Looking back at 2023: 8 drones that surprised, scared and amazed us

Looking back at 2023: 8 drones that surprised, scared and amazed us

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Looking Back at 2023: 8 Drones That Surprised, Scared, and Amazed Us

Drones have become an integral part of our lives, offering a wide range of applications from surveillance and delivery to exploration. In 2023, several drones emerged that captured our attention due to their innovative designs and capabilities.

1. Creepy Chinese Drone Swims Underwater and Flies Through the Air

The TJ-FlyingFish, developed by a team of scientists from China’s Shanghai Research Institute for Intelligent Autonomous Systems, Tongji University, and the Unmanned Systems Research Group at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, weighs 3.6 pounds and can swim at 6.5 feet per second. Its amphibious nature and artificial intelligence-driven functionality enable it to undertake missions without human control, raising concerns about potential misuse.

2. Shape-Shifting Drone Inspired by Dragons Forces Itself Around Objects

Graduate students at the University of Tokyo have created a group of futuristic-looking drone prototypes that can change their structural shape midair. Taking inspiration from the agility of dragons in flight, these drones could revolutionize the movement and transportation of goods in commercial and military applications.

3. Future Autonomous Delivery with Zipline Drone Technology

Zipline’s P2 Zip, an autonomous delivery drone, has the capacity to transport up to 8 pounds of cargo and uses a tethered droid for drop-off. This innovation allows for efficient and timely delivery of medical supplies, food, and other essential items to remote areas or customers’ homes.

4. Octogenarian Trailblazers Pioneering Wing’s Delivery Drone Service

Paul and Susie Sensmeier, who are in their 80s, have embraced Wing’s drone delivery service. This technology promises to revolutionize the speed and convenience of product and food delivery, making significant strides in select parts of the U.S., Europe, and Australia.

5. RDSX Pelican: The Revolutionary Delivery Drone

The RDSX Pelican, a delivery drone designed by A2Z Drone Delivery, uses advanced multi-rotor technology to maintain stability, setting itself apart from traditional delivery drones. Its unique design with an auto-releasing box mechanism and safeguarded propellers exhibits an exciting innovation in the world of drone delivery services.

6. Ornithopters: Utilizing Dead Birds as Surveillance Drones

A project published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics showcases the transformative potential of using dead birds as surveillance drones. With lightweight electronic components meticulously attached to the preserved bird carcasses, these “ornithopters” mimic the appearance and movements of real birds, making them ideal for discreet surveillance tasks.

7. Fruit-Picking Robots Take Flight

Tevel Aerobotics Technologies has developed fruit-picking robots that hover next to trees, employing suction arms to pick ripe fruits and deposit them in a collection bin. These robots provide efficient and precise harvesting, offering real-time updates to farmers on the progress and quantity of harvested fruits.

8. FiFish E-GO: State-of-the-Art Underwater Exploration

The FiFish E-GO, an underwater drone powered by AI, offers the capability to explore ocean depths with its modular and customizable design. Its versatility caters to professional, hobbyist, and adventure needs, presenting an exciting prospect for underwater exploration and research.

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As we observe the advancements in drone technology, it becomes evident that drones are not merely gadgets but powerful tools that have the potential to reshape our daily lives. However, they also raise concerns related to privacy, security, and safety, emphasizing the importance of staying informed about the latest developments and implications of drone technology.


2023 witnessed a wave of remarkable drone innovations, each presenting unique capabilities and potential impacts on various aspects of human life. The intersection of technology and drone development has paved the way for advancements in delivery services, surveillance, exploration, and agricultural practices. It is crucial for society to critically assess the applications of drones and stay informed about the evolving landscape of drone technology.

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