Biden administration announces $162 million to expand computer chip factories in Colorado and Oregon

Biden administration announces $162 million to expand computer chip factories in Colorado and Oregon

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The biden Administration’s $162 Million Investment in Computer Chip Factories in Colorado and Oregon

The biden administration has announced a significant investment of $162 million to support the expansion of computer chip factories in Colorado and Oregon. This substantial funding is aimed at reviving U.S. semiconductor manufacturing and reducing the country’s dependence on foreign production.

Background and Objectives

In response to the growing demand for semiconductors and the challenges posed by supply chain disruptions, the Biden administration has allocated $90 million to enhance a plant in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and $72 million to expand a factory in Gresham, Oregon. These investments are intended to triple domestic chip production and bolster the nation’s capacity to develop microcontrollers, which are essential components in various industries such as military, automotive, household Appliances, and medical devices.

Job Creation and Economic Impact

The funding is projected to create 700 construction and Manufacturing jobs over the next decade, contributing to economic growth and stability. Furthermore, the expansion of domestic chip production is expected to address supply shortages, reduce inflationary pressures, and mitigate the impact of rising prices on essential goods.

Government Support and Regulatory Initiatives

The biden administration’s commitment to revitalizing the U.S. semiconductor industry is underscored by the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act, signed by President biden in August 2022. This legislation allocates over $52 billion to enhance the development and manufacturing of semiconductors within the United States, emphasizing the strategic importance of self-reliance in advanced technology and national security.

industry Impact and Future Prospects

The collaboration between the government and private sector, exemplified by the funding awarded to Microchip Technology, signifies a pivotal moment in strengthening the domestic semiconductor ecosystem. As additional funding commitments are anticipated in the near future, it is evident that the United States is poised to advance its leadership in semiconductor Innovation and production.


The announcement of $162 million in support for the expansion of computer chip factories in Colorado and Oregon represents a critical milestone in the biden administration’s efforts to revitalize U.S. semiconductor manufacturing. By fostering strategic partnerships and incentivizing domestic production, the government aims to fortify the nation’s technological capabilities, stimulate economic growth, and ensure the resilience of essential supply chains.

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