How CES Became a Launchpad for Boating’s Newest Innovations

How CES Became a Launchpad for Boating’s Newest Innovations

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How CES Became a Launchpad for Boating’s Newest Innovations


While the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has historically been synonymous with the latest in consumer tech, it has now become a nexus for showcasing cutting-edge innovations in the boating industry.

The Unlikely Connection Between CES and Boating

Despite its traditional focus on cutting-edge electronic gadgets, CES has remarkably evolved into an indispensable platform for the boating industry’s biggest players. Notably, industry giants are leveraging this event to unveil game-changing innovations.

Brunswick’s Embrace of CES

Leading the charge in embracing CES as a launchpad for nautical innovations is Brunswick, a prominent boat and engine builder. Their CEO, David Foulkes, has underscored the significance of CES as a venue for presenting the entirety of their technological prowess.

Amplifying Global Reach and Impact

CES offers Brunswick a unique opportunity to engage with a significantly broader audience compared to traditional boat shows. The showcase at CES has facilitated Brunswick in garnering billions of online impressions, elevating their global footprint and influence.

Brunswick’s Transformative Presence at CES

Over the past four years at CES, Brunswick has continued to amplify its presence through increasingly elaborate exhibits, marking a significant departure from its traditional showcases at boat-specific events.

Revolutionary Technological Showcases

Brunswick’s exhibit at CES has become a stage for premiering revolutionary advancements in the boating industry. This year, the spotlight shines on innovations such as auto-docking, electric outboards, e-foils, and cost-effective boat models.

Contours of Bristol’s Technological Transformation

David Foulkes underscores the monumental role that technology plays in redefining Brunswick’s identity, positioning the company as a pioneering Tech entity. Their commitment to R&D underscores their dedication to modernizing the boating sector.

A Focus on Autonomy, Connectivity, and Electrification

Brunswick’s emphasis on autonomy, connectivity, electrification, and shared access (ACES) strategy is reshaping the boating industry. They robustly invested in bringing forward monumental advancements, including autonomous docking and electrification of outboards.

Technological Penetration and Market Dynamics

While auto-docking technology is poised to make slow inroads due to its premium pricing, electric outboards are set to swiftly integrate into the market, particularly in regions with regulations on traditional combustion engines, such as Europe.

Seizing Innovation Beyond Conventional Boats

Brunswick’s expansion is not confined to conventional boating. This is evident through their recent acquisition of Fliteboard, a company specialized in e-foil boards, underscoring their commitment to diversifying their technological portfolio.

Conclusion: A Glimpse into the Future of Boating

As Brunswick continues to showcase its technological prowess at CES, it offers a compelling snapshot of the future of boating, blending innovation with tradition and signaling the dawn of a new era for the industry.

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