Cocoon is Eurogamer’s game of 2023

Cocoon. Of course it’s our game of the year. Cocoon is ingenious, elegant, and thought-provoking. It’s precise, expressive, and generous. It takes game design forward even as it seems to emerge from its deep history. But more than anything, Cocoon is playful. Its puzzles, its tricks, all yield to playfulness. Hopefully you’ve played it yourself by now, but if you haven’t, know this: Cocoon is a game about traversing strange landscapes, and discovering that these landscapes actually live inside a series of orbs. These orbs can in turn be picked up and carried around and taken with you as you explore other landscapes – landscapes which are themselves contained in their own orbs. You can be inside something that is inside something else that is inside the thing you are carrying. Cue much design brilliance. Here is the thing, though. I’ve been playing Cocoon and thinking about it for a good chunk of this year. And more recently I’ve been talking to colleagues about it and reading through reader comments on it as part of our end-of-the-year articles. (Look for the reader list on December 31st: it’s luminous.) And what’s interesting to me, and almost disconcerting, is that there’s this great, ingenious, singular game out there, and we all seem to agree on it. Read more

Here are Eurogamer’s favourite games of 2023

Listen. There have been a lot of great games this year. Maybe more than in any year we can easily remember. Because of this we’ve handled our top 50 list of our best games a little differently. Below you’ll find two groups of games from 2023. Going backwards, at the bottom you’ll find our top 10 in an ordered list. And above that you’ll find the other 40 we really, really loved, but we’ve arranged these alphabetically. Honestly, that’s because, with a year like this, if we’d tried to order them all we’d still be arguing over it. And in a year this great – and a year this painful for the people who make games and work around them – that would be no good. So here are our favourite 50 games of the year. We hope you can find something in here that passed you by and will make for a lovely discovery. Read more