Top 10 weirdest tech innovations of 2023

Top 10 weirdest tech innovations of 2023

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Top 10 Weirdest Tech novation/ target=”_blank”>Innovations of 2023


Are you ready to be amazed by the wildest technological advancements of 2023? From flying hamster robot balls to
screenless AI devices and underwater jetpacks, the past year has brought about some incredibly fascinating and
at times downright bizarre tech innovations. Join us in exploring the top 10 weirdest tech creations that have
left us in awe.

1. The Hybrid Mobility Robot (HMR)

The Hybrid Mobility Robot, or HMR, takes the top spot as the latest sensation in robotics. This flying and
crawling autonomous robot takes on the form of a hamster ball and can navigate on its own omnidirectional path.
It uses gyroscopic gimbal rings to maintain balance and elegantly soar over impediments when faced with obstacles.
The HMR truly epitomizes the boundless potential of modern robotics.

2. The Humane AI Pin

The Humane AI Pin has caught the attention of technological enthusiasts worldwide. Demonstrated at the TED
conference and showcased during the Paris Fashion Week, this screenless wearable AI device offers a plethora of
features. From making phone calls to projecting a green screen, the Humane AI Pin has propelled wearable
technology into the future.

3. Airbag Jeans by Mo’cycle

Mo’cycle has made headlines with the world’s first pair of airbag jeans. Combining safety with style, these
innovative pants can inflate upon impact, providing crucial protection for motorcycle riders. Crafted from
breathable and water-repellent fabric, these airbag jeans redefine safety wear for enthusiasts of two-wheeled

4. The CudaJet Underwater Jetpack

The CudaJet introduces a futuristic concept to underwater exploration. This jet-propulsion device grants
unparalleled freedom and agility, allowing individuals to soar through the water with ease. With its advanced
propulsion system and ergonomic design, the CudaJet promises an unforgettable underwater experience.

5. Somatic’s Autonomous Toilet-Cleaning Robot

Say goodbye to traditional restroom cleaning methods – Somatic’s robot is here to revolutionize the task. Equipped
with sensors, cameras, and a water tank, this autonomous robot efficiently handles scrubbing, disinfecting, and
drying in public restrooms, sparing janitors from mundane labor and ensuring a pristine washroom experience.

6. The Rise of AI Security Guards

Companies are embracing AI technology for security purposes, with Cobalt Robotics leading the charge in providing
artificial intelligence-driven security solutions. These robots are cost-effective and can tackle various tasks,
such as patrolling, checking for suspicious activity, and monitoring visitors. However, the debate on equipping
them with weaponry remains a topic of concern.

7. The Jetson ONE Flying Jet Ski

Embrace a new era of personal air travel with the Jetson ONE. This futuristic, 190-pound vehicle, fitted with
eight propellers and swappable batteries, offers a unique flying experience. With a top speed of 63 miles per
hour and the ability to reach an altitude of 1,500 feet, the Jetson ONE grants a taste of innovative aviation.

8. 3D-Printed Prosthetic Finger

Witness the power of 3D printing as it transforms the life of a Nebraska man who lost his finger in an accident.
A compassionate act from a New York-based artist resulted in the creation of a 3D-printed prosthetic finger,
showcasing technology‘s influence in enhancing the quality of life for individuals in need.

9. OpenAI and Figure’s Humanoid Robots

OpenAI and Figure have collaborated to create humanoid robots capable of learning complex tasks by observing
humans. This groundbreaking technology offers a glimpse into a future where robots can mimic human movements,
changing the landscape of workforce dynamics and the role of artificial intelligence in everyday life.

10. Phill the AI Massage Robot

At the forefront of luxury and innovation stands Phill, the AI-powered massage robot. This remarkable creation
is designed to provide tailored massage experiences, offering a fusion of functionality and elegant design.
Offering an array of massage options, Phill promises a new era of personalized relaxation.


The year 2023 has brought forth an array of groundbreaking and, at times, peculiar tech innovations. From robotic
advancements to wearable AI devices and 3D-printed prosthetics, human creativity continues to push the boundaries
of what is possible in the world of technology. As we reflect on these incredible inventions, we anticipate what
the future holds for technological marvels that enhance and enrich our lives in unexpected ways.

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