Best Santa Trackers on iPhone, Android and your TV - three simple ways to track for free

Best Santa Trackers on iPhone, Android and your TV – three simple ways to track for free

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Best Santa Trackers on iPhone, Android, and Your TV

Christmas Eve is finally here, and Santa is on his way to deliver gifts around the world. If you’re eager to keep track of his journey, there are multiple ways to do so using your smartphone, PC, or TV. Here, we’ll explore three of the best methods to track Santa for free.

Google Santa Tracker

Google offers a feature-packed way to track Santa’s journey, complete with an interactive map and engaging activities to pass the time while you wait. From games like Snowball Storm and Wrap Battle to learning coding and more, Google‘s Tracker website has it all. Additionally, it’s accessible for free in popular web browsers such as Chrome and Safari.

For those looking to capture Santa in a festive selfie or create a lively band with the Elf Jamband, there’s plenty of fun to be had through Google‘s Santa tracker.


For over 60 years, NORAD has provided a popular method for tracking Santa. By leveraging state-of-the-art satellites, the NORAD Tracks Santa app allows users to view Santa’s precise GPS location and how far he is from their location. Users of both Android and iPhone devices can download and install the app for free to keep track of Santa’s progress.

Director of Operations, Colonel Harry Shoup, received the first ‘Santa’ call, leading to the creation of the NORAD Tracks Santa initiative. This app continues to be a favorite for many eager to watch Santa’s journey unfold.

Sky TV

If you have Sky Q, Sky Stream, or Sky Glass, you can view Santa’s journey on your TV screen using Sky’s dedicated tracking technology. By simply using your remote and voice search feature, you can access the Santa tracker, live countdown, and additional Santa-themed features on the big screen in your living room.

In addition to tracking Santa, Sky offers 12 new video messages from Santa, adding to the festive experience for those using Sky Glass, Sky Stream, and Sky Q. Users can also engage with Santa by asking questions such as his favorite Christmas cracker joke and when he will arrive.

In conclusion, whether you prefer tracking Santa on your smartphone, PC, or TV, there are numerous options available for you to follow his journey this Christmas Eve. Each method offers unique features and adds to the excitement of welcoming Santa Claus to your home.

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