This Machine Will Make Cocktails for You and Even Order the Ingredients

This Machine Will Make Cocktails for You and Even Order the Ingredients

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This Machine Will Make cocktails for You and Even Order the Ingredients

It seems like AI is being integrated into every aspect of our lives these days, from writing pop songs to giving medical advice to generating deepfakes that will upend democracy. So why not suggesting what cocktails you should drink and ordering the ingredients for you? Let’s just hope AI isn’t hallucinating at the time, otherwise you might end up sipping on something very odd. Home cocktail machine company Barsys has teamed up with liquor e-commerce platform ReserveBar to launch a new AI-powered subscription service in conjunction with the release of Barsys 360, the company’s top-of-the-line cocktail maker that kind of looks like a mini stargate to another dimension. You can now use the Barsys app to access the Subscription Box, which is integrated with ReserveBar to order ingredients like bottles of booze or bitters to make any cocktail you can think of.

AI-Powered Subscription Service

According to the brand, the AI will offer personalized suggestions that will become tailored to your specific tastes over time as the robots get to know exactly how you like to get your buzz on. “Our business has evolved significantly, and our white-label e-commerce solution is at the forefront of our growth,” said Kate Zaman, SVP of marketing and partnerships at ReserveBar, in a statement. “Barsys’s innovative technology aligns perfectly with our mission to provide consumers with the best possible experience.”

The other news from the Barsys camp is that David Morton of the Morton’s Steakhouse family has joined as an investor and advisor, and will work on bringing Barsys from the home bar into the hospitality space. But the AI part of the equation is the real red meat here, as limited as it might be—this sounds more like the equivalent of Alexa suggesting things to buy based on your recent Amazon purchases more than AI-conceived cocktail creations and spirits.

The Future of the Hospitality industry

Still, this is probably indicative of future trends in the hospitality industry, something that bartenders and beverage directors are likely keeping a close eye on. Flicker is currently Robb Report’s whiskey critic, writing a weekly review of the most newsworthy releases around. He is a freelance writer covering the spirits industry whose work has appeared in…


In conclusion, the integration of AI into the world of cocktails is an innovative and exciting development. The AI-powered subscription service offered by Barsys and ReserveBar not only simplifies the process of making cocktails at home but also provides personalized recommendations tailored to individual tastes. As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, the role of AI in creating unique experiences for consumers is likely to expand. With the potential for further advancements in AI technology, the future of mixology and cocktail creation holds great promise.

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