Cory Williams departs L39ION of LA for Miami Blazers - North American Roundup

Cory Williams departs L39ION of LA for Miami Blazers – North American Roundup

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Cory Williams Departs L39ION of LA for Miami Blazers – North American Roundup

Cory Williams, known for dominating criterium races, makes a significant move from L39ION of Los Angeles to the Miami Blazers. The departure of Williams marks a monumental shift in the North American cycling circuit.

Williams’ Transition to Miami Blazers

Cory Williams, at 30 years of age, announced his departure from L39ION through Social Media last week of December. His journey with L39ION spanned five seasons, characterized by dedication and success.

With Williams Racing Development at the helm, the move to the Miami Blazers emphasizes the team’s commitment to creating an electric Environment for fans and athletes.

Racing internationally under the Belize flag, Williams’ success, including a national road race championship, has proven his prowess and adaptability on a global scale.

Miami Blazers’ Strength and Focus

The Miami Blazers, founded by Williams Racing Development, have established themselves as a dominant force in the US domestic elite cycling circuit. Their emphasis on criterium and one-day events has yielded remarkable results.

Notable victories from team members in individual time trial championships and US titles underscore the team’s prowess and dedication to excellence.

With Brandon Feehery heading the new riders’ lineup and a confirmation of a women’s team, the Miami Blazers are not only expanding but also consolidating their position as a force to be reckoned with in the cycling arena.

CCB Women’s Team: New Roster and Endeavors

The CCB p/b Levine Law Group elite women’s team has secured a strong 2024 roster, with key emphasis on the anchoring duo Betty Hasse and Lizzy Gunsalus.

Their commitment to developing young talent and supporting athletes’ transition to the next stages of their Careers reflects the team’s broader vision of success beyond just victories on the field.

The addition of promising riders, such as Ella Brenneman and Sabrina Hayes, signifies the team’s endeavor to nurture and elevate talent in women’s competitive cycling.

Atlanta Rise: NCL’s Newest Addition

The launch of Atlanta Rise Cycling Club, the latest creation by the National Cycling League, marks an exciting addition to the co-ed team roster. The team’s diverse composition, reflecting multiple countries, creates a truly global presence.

Through the inclusion of local talents like Joshua Meyers and Caleb Landgrebe, the Atlanta Rise initiative is not just about forming a team, but fostering a community and providing a platform for emerging cyclists.

The vibrant colors of red and black for the team’s kits, echoing the spirit of Atlanta’s professional sports teams, exemplify the team’s close alignment with the city and its culture.


The North American cycling scene is witnessing significant shifts and developments with Cory Williams’ move to the Miami Blazers, the strength of the CCB women’s team, and the arrival of the Atlanta Rise. These changes mark a new era in competitive cycling, characterized by diversity, inclusivity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

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