Move Over, Vision Pro: I’ve Tried The Sony Headset, With Features Apple Can’t Match

Move Over, Vision Pro: I’ve Tried The Sony Headset, With Features Apple Can’t Match

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Move Over, Vision Pro: I’ve Tried The Sony Headset, With Features Apple Can’t Match

Apple’s new Vision Pro may be about to land, but it’s not the only headset in town. Sony has teased a new model coming later this year, and I’ve tried it out.

A Glimpse of sony’s New Extended Reality Headset

At its CES press conference, Sony briefly mentioned a new extended reality headset, calling it “an immersive spatial content creation system”. In a behind-closed doors preview a few days later, I got to try out a prototype of the new device and test the similarities and differences between it and Apple Vision Pro.

It’s important to note that the sony is months from release, though it is going to be available this year, the company says. There were glitches in the demo I saw, but they were minor, and sony is painstaking about ensuring everything is tip-top before release.

Design and Functionality

The Sony headset differs from the PlayStation VR device, targeting professionals working with 3D environments. The demo included reaching into a 3D Environment and interacting with objects there.

The headset attaches with an adjustable band that provides a perfect fit. The twin displays are movable horizontally, allowing for ideal positioning. The ability to wear glasses under the headset is beneficial, avoiding the need for vision-correcting lenses.

Immersive Experience and Convenience

The immersive nature of the Sony headset minimizes external light seepage, providing a captivating experience. The flip-up screens and pass-through cameras enhance the convenience of switching between the digital and real worlds, resembling the “Cyberman effect.”

In contrast to the Vision Pro, the Sony headset offers controllers for user interaction. Equipped with 4K oled screens and powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 platform, the headset boasts impressive technology.

Affordability and Release

In terms of affordability, the cost of the Sony device has not been announced, but it is expected to be notably lower than the $3,499 price tag of the Apple Vision Pro. Sony has remained tight-lipped about the release date, with indications suggesting a launch sometime in 2024.

The Future of sony’s Headset

While the new Sony headset is not intended to directly compete with Apple’s device, it will be interesting to observe its market positioning, especially as Apple gains an initial sales lead.

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