This auto-tracking iPhone stand is about to make tripods obsolete

This auto-tracking iPhone stand is about to make tripods obsolete

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This auto-tracking iPhone stand is about to make tripods obsolete

Belkin’s Auto-Tracking Stand Pro utilizes Apple‘s DockKit technology to follow users during Zoom meetings, video recordings, and more.

Revolutionizing Video Creation

Whether you’re a budding TikToker, an established YouTuber, a teacher recording lessons for class, or a fitness instructor recording virtual workout sessions, capturing high-quality videos without a camera crew can be challenging.

Belkin has disrupted the traditional tripod setup with the debut of the Auto-Tracking Stand Pro. This innovative stand is designed to renders manual tripods obsolete, offering seamless and advanced tracking capabilities for iPhone users.

The technology Behind the Stand

The Auto-Tracking Stand Pro pairs effortlessly with iPhones through MagSafe, employing advanced subject tracking technology via Apple‘s proprietary DockKit.

The Stand Pro offers 360-degree movement-tracking and a 90-degree motorized tilt, ensuring users are perpetually in the frame as they move. Additionally, it provides 15W of power to charge the phone while in use, and can operate cordlessly for up to five hours.

Rising Trend of Auto-Tracking Tech

The emergence of auto-tracking technology for cameras and stands is evident, with several innovative products such as the Auto-Tracking Stand Pro and AI-powered webcams hitting the market.

Reviewers have praised the advanced performance of these devices, indicating the potential to revolutionize the content creation landscape and provide enhanced accessibility for emerging video creators.

Availability and Pricing

The Auto-Tracking Stand Pro, retailing for $180, is set to be available soon on Belkin’s website and select retailers. Interested individuals can sign up for updates on product shipments on the company’s website.

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