CES 2024 day 1 — Top 9 new gadgets you need to see

CES 2024 day 1 — Top 9 new gadgets you need to see

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CES 2024 Day 1: Top 9 New Gadgets You Need to See

Officially speaking CES 2024 hasn’t started yet, but this fact doesn’t seem to be deterring the companies involved in the show.
There are already plenty of announcements to be had, and this weekend saw a bunch of them from the likes of lg, Samsung, and others.
Unsurprisingly, the big news seems to be in the realms of TVs, laptops, and AI so far.

1. LG’s 98-inch QNED TV with AI Upgrades

Oversized TVs are a long-standing tradition at every tech show —and CES 2024 is no exception.
LG unveiled its new 98-inch QNED TV with exciting AI upgrades.
The new a8 AI processor offers a significant performance boost and powers the AI Picture Pro feature, enhancing image quality.
Recognizing user voices and profiles, this TV is not only huge but also smart.

2. Razer’s Refreshed Gaming Laptops with OLED Displays

Razer may be giving Gaming laptop aficionados the displays they’ve been clamoring for with the upcoming Razer Blade refresh.
These new laptops will feature OLED displays with impressive refresh rates and resolutions, providing an immersive gaming experience.

3. LG’s “Smartphone on Wheels” Concept for Cars

lg Display is developing a full-width display for car dashboards, along with two foldable displays for backseat passengers.
Featuring P-OLED and LTPS LCD panels, this concept aims to revolutionize in-car Entertainment and functionality.
With the potential for increased flexibility and privacy Features, it’s a glimpse into the future of smart automobiles.

4. Bemis BB-1200 Bidet Toilet for Enhanced Comfort

For those seeking something beyond TVs and AI, the new Bemis BB-1200 Bidet Toilet offers an intriguing option.
Providing a range of customizable Features, including warm water supply and a heated seat, this smart toilet seat promises enhanced comfort.
With user presets and Smartphone control, it redefines the bathroom experience.

5. Roku’s New Series of “Pro” TVs

Roku announced plans for a new series of “Pro” TVs that utilize a mini-LED backlight and a quantum dot filter.
With the addition of AI-powered “Smart Picture” technology, these TVs are set to offer optimized picture quality and enhanced viewing experiences.

6. Dell’s Revamped and Expanded XPS Line-up

Dell is set to revamp and expand the XPS line-up with new features, including machined aluminum chassis and OLED touchscreens.
This update aligns with the latest technological advancements and user preferences, offering powerful performance and enhanced visuals.

7. Samsung’s New Transparent MicroLED TV Concept

Samsung showcased a new transparent microLED TV concept, hinting at the future of television displays.
While it’s currently a prototype, this innovation represents the next level of visual technology for home Entertainment.
With a focus on depth and clarity, it exemplifies the potential for immersive viewing experiences.

8. Xreal Air 2 Ultra ar glasses for Spatial Computing

Xreal’s latest ar glasses, the Xreal Air 2 Ultra, aim to bridge the functionality of VR headsets with the portability of ar glasses.
Equipped with advanced features and lightweight design, these glasses offer a glimpse into the future of spatial Computing.
With a focus on developer support, these glasses are set to revolutionize interactive experiences.

9. LG’s Cute Robot Smart Home companion

LG unveiled a cute robot smart home companion, designed to roam homes and provide various useful functions.
With real-time video capabilities, emotional recognition, and home Environment monitoring, this little droid aims to redefine smart home interactions.
As part of LG’s new “Zero Labor Home” concept, it represents the evolving landscape of Home automation.


CES 2024 has brought forth a multitude of innovations, from advanced televisions to futuristic smart home concepts.
The breadth of technological advancements on display reflects the ongoing evolution of consumer electronics.
As the event unfolds, more groundbreaking Products and concepts are sure to emerge, shaping the future of technology and redefining our daily lives.

Stay tuned for the latest updates and in-depth coverage of CES 2024 as we explore the best new products and technologies showcased at the event.

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