Greg Joswiak talks Steve Jobs keynotes, ‘Shot on iPhone’ event, and more in new interview [Video]

Greg Joswiak talks Steve Jobs keynotes, ‘Shot on iPhone’ event, and more in new interview [Video]

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Greg Joswiak Opens Up About Apple‘s Marketing Strategies and Steve Jobs’ Legacy

Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Greg Joswiak, recently engaged in a candid interview with Taiwanese outlet iMod. In this insightful conversation, Joswiak sheds light on various aspects of Apple‘s approach to marketing and innovation, as well as the enduring influence of Steve Jobs.

Embracing Innovation with iPhone-Shot Events

Joswiak discusses Apple’s pioneering decision to shoot an entire event using an iPhone, a testament to the company’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology. By doing so, Apple seeks to demonstrate the capabilities and quality of their products, setting a new industry standard in event cinematography.

The Intersection of technology and Liberal Arts

Reflecting on his experiences working alongside Steve Jobs, Joswiak reveals the fundamental philosophy ingrained in Apple‘s DNA. Jobs emphasized the pivotal role of liberal arts in conjunction with technology, highlighting the need for creativity and empathy to drive innovation and connect with consumers on a deeper level.

The Authenticity of Apple‘s Marketing

Joswiak delves into Apple‘s approach to marketing, emphasizing the company’s unwavering dedication to authenticity and honesty. He underscores the significance of building products that genuinely enrich users’ lives, positioning truthful storytelling as the cornerstone of their marketing endeavors.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera and Creative Capabilities

Joswiak offers insight into Apple‘s relentless pursuit of photographic excellence with the development of the iPhone 15 Pro Max camera hardware. He shares the company’s aspiration to rival high-end pro cameras, underscoring their emphasis on empowering users with advanced post-production capabilities for unparalleled creative expression.

The Remarkable Feat of Shooting the Mac Event on iPhone

Joswiak proudly discusses the recent Mac event, remarkable for being entirely shot on an iPhone. He lauds the exceptional quality achieved and the seamless integration of iPhone and Mac technologies, showcasing the immense potential of the iPhone 15 Pro and speaking volumes about Apple‘s commitment to innovation.


Greg Joswiak’s interview provides an engaging and invaluable glimpse into Apple‘s marketing philosophy, technological advancements, and enduring respect for Steve Jobs’ visionary legacy. It highlights the company’s unwavering dedication to authenticity and innovation, setting an inspiring precedent for the global tech industry.

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