried a $2,700 skin laser and was blown away by the results – and five other beauty gadgets I’m obsessed with

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I Tried a $2,700 Skin laser and Was Blown Away by the Results – and Five Other Beauty Gadgets I’m Obsessed With

Few sectors have seen meteoric growth in 2023 quite like the beauty and tech industries. And when you intersect the two – known as beauty tech – you get some of the most coveted Products on the market right now.

Beauty tech is basically the use of innovative technology in the cosmetics and beauty industry. This can range from artificial intelligence (AI) to cutting-edge, next-generation lasers.

And Business is booming – in 2021 alone, beauty tech brought in $3.77 billion in revenue. This figure is only expected to grow to a projected revenue of about $8.93 billion by 2026.

It’s not hard to swallow this number when one looks at how prevalent beauty tech has become in shaping the cosmetics industry. It seems like these products are practically everywhere today – from subway ads to sponsored Instagram posts.

The Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler

If you are into haircare, you have heard of the Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler. The hair tool took over TikTok and Instagram beauty accounts earlier this year – and for good reason.

Originally launched in 2018, the hair tool Features Dyson’s revolutionary Coanda technology – an aerodynamic phenomenon the company leveraged for hair care.

Basically, the Airwrap works by creating a spinning vortex of air around the cylindrical shaped barrels and attachments.

In turn, this “vortex” directs hair to wrap itself around the barrel and both dries and curls it in the process. Experts have regularly called the device “the best” hairstyling tool out there, adding that it “reigns supreme.”

The Airwrap comes with several attachments, including the Coanda smoothing dryer, the long barrel, the soft-smoothing brush, the wide-tooth comb, and a diffuser for curly girls.

All hair types can benefit from the Airwrap and its easy-to-use Design. Personally, I found the tool a game-changer for styling my curly hair – and I now actually enjoy doing my hair after years of being annoyed by it.

And for those of you who may struggle with heat tools, the Airwrap comes with an app that can explain all of the attachments and help you try new hairstyles.

All in all, the Airwrap is a beautiful and effective hairstyling tool. And while it doesn’t come cheap at a price point of $599, it will pay for itself after three uses. This is especially true if you’re someone who frequently spends Money on getting their hair done.

The Amiro R3 Turbo RF

Earlier this year, china-based company Amiro was named by Forbes as one of china‘s Best Emerging Brands. This is due to the company quickly rising as a top beauty tech solution provider and pushing the boundary of tech innovation for skin health.

Specifically, Amiro focuses on light, radiofrequency, and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) therapy to tighten the skin and offer real anti-aging results.

Amiro has developed several gadgets but one of the newest – and one of the most impressive – is the R3 Turbo RF. This skin-tightening facial device works to diminish fine lines and face wrinkles using technology that stimulates collagen production.

The LED light therapy helps to boost blood circulation, while the EMS Tech lifts and tightens skin. In one study, users saw a decrease of 28% in eye wrinkles, a decrease of 33% in forehead wrinkles, and an increase of 11% in skin elasticity after just 30 days.

As someone who has tried the device themselves, these numbers do not surprise me. I quickly saw my skin texture improve and after a few days of consistent use, my chin and jawline looked sharper.

Alongside the tool, users get several face and eye masks that work to enhance the wand’s capabilities. Two bottles of Amiro’s Hydrating Moisturizing Serum made from anti-aging and anti-acne ceramides are also included in the purchase.

Simply put, if you are a skincare lover who doesn’t want to splurge on hefty anti-aging procedures every few weeks, this is the tool for you.

The NuFace Trinity Plus

The NuFace brand has been around since 2005 and is loved by some of the biggest names in the Entertainment industry such as Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson.

The company is best known for its at-Home microcurrent Trinity and Trinity Plus devices. These FDA-cleared tools use microcurrent electricity to tone, contour, and train the facial muscles over time.

Using the tool is simple; users just glide the device across their faces to send out low-voltage currents to their facial muscles. This is a great non-invasive alternative to Botox, filler, and Other anti-aging procedures.

Still, the best part of the Trinity device is that you can spot the benefits right away. After just a single 10-minute use, I saw my cheekbones, eyebrows, and jawline lifted and contoured dramatically.

However, it’s important to use the device consistently to maintain results – around five days a week for the first few weeks. You also need to ensure you’re applying enough of the provided Aqua Gel before using the device to get the full benefits.

The latest version of the device, the Trinity Plus, will set you back around $296. This seems like a steal when you think about the thousands you will save in the long run on more-invasive treatments.

The Solawave Wand

Light therapy is a treatment that has been around for around three decades now. It’s the process of exposing skin to red, blue, green, and Other LED lights that have been proven to provide skincare benefits.

One company that has been utilizing LED light is none other than Solawave. The company’s Solawave Wand absolutely took over the Internet this year as both millennials and Gen Zers grew obsessed with the tool.

In fact, the device was most recently called the “#1 skincare tool” by The Zoe Report and was Featured in Women’s Health Beauty Awards. The Solawave Wand works by sending red light therapy at specific wavelengths directly to your skin to help rejuvenate it.

This can help to eliminate puffiness, as well as decrease the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, and Other blemishes – especially when combined with Solwave’s Renew Complex Serum.

I found that after using the serum and the wand just three times for a few minutes, my skin was glowing. Now, I feel like my skincare routine is not complete if I skip out on a Solawave session under my eyes and around my forehead.

As an added bonus, the therapeutic benefits of using the wand every day help to relax my mind.

The BeautyBio GLOfacial

This year will go down as the year the hydrafacial took over skincare clinics around the world. The procedure works in three parts to clean, exfoliate, and hydrate all skin types.

However, the facial can be both time-consuming and pricey, costing as much as $400 for a single session in some parts of the country.

Thankfully, skincare company BeautyBio developed an at-Home tool to bring the hydra facial straight to you. Dubbed the GLOfacial, the device works like a vacuum for your pores to extract gunk while infusing hydrating serums into your skin.

Moreover, it Features blue LED light therapy to easily kill acne-causing bacteria deep inside your pores. Blue LED light can also be used to improve skin texture and even out your skin tone.

After one use of the GLOfacial at Home, I was both petrified and satisfied with all of the gunk the device was able to remove from my skin.

I was also able to watch my pores shrink in front of my eyes after just a single session – a feat I haven’t been able to achieve at Home with any other tool.

And at $199, the GLOfacial device costs just half of one hydrafacial in my Home city of New York.

The box comes with everything you need, including the device, several heads, the plumping salicylic and hyaluronic acid solution, and the clarifying cap.

The Lyma laser

Rounding out our list is the groundbreaking Lyma Laser, which is constantly touted as the most powerful at-Home skin laser out there. The tool uses low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to help diminish fine lines, reduce inflammation, even skin tone, fade acne scars, and firm your skin.

Lyma is also the first FDA-cleared non-invasive laser; its LLLT technology is reportedly 100 times stronger than LED light.

To use the laser, all you need to do is put on the Lyma serum (or your own) and then hold the laser over problem areas for three minutes at a time.

Let me tell you, this tool absolutely shocked me. After one three-minute session on my nasolabial folds, the creases looked dramatically softened and less deep.

In another session, I placed the tool over a blemish and immediately saw a reduction in both redness and size. I was blown away.

At $2,695, the price is not cheap, but truly worth the investment if you’re someone who prefers truly effective skincare treatments and can afford it.

Lyma also provides free 30-minute consultations with all customers to make sure they are getting the most out of the device, which is amazing considering the investment you are making.

Like with all skincare Products, it’s important to use this device every day – at least for the first three months – to maintain the amazing results. And I promise you, they are amazing.

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