Got a New iPhone? 23 iPhone Tips and Tricks You'll Want to Master - CNET

Got a New iPhone? 23 iPhone Tips and Tricks You’ll Want to Master – CNET

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23 iPhone Tips and Tricks You’ll Want to Master

Are you the proud owner of a new iPhone? Congratulations! Now that you have the latest Apple device in your hands, it’s essential to know how to make the most of its features. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with 23 iPhone tips and tricks to improve your battery life, enhance your privacy, and clean up the clutter on your iPhone.

1. Optimize Location Settings for Privacy and Battery Life

Safeguard your privacy and conserve battery by managing app permissions. Prevent unnecessary tracking by toggling off precise location for non-essential apps in your settings, ensuring only approximate location access for such apps.

2. Unlock Actions with Back Tap

Discover the hidden potential of your iPhone‘s back with the Back Tap feature. By selecting specific actions through Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap, you can use double or triple taps as shortcuts to perform tasks such as taking screenshots or turning on the flashlight.

3. Real-Time Voicemail Transcriptions with Live Voicemail

Stay informed without interrupting your activities with the Live Voicemail option. By enabling this feature in Settings > Phone, you can read voicemail transcriptions in real time, allowing you to decide whether to respond immediately or defer the call.

4. Customize Incoming Call Alerts

Capture your attention with full-screen call alerts by switching to the Full Screen setting in Settings > Phone. This alternative provides a more immersive calling experience, especially for important incoming calls.

5. Manage 5G Coverage for Battery Efficiency

While 5G networks offer faster speeds, they may also drain your battery quicker. Control your device’s use of 5G to conserve battery by selecting your preferred mode in the Cellular settings as per your convenience.

6. Fine-Tune Data Usage with 5G

Maximize the benefits of your 5G connection by selecting the appropriate Data Mode (Allow More Data on 5G, Standard, or Low Data) to suit your data plan and usage needs in the Cellular settings.

7. Simplify Home Screen Clutter

Keep your home screen organized and clutter-free by opting for the App Library Only setting in Settings > Home Screen & App Library. This feature ensures that newly downloaded apps only appear in the App Library, preventing home screen clutter.

8. Effortless Unlock with Face ID

If you frequently wear a face mask, streamline your unlocking process with the Face ID With a Mask feature by enabling it in Settings > Face ID & Passcode. This option eliminates the inconvenience of constantly switching between Face ID and passcode entry.

9. Resposition Safari’s Address Bar

Customize your browsing experience by moving Safari’s address bar to the top of the screen in the Settings menu. This adjustment caters to individual preferences, offering flexibility in interacting with the browser.

10. Access Features on Locked Screen

Enhance accessibility by configuring various features to be available even while your phone is locked. Manage your preferred locked screen features in Settings > Face ID & Passcode, thereby empowering your device’s functionality without compromising security.

11. Set Default Apps for Email and Browsing

Personalize your email and web browsing experience by selecting your preferred default apps in the Settings. This change simplifies app usage, providing a seamless transition to your preferred platforms for email communication and online browsing.

12. Expand Lock Screen Notifications

Customize your lock screen notifications to display the full content of alerts through the Show Previews setting in the Notifications section. This modification offers a comprehensive view of incoming alerts, enhancing user convenience.

13. Control HDR Video Recording

Optimize your video recording experience by toggling the HDR Video setting in the Camera menu. This adjustment provides greater control over the video recording process, allowing for personalized video output based on individual preferences.

14. Personalize Home Screen with Dynamic Wallpapers

Elevate your home screen aesthetics by selecting dynamic wallpapers with the Dark Appearance Dims Wallpaper option enabled. This choice ensures a visually engaging and adaptable home screen background that aligns with system mode changes.

15. Conserve Battery with Dark Mode

Maximize your battery efficiency by activating Dark Mode through the Display & Brightness settings or the Control Center. This configuration reduces power consumption by optimizing screen color schemes, providing prolonged device usage without compromising visual appeal.

16. Prioritize Notifications with Focus Mode

Customize your notification handling with Focus Mode, tailoring your device’s response to specific circumstances. This feature streamlines your notification experience, ensuring that critical alerts are promptly received while minimizing unnecessary distractions.

17. Adjust Font Size and Style

Enhance text readability and visual comfort by adjusting the font size and enabling Bold Text in the Display & Brightness settings. These modifications cater to individual preferences, ensuring an optimal viewing experience tailored to your needs.

18. Enhance Face ID Recognition

Optimize your Face ID functionality by configuring an alternate appearance through the Face ID & Passcode settings. This refinement offers improved recognition capabilities, ensuring consistent and reliable device access tailored to varying facial profiles.

19. Optimize Screen Brightness Control

Take charge of your screen’s brightness by disabling Auto-Brightness in the Accessibility settings, granting full manual control over screen illumination levels. This customization enhances user control, ensuring a personalized viewing experience and prolonged battery life.

20. Safeguard Privacy with App Permissions

Review and adjust app privacy settings in your privacy controls to limit access to personal information. This comprehensive approach grants greater control over data sharing, safeguarding your privacy across diverse applications.

21. Customize Control Center for Quick Access

Streamline your access to vital device functions by customizing the Control Center to accommodate your preferred features. This versatile customization ensures quick and convenient access to essential controls and applications, enhancing user convenience.

22. Efficient Notification Management with Summary

Organize and manage your notifications effectively with the Scheduled Summary feature, prioritizing crucial alerts while consolidating less urgent notifications for convenient review. This capability ensures streamlined notification handling, minimizing distractions and maximizing productivity.

23. Personalize Siri’s Voice

Infuse personality and diversity into your Siri interactions by selecting your preferred voice option in the Siri Voice settings. This customization enables a tailored and engaging user experience, enhancing the appeal and relatability of your digital assistant.


The iPhone offers a myriad of settings and features that can be tailored to suit your preferences, optimize device performance, and enhance user experience. By delving into these 23 tips and tricks, you can unlock the full potential of your iPhone, elevating your interaction with Apple‘s innovative technology.

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