Apple's July 2023 in review: Goldman Sachs wants out of Apple Card, Threads, Underdogs and more

Apple’s July 2023 in review: Goldman Sachs wants out of Apple Card, Threads, Underdogs and more

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Apple‘s July 2023 in review: Goldman Sachs, Threads, Underdogs, and More

July 2023 marked a significant period for Apple and the Tech industry as a whole. From a rebranding of Twitter to the emergence of new Products and controversies, the month was filled with pivotal events that demanded attention.

Threads and Social Media Rivalry

As July began, a notable development was the launch of Threads, a platform created by Meta to rival Twitter. While it generated attention initially, it faced challenges and appeared to lose momentum by the end of the month.

Twitter‘s Rebranding and Transition to X

Twitter underwent a drastic change in July, rebranding itself as X. This endeavor faced criticism and skepticism, particularly surrounding the manner in which it was executed.

The Apple Card Conundrum

Goldman Sachs, the financial behemoth, expressed a desire to withdraw from the Apple Card partnership. This move signaled dissatisfaction and led to speculation within the industry.

Android‘s Supremacy

In an unexpected turn of events, Instagram‘s head, Adam Mosseri, declared that Android had surpassed iOS. This declaration sparked unprecedented discussions and drew attention from Tech enthusiasts globally.

The Luxshare and Apple Collaboration

Reports surfaced regarding Luxshare’s transition from an accessory maker to becoming the exclusive producer for Apple‘s Vision Pro. This partnership represented a significant development in Apple‘s supply chain.

jony Ive’s Endeavors

jony Ive, renowned for his contributions to Apple‘s Design, extended his influence to a collaboration with Linn, a Scottish Audio firm, resulting in a high-end, meticulously designed turntable.

Russia’s Ban on Apple Devices

Russia’s decision to ban officials from using iPhones generated attention. This controversy added an element of geopolitical significance to the technological landscape.

Apple‘s Underdogs Return

Apple‘s “Underdogs” made a comeback with a comedic narrative featuring the theft of a MacBook Pro. This production garnered widespread attention and showcased Apple‘s creative storytelling prowess.

Challenges Surrounding Vision Pro

Reports indicated potential roadblocks and production issues related to Apple‘s awaited Vision Pro. Despite challenges, Apple continued to strive toward the product’s anticipated release.

The EU’s Impact on Apple

The EU’s mandate regarding user-replaceable batteries in electronic devices caught the attention of Tech enthusiasts and prompted discussions about its potential influence on Apple‘s future Products.

Developments in Vision Pro

As Apple harnessed technological advancements, the focus shifted to Vision Pro‘s development kit, indicating the company’s commitment to facilitating third-party Innovation and integration with the upcoming device.


July 2023 witnessed a series of remarkable events that shaped the trajectory of the Tech industry. From industry shake-ups to product developments, the month captivated enthusiasts and industry experts alike.

In essence, the events of July 2023 underscored the dynamic nature of the Tech industry, emphasizing the transformative impact of Innovation, controversy, and collaboration.

While uncertainties and challenges loomed, the month’s developments laid the groundwork for future endeavors, positioning the Tech industry on a trajectory of continued evolution and resilience.

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