AliveCor praises ITC for Apple Watch ban in the US as it still disputes with Apple

AliveCor praises ITC for Apple Watch ban in the US as it still disputes with Apple

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AliveCor praises ITC for Apple Watch ban in the US as it still disputes with Apple

The International Trade Commission (ITC) ruling against Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Apple Watch Series 9 sales in the US has made headlines, marking a significant development in the ongoing legal battles between tech giants and health companies.

The ITC’s Ruling and Its Impact

After finding that the devices violated patents owned by health company Masimo, the ITC imposed a ban on the sale of these Apple Watch models in the US. This decision has stirred controversy and invoked varied reactions from different stakeholders.

AliveCor’s Perspective

AliveCor, a prominent player in the health technology sector, has welcomed the ITC’s decision as it also alleges that Apple infringed upon its patents. The company voiced its support for Masimo’s case against Apple and lauded the ban instituted by the ITC.

Historical Context and Ongoing Disputes

AliveCor’s conflict with Apple dates back to previous years, with the company expressing grievances regarding Apple‘s alleged violation of its patents and anti-competitive practices. This further complicates the already tense relationship between the two entities.

Legal Battles and Antitrust Lawsuits

The legal showdown between AliveCor and Apple has seen multiple twists, including an antitrust lawsuit filed by AliveCor, accusing Apple of impeding access to the Apple Watch’s heart rate monitor for third-party apps. Moreover, both entities have been embroiled in disputes around intellectual property rights.

Apple‘s Response and Potential Solutions

Apple has vehemently opposed the ban, emphasizing its disagreement with the ITC’s ruling. The tech giant has been working towards technical and legal remedies to overturn the ban and restore the availability of the affected Apple Watch models in the US market.

Industry Impact and Consumer Considerations

The implications of this ban reach beyond the legal realm, potentially influencing the competitive landscape and consumer choices in the health technology market. This development prompts considerations about the availability of potentially life-saving technologies to consumers.

Future Developments and Market Dynamics

As the legal tussle continues, industry observers and consumers await further developments in the ongoing disputes between Apple, AliveCor, Masimo, and other entities. The outcomes of these legal battles could shape the future trajectory of the health technology market.


The ban on Apple Watch sales in the US has sparked significant debate and underscored the complexities surrounding intellectual property, competition, and access to innovative technologies. It remains to be seen how the legal landscape evolves and impacts the industry in the coming months.

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