Rod Roddenberry on joining his legendary 'Star Trek' parents on Jan. 8 memorial rocket launch (exclusive)

Rod Roddenberry on joining his legendary ‘Star Trek’ parents on Jan. 8 memorial rocket launch (exclusive)

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Rod Roddenberry on joining his legendary ‘Star Trek’ parents on Jan. 8 memorial rocket launch (exclusive)

An exclusive interview with Rod Roddenberry, who will symbolically join his famous parents on a special memorial rocket flight on Jan. 8.

Heading to the Final Frontier

The famous Roddenberry family, including “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry, wife Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, and their son, Rod, are set to launch DNA into space on January 8, aboard the debut liftoff of United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan centaur rocket.

The primary mission is to send the private Peregrine moon lander towards Earth’s nearest neighbor and validate Vulcan centaur‘s readiness for space travel.

Celestis has secured a spot on the rocket for the Enterprise Flight, which includes DNA samples and cremated remains of several “Star Trek” icons and Other significant figures.

Exclusive Interview with Rod Roddenberry had the opportunity to interview Rod Roddenberry, an executive producer on several “Star Trek” series, regarding his involvement in the upcoming memorial flight.

He shared insights on his decision to participate, the process of providing his DNA to Celestis, and his thoughts on the timing of the Enterprise Flight.

Journey to the Stars

Roddenberry reflected on the significance of memorializing his famous parents and Other “Star Trek” personalities by sending their genetic material into deep space on the upcoming mission, emphasizing the profound symbolic meaning behind it.

Implications in the Current space Era

He highlighted the synchronicity between the revival of “Star Trek’s” popularity, the burgeoning new space economy, and NASA’s Artemis mission to return to the moon in 2024/25, showcasing how this moment is ideal for the Enterprise Flight.

The Future of ‘star trek‘ Projects

Roddenberry expressed his excitement for upcoming “star trek” projects and emphasized the importance of the series in challenging and entertaining viewers while staying true to its core themes of ethics, morality, and exploration.

christmas Memories and Reflections

He fondly recalled his childhood christmas memories in Los Angeles, including his mother’s elaborate christmas decorations and his passion for “Star Wars,” “G.I. Joe,” and “Transformers.” He also reveled in memories of christmas gifts related to these interests.

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