Three Cybersecurity Predictions For 2024

Three Cybersecurity Predictions For 2024

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Anticipating the Future: Three Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024

As Managing Director of Cyber Security Consulting at Verizon, I have observed the evolution of Cybersecurity in response to advancing technology over the past two decades. The ever-expanding connectivity resulting from the Internet of Things (IoT) has introduced both advantages and vulnerabilities to our networks. In light of this perpetual change, it is crucial to foresee potential Cybersecurity challenges and ensure the protection of our systems in the coming years. Here are my predictions for Cybersecurity in 2024.

Rising Significance of Compliance in Cybersecurity

Going forward, compliance is expected to play a significant role in Cybersecurity. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has imposed a new requirement, compelling businesses to disclose substantial Cybersecurity incidents within four Business days of their determination. Consequently, publicly traded companies may find themselves safeguarded against widespread breaches through this regulation, albeit with variations in its observance. Additionally, the implementation of PCI Data Security standard (DSS) 4.0 in March 2024 is predicted to set forth essential technical and operational guidelines for e-Commerce Security, fostering improved data protection and overall Cybersecurity.

The Limitations of AI in Social Engineering and Vishing

Contrary to some beliefs, it is unlikely that AI will significantly impact social engineering and vishing in 2024. While generative AI possesses the potential to automate and enhance social engineering tactics, it has not been a prevalent factor in recent Data Breach and Investigations Reports (DBIR). With the effectiveness and profitability of traditional social engineering techniques, the incorporation of AI into these attacks is currently unnecessary. Thus, it is imperative to remain vigilant in defending against the existing, albeit effective, social engineering strategies employed by threat actors.

Economic and Geopolitical Influences on Cybersecurity

Geopolitical conflicts worldwide are poised to have repercussions on the course of Cybersecurity in the upcoming year. Amidst the Israel-Hamas and Ukraine-Russia conflicts, Cybersecurity supply chains and organizations may face hindrances and heightened risks from nation-state threat actors, thereby necessitating enhanced Security measures. The outcomes of these conflicts will likely dictate the nature of Cybersecurity threats, urging businesses to remain informed and adaptable in their Cybersecurity initiatives.

Strategic Planning for Enhanced Cybersecurity

Remaining abreast of Cybersecurity developments necessitates a comprehensive approach that encompasses regulatory compliance, geopolitical considerations, and organizational objectives. While regulatory mandates and global events offer valuable insights, tailoring a customized Cybersecurity Strategy aligned with organizational goals is paramount. Forbes technology Council offers an exclusive platform for elite CIOs, CTOs, and technology executives to further explore and engage with advanced Cybersecurity strategies.

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