Collaborative review unveils the potential of graphene in advancing nitride semiconductor technology

Collaborative review unveils the potential of graphene in advancing nitride semiconductor technology

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Graphene’s Potential in Advancing Nitride Semiconductor technology

In a collaborative review, researchers from Soochow University, Beijing Graphene Institute, and Xiamen Silan Advanced Compound Semiconductor Co., Ltd. have meticulously examined the progress and potential applications of graphene as a buffer layer for nitride epitaxial growth. The paper encompasses perspectives from academia, research institutions, and semiconductor industry professionals to propose solutions for critical issues in semiconductor technology.

Graphene’s Remarkable Properties

Graphene, a two-dimensional material renowned for its exceptional electrical and mechanical properties, has generated significant interest for its prospective use in the growth of nitride semiconductors. Notable advancements in the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) growth of graphene on various insulating substrates have been made, yet producing high-quality graphene and achieving optimal interface compatibility with Group III-nitride materials remain major challenges in the field.

Challenges in Graphene Manufacturing Techniques

The review provides an in-depth look at the bottlenecks in transferred graphene Manufacturing techniques and the latest advancements in transfer-free graphene growth. It also discusses the current progress in growing transfer-free graphene on different insulating substrates and its potential applications in nitride epitaxy.

Future Outlook of Graphene in Nitride Epitaxy

The paper outlines the promising future of transfer-free graphene growth technology in the nitride epitaxy sector and identifies the challenges that must be overcome to harness its full potential. With a thorough analysis of existing literature, the review serves as a technical and application guide for using graphene in nitride epitaxial growth, encouraging further research in the area.

Encouragement for Research and Innovation

This comprehensive review not only offers valuable information to researchers and practitioners but also charts a course for future research directions and technological innovations in the field of nitride epitaxial growth. The work paves the way for potential breakthroughs in the integration of graphene with nitride semiconductor technology, opening new doors for advanced applications.


The collaborative review involving researchers from renowned institutions and industry experts provides a holistic perspective on the potential of graphene in advancing nitride semiconductor technology. By addressing critical challenges and proposing future directions, the review sets the stage for significant advancements in the field, ultimately contributing to the continued evolution of semiconductor technology.

Source: Xiang Gao et al, Transfer-free chemical vapor deposition graphene for nitride epitaxy: challenges, current status, and future outlook, Science china Chemistry (2023). DOI: 10.1007/s11426-023-1769-y. (Provided by Science china Press).

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