Fan-made Portal 2 mod introduces 40 new puzzles and 8 hours of gameplay

Fan-made Portal 2 mod introduces 40 new puzzles and 8 hours of gameplay

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Fan-Made Portal 2 Mod Introduces 40 New Puzzles and 8 Hours of Gameplay

Portal fans, rejoice! A small team of developers known as Second Face Software have released a new mod for Portal 2. This mod brings over eight hours of original content to the base game, offering an immersive experience for players.

Introduction to Portal: Revolution

Portal: Revolution is a free-to-play mod that takes place before the events in Portal 2. Set in the dead and decaying Aperture facility, this mod offers a unique prequel experience for players. The Environment is designed to immerse players in the world of Portal and provide a fresh and engaging gameplay experience.

New Puzzles and Gameplay Elements

This mod introduces over 40 original puzzles that utilize new elements and leverage existing mechanics in innovative ways. Some of the highlights include a new laser cube variant, a gel cleansing field, the return of the “pneumatic diversity vent” element, and 15+ puzzles that solely use the blue Portal-Gun. The addition of these elements enhances the overall gameplay and presents exciting challenges for players.

The developers have carefully designed the mod to provide a balanced level of difficulty. Players can expect an educational introduction to new mechanics and tricks before facing more challenging puzzles. Extensive playtesting has been conducted to ensure that the puzzles are engaging but not excessively difficult. Players with varying levels of proficiency in Portal 2 mechanics can enjoy the mod, with an estimated playtime of five to eight hours based on individual skill levels.

Development Process and Release

Portal: Revolution was originally scheduled for release on January 5. However, the development team encountered a minor delay as they awaited review from Valve. The submission was made on December 20, and the team was informed that the review process might be delayed due to the holiday season. Despite this, the mod received approval with minimal delay, and it is now available for players to enjoy.

Portal Series and Narbacular Drop

Portal 2, released in 2011, continues the legacy of the Portal series, following the success of the original game from 2007. The series has its roots in a game called Narbacular Drop, developed by a group of students at the DigiPen Institute of technology. This lineage provides a rich history and a strong foundation for the innovative gameplay and storytelling found in the Portal series.

For those who have yet to experience Portal 2, it is currently available for $9.99 on Steam, offering an opportunity to delve into the world of Aperture Science and enjoy the engaging narrative and challenging puzzles.


The release of the Portal: Revolution mod brings an exciting new chapter to the Portal 2 experience. With its focus on original content, innovative puzzles, and an engaging prequel storyline, players can look forward to expanding their Portal universe. The mod’s successful development and release serve as a testament to the enduring popularity and creativity of the Portal community.

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