Terrifying AI beauty mirror predicts when you'll DIE, your risk of a heart attack and other chronic illnesses by analyzing the blood in your face

Terrifying AI beauty mirror predicts when you’ll DIE, your risk of a heart attack and other chronic illnesses by analyzing the blood in your face

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Terrifying AI Beauty Mirror: Revolutionizing Health Monitoring


The concept of a mirror that can predict Health issues is no longer confined to science fiction.
At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a groundbreaking 21.5-inch AI tablet called ‘MagicMirror’ was unveiled, promising to revolutionize health monitoring using cutting-edge technology.

The MagicMirror leverages Artificial Intelligence to analyze minute changes in blood circulation in your face, providing insights into potential health risks such as heart attacks, chronic illnesses, and other vital health parameters.

The technology

The MagicMirror uses a mounted camera to trace blood flow under the surface of your face, collecting data that contributes to detecting over 100 Health parameters.

This innovative technology, powered by the Anura MagicMirror, utilizes a Cloud-based algorithm to analyze data obtained from their patented Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI) technology.

Health Risk Assessment

With the ability to measure vital signs and detect potential Health risks such as high blood pressure, diabetes, fever symptoms, mental stress, and even predicting stroke risks over a 10-year period, the MagicMirror serves as a comprehensive Health risk assessment tool.

Applications and Impact

The implications of the MagicMirror extend beyond personal use. Its potential applications in clinics, elder care homes, gyms, schools, and pharmacies present a new frontier in proactive Healthcare and early intervention.

The device is ideal for providing advanced warning signs and prompt medical attention in various settings, ensuring the well-being of individuals across different demographics.

The Ethical Debate

While the innovation behind the MagicMirror offers tremendous potential for healthcare, it does raise significant ethical questions. Concerns surrounding potential misuse and data privacy have been at the forefront of discussions regarding AI technology integration.

The use of advanced signal processing and machine learning AI algorithms to calculate health parameters, while impressive, warrants careful consideration and oversight to ensure ethical usage.

regulation and Future Prospects

Looking ahead, the company behind the MagicMirror is working towards gaining approval from regulatory bodies such as the US food and Drug Administration (FDA) for specific health measurements, with the potential for further expansion and regulation of its capabilities in the future.

Additionally, the prospect of introducing the MagicMirror as a ubiquitous home healthcare appliance further highlights the need for extensive regulation, with the potential to transform individual Health management at home.

Feedback and Commercial Interactions

Initial feedback surrounding the MagicMirror has been mixed, with some users expressing discomfort at the device’s unsparing commentary regarding their Health, reminiscent of the evil Queen’s magic mirror in ‘Snow White’.

Nevertheless, the controlled commercial deployment of the MagicMirror in settings such as gyms, pharmacies, and clinics represents a significant step towards widespread adoption and integration within the Healthcare industry.


The unveiling of the AI-powered MagicMirror marks a transformative leap in health monitoring, offering a glimpse into a future where personalized health insights are readily accessible.

As the ethical and regulatory considerations surrounding such technology continue to evolve, the potential for AI-powered health assessment tools like the MagicMirror to enhance preventive care and early diagnosis remains promising.

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