How to watch Wild Scandinavia online: stream the stunning nature series free from anywhere

How to watch Wild Scandinavia online: stream the stunning nature series free from anywhere

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How to Watch Wild Scandinavia Online: Stream the Stunning Nature Series Free from Anywhere

Are you eager to explore Scandinavia’s wild landscapes and awe-inspiring species? This in-depth guide will provide you with all the essential information on how to watch Wild Scandinavia online free from anywhere in the world.

Rebecca Ferguson Narrates Wild Scandinavia

The three-part BBC series, narrated by Rebecca Ferguson, showcases the region’s resilient wildlife, its volcanic landscapes, and Arctic extremes, transporting viewers to a land of incredible contrasts. Featuring explosive volcanoes in Iceland, enchanting Swedish forests, and Denmark’s tidal shores, this series also celebrates Scandinavia’s unique culture.

When and Where to Watch

Wild Scandinavia premieres on BBC Two on Sunday, December 31 at 8:25 p.m. GMT. For those unable to watch it live, the series will be available on-demand via BBC iPlayer shortly after each episode airs. Additionally, all three episodes can be streamed online via the PBS Documentaries channel, accessible through amazon Prime Video as an add-on.

streaming Options with a VPN

If you’re not in the U.K. when the series airs on the BBC, fret not. You can use a VPN to watch it live or on-demand from anywhere in the world. ExpressVPN, which offers outstanding compatibility and impressive connection speeds, is an excellent choice for accessing BBC iPlayer. With a VPN, you can continue to access your usual platforms and watch your favorite shows online, no matter where you are.

How to Use a VPN to Watch Wild Scandinavia

Using a VPN is incredibly simple. Just install the VPN of your choice, select the location you wish to connect to in the VPN app, and then sit back and enjoy the show. Head to BBC iPlayer and stream new episodes of Wild Scandinavia online.

streaming Options Outside the U.K.

If you’re a U.K. citizen abroad, a VPN like ExpressVPN allows you to connect to BBC iPlayer from anywhere and stream Wild Scandinavia online using your usual service. For those in Canada, access to the series seems limited. However, select public libraries offer the documentary service free through Hoopla. Additionally, those with a Binge subscription can stream all three episodes with a 14-day free trial.

Rebecca Ferguson’s Personal Connection to Scandinavia

Rebecca Ferguson shares her deep connection to Scandinavian nature and her passion for the raw and wild landscapes of the region. She also discusses her personal experiences with wildlife in Scandinavia, and her favorite species from the series – the White-Tailed Sea Eagle. With her personal insights, viewers gain a deeper understanding of the beauty of Wild Scandinavia.

Memorable Moments and Series Highlights

Rebecca Ferguson shares standout sequences from the series, including her awe-inspiring experiences and newfound knowledge about the region. She expresses her hope that viewers will learn about new environments, understand the extremes of seasonal weather and landscapes, and feel inspired to nurture and care for our planet even more.

The Wild Beauty of Scandinavia

Wild Scandinavia offers a majestic yet fragile world, documenting the dramatic extremes of the Nordic territories. From volcanic Iceland to the high tundra and Arctic Svalbard, viewers are taken on a journey where the land meets the sea and life on the edge is both cruel and generous.


As the debut of Wild Scandinavia draws near, viewers are eagerly anticipating the captivating experience this series promises. With its stunning visuals, rich narration, and immersive storytelling, it’s a must-watch for nature enthusiasts and those captivated by the majestic landscapes of Scandinavia’s wild beauty.

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