Ford F-150 Lightning makes the cut for full EV tax credit in 2024

Ford F-150 Lightning makes the cut for full EV tax credit in 2024

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Ford F-150 Lightning Qualifies for Full ev Tax Credit

On January 1, 2024, the Electric Vehicle (EV) landscape in the United States underwent a significant transformation as the U.S. Department of the Treasury implemented new guidelines to restrict Chinese battery parts in EVs eligible for tax credits. This move has substantially impacted the list of vehicles qualifying for the full $7,500 tax credit, reducing the number from 43 to 19 models.

Notably, the Ford F-150 Lightning has made the cut and remains eligible for the full tax credit in 2024. This places the Lightning alongside other electric vehicles from reputable manufacturers such as Tesla, Jeep, Chrysler, Lincoln, and Rivian.

Changes in ev Tax Credit Eligibility

The latest guidance from the U.S. Department of the Treasury enforced limitations pertaining to Chinese battery parts in EVs that qualify for tax credits. These restrictions came into effect on January 1, resulting in several previously eligible EVs losing their tax credit qualification.

The revised criteria significantly impacted the list of vehicles eligible for the full $7,500 tax credit, reducing the count of qualifying models from 43 to 19. These changes targeted china, a nation that has largely dominated the battery supply chain in previous years.

Qualifying Criteria and Rebate Settlement

Effective January 1, 2024, the eligibility and amount of ev tax credit can be determined and settled at the dealership at the time of sale, streamlining the process for consumers. However, certain criteria must be met to qualify for the tax credit, including limits on modified adjusted gross income and vehicle specifications such as battery capacity and gross vehicle weight rating.

The updated regulations specify that vehicles must have a battery capacity of at least seven kilowatt hours and a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 14,000 pounds to qualify for the tax credit. In addition, the rebate is applicable only to individuals purchasing the vehicle for personal use, with income thresholds established for different filing statuses. View the complete list of vehicles eligible for the 2024 tax credit here.

Ford F-150 Lightning: A Key Contender

The Ford F-150 Lightning, introduced in 2021 for the 2022 model year, has emerged as a compelling contender in the electric truck segment. Boasting an impressive range and swift charging capability, the Lightning garnered considerable attention and secured its position as one of the select Vehicles eligible for the full $7,500 tax credit.

With production underway at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Michigan, Ford’s $50 billion investment in electric vehicles has yielded promising results, particularly with the F-150 Lightning. Equipped with two electric motors generating 580 horsepower and 775 pound-feet of torque, the Lightning offers a range of 230 to 320 miles per charge across different battery options and can achieve a substantial 15% to 80% battery capacity charge in 44 minutes.

Manufacturing and Assembly Compliance

Notably, Ford stands out among the “Big Three” truckmakers by meeting the assembly and materials requirements stipulated by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. This distinction positions Ford as a leader committed to domestic production and sourcing, aligning with the current administration’s push to retain Manufacturing jobs within the United States and its allied nations.

Ford’s proactive approach to domestic manufacturing is further evident in its investment of $3.5 billion to establish a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery plant in Marshall, Michigan. Moreover, the company’s collaboration with South Korean company SK Innovation for battery production in Commerce, Georgia, underscores its dedication to leveraging domestic and “friend-sourced” battery materials processing and manufacturing.

Rising Competition and Market Dynamics

Looking ahead, the Electric Vehicle market is poised for heightened competition, with rival manufacturers making significant strides in the EV segment. As competitors like Ram Trucks and Rivian introduce their own electric offerings, the landscape is evolving rapidly, presenting consumers with diverse options and driving innovation within the industry.

Notably, Rivian’s R1T truck, although eligible for only half of the full tax credit, represents a formidable challenger to the Ford F-150 Lightning in the electric truck arena. With impressive towing capacity and range, Rivian’s offerings cater to a distinct audience, characterized by a focus on rugged adventure and off-road capabilities, setting it apart from the utility-focused positioning of the F-150 Lightning.


As the Electric Vehicle segment continues to evolve, the Ford F-150 Lightning emerges as a strong contender, benefitting from its eligibility for the full $7,500 tax credit and its impressive capabilities. With Ford’s commitment to domestic manufacturing and innovation, the Lightning is well-positioned to thrive amidst evolving market dynamics and increasing competition.

As the industry adapts to regulatory changes and consumer preferences, the future of electric vehicles is set to be marked by intensified competition, innovation, and a continued focus on domestic production and sourcing.

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