LG’s DukeBox concept marries a tube amp with a transparent OLED display

LG’s DukeBox concept marries a tube amp with a transparent OLED display

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lg’s DukeBox Concept: Marrying a Tube Amp with a Transparent OLED Display

The DukeBox concept from LG Labs combines a tube amp, a multispeaker sound system, and a transparent OLED display, offering an innovative and immersive Audio-visual experience.

The Intriguing DukeBox Concept

The DukeBox represents a bold step in the integration of Audio technology and visual display as it blends the iconic warm sound of a tube amp with the cutting-edge transparency of an OLED display.

Unique Features of the DukeBox

This innovative hybrid device features front-facing speakers at the bottom and a pair of 360-degree speakers at the top, providing an exceptional and immersive Audio experience.

Transparent oled Display Technology

The transparent OLED display of the DukeBox is a remarkable feat of engineering, allowing users to appreciate the throwback charm of the vacuum tube-based Audio system. Its adjustable transparency adds a unique visual dimension to the overall user experience.

Immersive Visual Experience

The transparency of the oled display can be adjusted, offering various modes such as semi-transparent mode with a fireplace simulator, or fully opaque mode for standard visual content consumption, including movies and TV shows.

Speculation and Anticipation

While the DukeBox concept is showcased as part of lg Labs’ experimental platform, there is speculation about its potential release to the market. No details on pricing, availability, or specific technical specifications have been disclosed thus far.

Unveiling at CES 2024

The DukeBox is set to make its public appearance at CES 2024, adding to LG’s portfolio of groundbreaking technological innovations as seen in recent announcements related to OLED TV, soundbars, monitors, and projectors.

Implications and Future Expectations

This innovative concept opens up possibilities for future Audio-visual integration, pushing the boundaries of traditional entertainment systems and offering users a glimpse into the potential future of home entertainment technology.

LG’s Innovation in OLED Technology

LG’s commitment to advancing OLED display technology is evident in the DukeBox concept, showcasing the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Audio-visual innovation.


The DukeBox concept’s marriage of a tube amp with a transparent OLED display presents a compelling vision of the future, where Audio and visual technologies seamlessly intertwine to offer an immersive and versatile user experience.

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