Do You Suddenly Need To Delete Your Facebook App?

Do You Suddenly Need To Delete Your Facebook App?

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Do You Suddenly Need To Delete Your facebook App?

Serious new warnings have been issued for millions of iPhone and Android users who have Facebook’s mobile app installed on their phones. This stark alert hints at a much more concerning issue that should compel Facebook’s two-billion strong user base to carefully reconsider their continued use of the app.

A Creepy Update

The latest update to Facebook’s app is garnering significant attention and concern. Described as a “a huge deal that demands press attention” and “ the creepiest thing you’ll read all day,” this update introduces a feature known as “Link History.” This feature enables the app to save a record of websites visited through its in-app browser, all in the name of providing convenience for users.

The Creepy Side of Convenience

While the option to disable Link History is available upon app update, the underlying implication of this feature is far more disconcerting. Despite being presented as a standard feature for improved browsing experiences, it serves as a way for Facebook to track user activity and preferences for targeted advertising.

Data Harvesting and privacy Concerns

facebook, like Google, operates as one of the world’s foremost data harvesting platforms. While Google recently moved to eliminate hidden tracking cookies, facebook has seemingly taken a step in the opposite direction with the introduction of Link History. This veiled tracking mechanism is disguised as a user convenience and implores users to enable tracking technology, leading to a potential invasion of privacy.

The In-App Browser Threat

In-app browsers, including those integrated into facebook’s mobile app, pose a significant threat to user privacy and security. By bypassing the privacy and security features of regular browsers, these in-app browsers expose users to potential tracking and data collection, including sensitive information such as passwords and addresses.

Facebook’s Tracking Business Model

It is crucial to recognize that Facebook’s primary operation revolves around tracking user behavior and preferences, positioning its two billion users as commodities to be sold to advertisers. Therefore, features like Link History are simply a part of the larger privacy concerns associated with Facebook’s Business model.

Should You Delete facebook?

The resulting question arising from these privacy implications leads to the core inquiry of whether users should consider deleting their facebook accounts entirely. Recent coverage regarding facebook’s privacy practices has prompted many to contemplate the long-term implications of their continued association with the platform.

Impacts and Reflections

Reflecting on the impact of facebook, it is undeniable that the platform has contributed to the democratization of information, especially within regions that were previously restricted in accessing news. However, recent adversities such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal have brought to light the considerable downsides of facebook’s operations.

The Changing Landscape

Facebook’s approach to data collection has ultimately influenced industry shifts, with Apple championing privacy in response to such extensive tracking practices. Consequently, even major players like Google have been compelled to make significant changes to accommodate evolving user expectations.

User Considerations

While extensive discussions surround the varying privacy Features of different browsers, it is important to recognize that in-app browsers jeopardize these protective measures. Consequently, users are urged to reassess the convenience of in-app browsing and the associated privacy risks, including potential data breaches.


In weighing the conveniences provided by in-app browsing against the inherent risks to user privacy and security, individuals using platforms like Facebook should exercise discernment. From evaluating the sites visited to the information shared, users are advised to carefully consider their digital footprint and the impact of in-app browsing on their personal data security.

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