How To Complete The ‘Escape From Tarkov’ Nothing Fishy About This Quest

How To Complete The ‘Escape From Tarkov’ Nothing Fishy About This Quest

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Completing the ‘Escape From Tarkov’ Nothing Fishy About This Quest

The latest Tarkov wipe has introduced exciting new quests, including the Nothing Fishy About This quest on the reworked Shoreline map.

The quest becomes available as players progress through the game and unlock quests for the Shoreline map after completing initial tasks, including those on Ground Zero.

Understanding the Quest

The Nothing Fishy About This quest is provided by Ragman, who has lost an SUV on the Shoreline map.

Players are required to locate Ragman’s lost SUV in the swamp area near the wooden church on the northwest side of the map.

Once found, players need to survive and successfully extract from the map without dying in order to complete the quest.

Completing the Quest

To start the quest, players need to load into the Shoreline map after accepting the quest and head to the designated area near the wooden church.

The SUV can be found in one of the swamp ponds, with its back protruding from the water, resembling Other vehicle extract points.

Players must approach the vehicle within proximity for the sub-task to unlock, indicating the successful location of the SUV.

Following the location of the SUV, players need to successfully extract from the map via the expanded vehicle extract point added in the map rework.

Once successfully extracted, players can then return to Ragman and turn in the quest, receiving a reward of rubles and a valuable rig for the early game.

Quest Discoveries and Conclusion

As more and more players delve into the quests, new additions and discoveries are being made, indicating a dynamic and evolving gameplay experience.

The reworked Shoreline map offers an enhanced gaming Environment, presenting exciting possibilities for future quests and exploration.

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