Artemis 2 moon crew invited to visit SpaceX to talk Starship (exclusive)

Artemis 2 moon crew invited to visit SpaceX to talk Starship (exclusive)

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Artemis 2 Moon Crew Invited to Visit SpaceX to Talk Starship (Exclusive)

Artemis 2 commander Reid Wiseman, a NASA astronaut commanding the first human moon crew in half a century, sat down with to talk about SpaceX, meeting movie moon astronaut Tom Hanks and what to expect on his historic mission.

The Exclusive Invite From SpaceX

The commander of humanity’s first moon mission in half a century has a special invite from SpaceX in his pocket. Reid Wiseman, the NASA astronaut leading the four Artemis 2 crew members, told in a Dec. 18 exclusive that SpaceX wants to talk to his crew about Starship. That’s no coincidence, given that SpaceX is developing Starship for Artemis 3, which intends to land humans on the moon for the first time since 1972. When and how that all comes together is not known yet. Artemis 2 is expected to fly around the moon no earlier than 2024 if schedules hold. Artemis 3 is manifested for 2025 or 2026, but that assumes that SpaceX’s Starship has passed enough tests to satisfy NASA’s strict safety requirements for human-rated spacecraft. Wiseman spoke with not only about SpaceX, but what his crew plans to take along with them on the mission, the outreach he has been doing, and how his crew is dealing with developmental uncertainty. Riding to the moon with him (and back) are NASA pilot Victor Glover (who will become the first person of color to leave low Earth orbit), NASA mission specialist Christina Koch (the first woman) and Canadian Space Agency mission specialist Jeremy Hansen (the first non-American).

The Mission’s Main Goals & Training Progress

Wiseman, discussing the Artemis 2 mission’s objectives, stated that the crew’s main goal is to enable the Orion and the Space Launch System for future moon missions. The crew is also preparing for Artemis 3, 4, and 5, focusing on determining the long-term requirements for lunar missions. Training has been intense and well-prepared, with the crew ensuring the vehicle is ready for future crewmates landing on the moon. The weight-limited crew has been making preparations for the mission, including selecting personal items to take along as tokens and engaging in significant outreach activities.

Dealing With Scheduling & Uncertainties

When asked about potential delays affecting subsequent Artemis missions, Wiseman focused on the crew’s readiness for when the vehicle is prepared for launch. He acknowledged the likelihood of some scheduling delay, but emphasized the safety culture and methodical progress in working through any issues. The crew has been preparing personalized items within strict weight limitations, with a focus on tradition and personal significance.

Outreach & Meeting Industry Icons

Wiseman discussed the excitement and impact their outreach activities have had, highlighting the positive reception they received at NASA and other locations. He described the surreal experience of meeting industry icons, such as Tom Hanks and their involvement in reaching out to different demographics to promote the importance of human exploration. Wiseman emphasized the significance of public support and the progress in public-private partnerships within the Artemis program.

A Unique Perspective on the Space Exploration Program

Wiseman expressed gratitude towards for the coverage and emphasized the importance of public support and public-private partnerships within the Artemis program. He reflected on the significant progress being made in the space exploration program and underlined the exciting developments within the commercial lunar payload services program. As the interview concluded, Wiseman appreciated the public support and highlighted the groundbreaking nature of the current space exploration endeavors.

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