Hyundai patents an all-solid-state EV battery system in the US

Hyundai patents an all-solid-state EV battery system in the US

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Hyundai Patents an All-Solid-State ev Battery System in the US

Can solid-state batteries improve EVs even more? Hyundai is betting on it, as the automaker recently filed a patent for a pressurized all-solid-state ev battery system in the US.

Hyundai’s foray into all-solid-state ev battery systems signifies its commitment to enhancing the performance and longevity of electric vehicles in the increasingly competitive market.

Understanding the Innovation

The patent for an “all-solid-state battery system provided with pressurizing device” was published on December 28, 2023, marking a significant milestone in battery technology advancement.

The system, utilizing a solid electrolyte, is designed to maintain pressure in each cell consistently, regardless of the charging and discharging rates, thus ensuring battery stability and performance throughout its lifespan.

Solid-state batteries, attracting attention as a potential alternative to current lithium-ion batteries, boast promises of being lighter, safer, and providing faster charging and superior performance.

Overcoming Limitations

Despite the potential benefits, solid-state batteries face certain limitations due to their relative newness and the requirement of expensive and hard-to-source solid materials.

Hyundai’s innovative all-solid-state battery system aims to address these issues by applying constant pressure to each cell during charging and discharging, enhancing overall performance and longevity.

Rise of Solid-State Battery technology

Hyundai joins a league of automakers, including Toyota, GM, Volkswagen, Ford, Nissan, Honda, and Mercedes-Benz, in the pursuit of solid-state battery technology, signifying the industry’s thirst for innovation in the Electric Vehicle sector.

Toyota, for instance, has long been committed to developing the technology, with GM, Volkswagen, Ford, Nissan, and others also actively engaged in solid-state battery research and development.

Hyundai’s Ambitious Goals

Hyundai’s strategic vision for electric vehicles includes aiming to be one of the top three ev producers by 2030, driving its commitment to developing solid-state LFP and NCM batteries to reduce costs and increase flexibility.

The company’s CEO, Jae Hoon Chang, laid out the plans for solid-state battery innovation and filed patents for electrolyte solutions and methods of manufacturing solid-state battery electrodes, marking Hyundai’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of ev technology.

industry-Wide Pursuit of Electric Mobility

Amidst the auto industry’s step-by-step transformation to electric vehicles, Hyundai’s patent for an all-solid-state ev battery system reflects a larger trend of automakers shifting focus towards sustainable and innovative mobility solutions.

Join us as we witness the evolution of electric vehicles and their technologies, and stay updated on the latest developments from industry leaders like Hyundai.

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