Clicks is a BlackBerry-style iPhone keyboard case designed for creators

Clicks is a BlackBerry-style iPhone keyboard case designed for creators

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Introducing clicks: A BlackBerry-style iPhone Keyboard Case for Creators

clicks Technology has unveiled an innovative iPhone case, named clicks, equipped with a built-in keyboard beneath the device.
The case, which commences shipping on February 1st, has been meticulously designed to cater to the needs of creators.

Revolutionary Design and CES Debut

Michael Fisher and Kevin Michaluk, renowned as MrMobile and CrackBerry Kevin, are the brains behind Clicks, a company set to showcase the case at CES.
While previous iPhone keyboard cases exist, clicks stands out as a modern and intentional design, distinguished from past imitations like Typo.

Innovative Connectivity and Functionality

clicks connects to the iPhone without using Bluetooth or a built-in battery, drawing power directly from the device and supporting pass-through charging.
The case also promises additional functionalities through a forthcoming companion app available on the Apple App Store.

Attention to Detail and User Experience

When it comes to aesthetics, clicks offers two color options at launch, with special perks for early adopters of the “Founders Edition” cases.
The team behind Clicks comprises former employees of industry giants such as Apple, BlackBerry, and Google, ensuring a wealth of expertise in the product’s development.

Designed for Creators’ Needs

clicks has been tailored to meet the demands of creators, offering the tactile and precise experience of a physical keyboard on an iPhone.
The company emphasizes the significance of bringing back physical keys to free up screen Real Estate and enrich user immersion in applications and content.

Enhanced Functionality and Features

Furthermore, clicks incorporates features commonly found on computer keyboards, including a backlight and a dedicated CMD key to support iOS keyboard shortcuts.
This brings enhanced usability to creators who are familiar with keyboard-based workflows on Other devices.

Final Thoughts

With a focus on improving the content creation and communication experience on iPhones, clicks delivers a compelling solution that bridges the gap between traditional physical keyboards and modern mobile devices.
The reintroduction of a physical keyboard to the iPhone ecosystem showcases clicks‘ commitment to addressing a genuine need for a more tactile and efficient input method.

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