CES 2024: Here Are Some Of The Weird AI Gadgets Unveiled—Including A Smart Cat Flap And Mood-Boosting Mirror

CES 2024: Here Are Some Of The Weird AI Gadgets Unveiled—Including A Smart Cat Flap And Mood-Boosting Mirror

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CES 2024: Exploring the Weird AI Gadgets Unveiled

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas showcased a plethora of technologically advanced products
riding the latest tech trend—artificial intelligence (AI). This year, the event wasn’t just about the industry giants
but also featured a myriad of eccentric AI gadgets that caught the attention of attendees.

Unveiling the Eccentric AI Gadgets

The marquee trade show highlighted several attention-grabbing gadgets leveraging AI technology. Among the unique
innovations was the Topline Generative AI, which took center stage at CES, aligning with the evolving tech landscape.
The voice assistant and connected home devices also built on previous trends, reflecting the tech industry’s
ever-changing nature.

AI software startup Capella presented a ground-breaking app with an intriguing feature—utilizing AI to interpret
infants’ cries with a remarkable 95% accuracy. This app is priced at $10 per month and claims to decipher if a baby
is hungry, needs a diaper change, or feels uncomfortable.

For cat owners dealing with feline behavior, Swiss startup Flappie introduced an AI-powered cat door designed to
prevent pets from bringing in deceased animals. This innovative product is priced at $525 (CHF 450) and aims to
solve a common problem for cat owners.

Addressing another common issue, Chinese company DeRucci unveiled a $8300 mattress and a $1000 pillow, offering an
AI solution to alleviate snoring by utilizing airbags to readjust the sleeper’s body and head position.

British startup Seergrills displayed the $3,500 Perfecta Grill, emphasizing its AI-driven abilities to cook
flawless steaks and other meats within 90 seconds. Though it did not demonstrate actual cooking at CES, the
concept drew considerable attention.

Moreover, Volkswagen and other companies incorporated ChatGPT, a popular generative AI tool developed by OpenAI,
into their Products. Volkswagen utilized this tool for its in-car voice assistant, IDA, showcasing the expanding
implementation of AI in the automotive sector.

Potential Products and Lasting Impact

While these cutting-edge products aroused curiosity at CES, their transition into widespread availability and
long-term Sustainability remains uncertain. The show’s history of featuring outlandish concepts that don’t
materialize as consumer products raises questions about the fate of these quirky AI innovations.

CES is known for embodying the latest trends, yet only a fraction of these experimental concepts ultimately
materialize into tangible Products accessible to the public. This raises skepticism about the potential of these
futuristic creations to resonate beyond the confines of the exhibition.

privacy Concerns Amidst Technological Advancements

While exploration of innovative tech is significant, controversies regarding privacy and data security also
surfaced at CES 2024. Advocates for privacy, right-to-repair, and consumer rights raised concerns about the
partnership between BMW and amazon‘s Alexa voice assistant, particularly highlighting privacy apprehensions
regarding the integration into BMW’s Vehicles.

Critics, including Cindy Cohn, the executive director of the electronic frontier foundation, cautioned that
this technology could potentially facilitate intrusive tracking and pose threats of misuse, particularly in cases
of domestic abuse. The integration of voice assistants into personal vehicles raises pertinent ethical and privacy
concerns that must be addressed.

The Future of Unconventional AI

As the CES 2024 displayed an array of peculiar AI gadgets, the future trajectory of these products remains
ambiguous. While some of these inventions might find their way into the market, the durability and adoption of
unconventional AI gadgets will likely be influenced by consumer demand and privacy considerations.

The intersection of AI with everyday devices is an evolving frontier with considerable potential. While the
spotlight on eccentric AI gadgets at CES 2024 was noteworthy, the coming years will reveal whether these
innovations gain traction and contribute to meaningful advancements in consumer technology.

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