PC Gamer's top hardware review scores of 2023, plus the five lowest we've issued

PC Gamer’s top hardware review scores of 2023, plus the five lowest we’ve issued

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PC Gamer’s Top Hardware review Scores of 2023, Plus the Five Lowest We’ve Issued

At PC Gamer, we hold every piece of Hardware to the highest standards. Our team of experienced reviewers thoroughly scrutinizes each product, resulting in only 25 awards of 90% or higher review scores throughout 2023.

Top 5 High-Scoring Products

Sturdy, well-built dock exceeds expectations without USB Type-C but excellent value at $30.

Philips surprises with an OLED monitor, albeit at a high price, offering a glorious display.

A Gaming headset with a strong microphone and compelling Audio quality, despite being wired.

Alienware and Philips models stand neck and neck with identical impressive QD-OLED panels.

ThunderX3 Core Gaming chair provides exceptional comfort and Features at a reasonable price.

The Next 20 High-Performing Products

VRLA Tech Titan impresses with solid specs at an affordable price, delivering a top-rated Gaming PC.

The Scope II 96 keyboard offers a full-size and compact Design with an excellent typing experience.

A Gaming headset presents exceptional Audio and microphone quality, surpassing competitors at the price point.

ASRock’s motherboards boast great value, especially for storage options and networking capabilities.

A revolutionary panel, offering a switch between curved and flat displays with sumptuous OLED colors.

Ryzen 7 7800X3D marks the best CPU for Gaming, guaranteeing top-tier performance.

Framework 13 laptop offers office work, Gaming, and long-term upgradability in a single package.

Logitech‘s Chorus elevates VR Audio, transforming the Meta Quest 2 experience despite the price.

ROG Azoth emerges as an enthusiast-level Gaming keyboard from asus, justifying its premium price.

Nextorage SSD presents competitive pricing, performance, and a robust heatsink, offering a strong contender.

The 5 Lowest-Scoring Products

Ugly, overheating chassis packed with expensive Hardware resulted in a disappointing and noisy PC.

An overpriced Titan GT77 HX by MSI failed to justify its high price due to multiple shortcomings.

Misleading sleek appearance and poor performance left the Cyborg laptop from MSI with a subpar review.

asus‘ high-priced xbox controller failed to deliver exceptional Features, particularly on the control buttons.

A stylish yet disappointing Gaming PC from asus struggled with budget-grade components and a lackluster Intel Arc GPU.

Conclusion: Reflecting on 2023’s Hardware Performance

In 2023, PC Gamer acknowledged 25 outstanding Products that exceeded our rigorous standards, setting a high benchmark for the industry. These top-performing items ranged from Gaming Hardware to PC components, demonstrating the vast array of quality equipment available to consumers.

However, not every product met our strict criteria for excellence. PC Gamer also highlighted the five lowest-scoring Products, emphasizing the importance of refining and improving Hardware, especially in terms of performance, build quality, and value for Money.

Our Reviews seek to guide consumers toward the finest technology and away from disappointing purchases, fostering a culture of Innovation and improvement within the Hardware industry. As we move into 2024, we eagerly anticipate the advancements and revolutions that will shape the future of PC Hardware.

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