Millions set for big Wi-Fi upgrade this year as new tech capable of lightning-fast speeds gets the go-ahead

Millions set for big Wi-Fi upgrade this year as new tech capable of lightning-fast speeds gets the go-ahead

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Millions set for big Wi-Fi upgrade this year as new tech capable of lightning-fast speeds gets the go-ahead

Homes look set for a lightning-fast Wi-Fi boost this year due a major change to the underlying technology.

The next set of routers will not only make Wi-Fi quicker, but connections should be a lot smoother too.

However, there are some important caveats if you’re going to come anywhere near to achieving the maximum result.

Wi-Fi Alliance Certifies New Wi-Fi standard: Wi-Fi 7

The organisation responsible for setting out Wi-Fi standards, known as the Wi-Fi Alliance, has finally certified where wireless networks will go next.

It’s officially known as Wi-Fi 7 – most routers at the moment are Wi-Fi 6, though there’s also an improved Wi-Fi 6E standard around too.

Wi-Fi 7 can reach speeds of up to 46 Gbps. But that sort of bandwidth is not widely available yet in most countries.

Device Support Essential for Harnessing Wi-Fi 7’s Capabilities

The other key element needed to achieve those sorts of zippy connections is devices that support it.

Everything from your phone, to your Games console will need to have the right kit on board to be capable of handling Wi-Fi 7’s top speeds.

But devices will gradually start to incorporate it.

Upgrade in Channels and Reduced Interference

The Other really big upgrade for Wi-Fi 7 is a boost to the channels. Channels act like lanes to manage all those signals from you and everyone else.

Wi-Fi 7 will have 320 MHz channels, which are much wider than the ones we have today.

Users can expect a lot less interference and signal congestion as a result.

Wi-Fi 7’s Impact on Data Consumption

Essentially, Wi-Fi 7 will make our ever-growing need for more data possible.

So you can stream in 4K, while someone else plays a massive video game, and another uses a data-hungry VR headset, with far fewer connection troubles.

In the UK, EE has already confirmed that it plans to launch a Wi-Fi 7 enabled router this year.

Wi-Fi Alliance’s Acknowledgement and Vision

“The introduction of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 marks the emergence of the latest generation of Wi-Fi and will be an accelerant to mass adoption of Wi-Fi 7,” said Kevin Robinson, president and CEO of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

“This certification underscores our relentless commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology that redefines the way users experience Wi-Fi, providing faster speeds, improved efficiency, and increased reliability which expand the horizons of what is possible through Wi-Fi.”

Wi-Fi Signal Interference and Resolutions

People don’t realize how many objects around the Home can impact their Wi-Fi signal and slow things down. Here are some you may have missed.

Overall, the advent of Wi-Fi 7 is set to revolutionize the capabilities and potential of wireless connectivity in the coming years.

With lightning-fast speeds and enhanced reliability, this new technology promises to meet the needs of an increasingly data-hungry society.

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