Liv Devote Advanced Pro (2024) Review: Dreamy riding for the adventurous

Liv Devote Advanced Pro (2024) Review: Dreamy riding for the adventurous

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Liv Devote Advanced Pro (2024) Review: Dreamy riding for the adventurous

A highly versatile and performance-driven bike, perfect for those with a bit of wanderlust. Gravel bikes are evolving to cater to a burgeoning racing scene, with the top end bikes becoming lighter, more specialized, and able to handle power transfer better than their earlier plaid-shirt counterparts.

Design and Aesthetics

If you bought the Liv Devote purely for its looks, you’d be absolutely justified. The integrated cabling in the headset gives crisp, sleek lines, and the lacquered, glossy, piano black paint, subtly flecked with gold accents, makes it a real head-turner. Despite the breathtaking appearance, the paint is prone to attracting fingerprints, requiring frequent cleaning to maintain its shine.

The frame and fork, crafted from Giant’s advanced-grade composite, offer a low weight yet reasonable stiffness. Liv has added integrated downtube storage, useful for a multi tool and hand pump, despite the minor annoyance of accompanying rattle. Sizing options are slightly limited in the UK, and the small size fitted well, maintaining a minimalist cockpit with integrated cabling.


The Liv Devote excels in speed and power on various terrains, effortlessly transitioning between gravel, muddy bridleways, and tarmac. Its nimble steering, attributed to Giant’s OverDrive2, allows for precise adjustments while climbing, providing an enjoyable and challenging riding experience.

The SRAM’s Force AXS wireless groupset, with a double chainring on the front, offers clean and fast shifting, impressing with its precision and customizability. Equipped with SRAM Force’s 12-speed groupset, the bike allows for comfortable cadence and seamless adjustment of gearing, whether encountering unexpected climbs or riding on flat surfaces.

Comfort and Handling

The Liv Devote’s ‘more aggressive’ geometry and riding position contribute to surprising comfort on longer distance adventures. With Liv’s D-Fuse technology in the seat post and headset, the bike dampens road vibrations, offering a smooth ride even on rough gravel trails. The flip chip dropouts lend versatility, allowing altered wheelbase and the option to fit larger tires, providing an array of possibilities in route planning.

The bike’s handling while loaded with bikepacking gear remains nimble and speedy, albeit slightly less precise on descents. The 400mm wide bars offer excellent handling in most riding scenarios but falter slightly in rockier, technical descents. However, the Liv Devote performs exceptionally well as a commuter, providing both comfort and speed.


Priced at £5,599 for the highest spec of the Liv Devote Advanced Pro, the bike provides a competitive price point for its versatility and superior performance. Considering its high spec, women’s-specific design, lightweight build, and comfortable ride, the bike presents a compelling value proposition in comparison to other premium gravel racing bikes in the market.

Overall Verdict

Liv has struck a remarkable balance between exclusivity and broad appeal with the Liv Devote Advanced Pro. Riding this bike was a transformative experience, instilling confidence and inspiring adventurous exploration. The bike’s comfort, performance, and adaptability make it an enticing option for those seeking a capable and versatile gravel bike. While it excels in various terrains, it may not be optimal for rugged fells or very technical gravel paths.

Testing Scorecard

Design and aesthetics: 10/10
Build: 10/10
Performance: 9/10
Weight: 10/10
Value: 9/10


The Liv Devote Advanced Pro is a highly versatile gravel bike, offering exceptional design, aesthetics, and performance. Its competitive price, coupled with its adaptability and comfort, makes it a compelling choice for adventurous riders looking for an all-round capable bike that can accommodate various riding styles and terrains.

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