Apple TV+ shows and movies: Everything to watch on Apple TV Plus

Apple TV+ shows and movies: Everything to watch on Apple TV Plus

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Eye floaters Have you ever noticed specks or strings drifting across your vision?

If so, you may be one of worldwide who experience eye floaters at some point.

While this condition is not typically considered severe, it can still be frustrating and uncomfortable, affecting your vision and quality of life.

Usually, the brain ignores these floaters, and they go unnoticed.

However, when they increase in number or become more concentrated in a particular area, they can cause annoyance or discomfort.

There are several treatments available to help ease the symptoms of eye floaters.

This article will discuss the different options and advances in artificial intelligence that can educate patients and enhance the management of this common condition.

What are Floaters?

Eye floaters are specks or strands that can appear in the field of vision and move around when the eyes move.

These floaters are caused by the shrinking of the vitreous, a gel-like substance that fills the eye.

The vitreous becomes more liquid and less gel-like as we age, causing the collagen fibers to clump together and form specks or strands.

Diagram of floaters but Exeter Eye While most floaters are harmless and do not require treatment, some may indicate a severe eye condition, such as retinal detachment or inflammation.

Aside from that, eye floaters can be distracting and, at times, concerning significantly when their numbers increase.

Some individuals may experience significant interference with their vision, compromising their quality of life and overall well-being.

Treating Eye Floaters Fortunately, several current treatments address eye floaters, with various approaches depending on the individual’s condition and overall severity of symptoms.

Laser Floater Treatment (LFT) is a non-surgical procedure performed in the office that is used as one of the current treatments for eye floaters.

LFT uses laser light to dissolve eye floaters, reducing their visibility in the patient’s field of vision.

It has emerged as a viable alternative for people who are hesitant to undergo surgery, as it poses minimal risk of complications and is a less invasive option than surgical treatments.

Studies have shown that LFT is effective in treating eye floaters.

, which assessed the safety and effectiveness of YAG laser vitreolysis as a treatment for vitreous floaters, concluded that LFT is a suitable option for patients hesitant to undergo surgery due to its minimal risk of complications.

The study also found that LFT shows promising results in improving subjective and objective outcomes for symptomatic floaters.

However, given the limited available evidence, further research is needed to determine the exact role of YAG laser vitreolysis in treating vitreous floaters.

Another current treatment option for eye floaters is vitrectomy, a surgical procedure that involves removing the vitreous, the jelly-like substance inside the eye where the floaters are suspended.

This approach is relatively uncommon and is typically reserved for extreme cases where the floaters interfere significantly with the individual’s vision.

Vitrectomy carries some risks, including infection and retinal detachment.

Eye floaters can also be treated through medical management and patient education, especially if an underlying medical condition causes them.

For instance, if the floaters result from inflammation or bleeding due to diabetes, controlling or treating the underlying condition can help alleviate the floaters.

The Role of Patient Education in Treating Floaters Educating patients regarding eye floaters and related disorders is paramount to successful treatment.

Patients should understand the condition, including its causes and available treatment options.

Additionally, they should be informed about the risk factors, such as age, eye trauma, and specific medical conditions that can lead to eye floaters.

By being mindful of these risk factors, patients can take preventative measures to avoid the development of eye floaters.

examined AI chatbots for patient education on retinal floaters.

The study assessed multiple AI chatbots and their ability to help provide practical and actionable patient education.

It also highlights AI systems’ accuracy in answering questions related to floaters from a retinal specialist point of view.

The researchers found that both ChatGPT™ and Google Assistant™ had weak scores, indicating the bots were inadequate in providing in-depth specialist information.

Additionally, while AI chatbots can be a helpful tool for patient education, they should not replace the need for a qualified healthcare professional.

Patients must be encouraged to seek medical advice and not rely solely on AI chatbots for diagnosis and treatment.

To a Clearer Future Eye floaters are a common condition that can be uncomfortable and negatively impact one’s quality of life significantly as the number of floaters increases.

Fortunately, several treatments are available for eye floaters, including Laser Floater Treatment (LFT).

Studies show that LFT effectively treats vitreous floaters and has promising results in improving subjective and objective outcomes for symptomatic floaters.

As technology advances and shapes the healthcare industry, the future of eye floater treatment looks promising.

Integrating artificial intelligence and human expertise can improve patient care by providing accurate and tailored information and guidance to patients and caregivers, helping them make informed decisions about their health.

We can look forward to a future where AI and human expertise work together to provide the best possible patient care.

To learn more about the eye, read more stories at

In 2023, artificial intelligence and generative AI were pushed into the spotlight when OpenAI commoditized them.

In a short time, products like ChatGPT and copilot tools, built on generative AI, progressed user productivity and minimized the time invested to perform basic tasks.

As a basic example, users can now swiftly edit an email for grammatical errors using tools such as Grammarly, illustrating the efficiency gains achieved through AI.

Beyond productivity, these advances are transforming information into a company-wide commodity—ensuring widespread accessibility and further elevating overall efficiency.

As organizations continue to leverage tech to power improved efficiency and productivity, here are three predictions I’ll be watching as we head into 2024.


The use of speech and bots will influence the trajectory of low-code development.

Low-code development isn’t coming; it’s already here.

Gartner, Inc. that “by 2025, 70% of new applications developed by organizations will use low-code or no-code technologies.”

This phenomenon has enabled business technologists with little or no coding know-how to create solutions that help their organizations meet their business needs.

Now, as AI is integrated into low-code platforms, I foresee a transition toward building applications using natural language or bots rather than further maturity in traditional low-code interfaces.

This is one of the most promising developments in this space, in my opinion, and it’s likely to continue its upward trajectory and ultimately contribute to a notable advancement in the maturity of low-code development.

I predict that in the next few years, a substantial number of individuals will opt to leverage low-code and no-code platforms specifically to automate tasks through bots rather than the conventional use of low-code and no-code for automation.

As the technology becomes more sophisticated, adoption will continue to rise, and ROI will improve as AI-driven capabilities evolve.

2. Generative AI copilots will become a norm across the IT landscape.

As the adoption of generative AI broadens, I anticipate widespread integration of tools such as Copilot across various domains—encompassing automation, iPaaS, API management, low-code platforms, application development and other related products.

This extends to its utilization in security operations (SecOps), artificial intelligence operations (AIOps), DevOps and various facets of automation.

In essence, Copilot is poised to become ubiquitous across diverse technological landscapes, which will play a significant role in making teams much more productive.

3. Real-time speech translation will take center stage.

If 2023 was the year of generative AI and large language models, then meaningful advances in real-time voice and speech translation will define the next few years.

In today’s globalized workforce, it’s not uncommon for professionals to collaborate and communicate across borders—even when they don’t speak the same language.

While it may be relatively straightforward when teams from English-speaking countries like the U.S., Canada, the U.K. or India collaborate, challenges arise when additional colleagues from countries such as France, Brazil or China are involved.

Manual translation of languages is time-consuming, but new and emerging AI capabilities are poised to make this hurdle a thing of the past.

Progress is already being made.

Meta released a speech-to-text model that can translate nearly 100 languages as the company continues to try to make a .

Real-time speech translation can not only enhance efficiency and productivity but also empower businesses to expand their global operations more effectively.

When you package these three predictions together, a common theme emerges: productivity.

Taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture reveals that organizations of all sizes and across industries are looking for ways to embrace AI and automation in a way that makes them more efficient and allows them to intensify their focus on their ultimate business goals.

While these technologies may not fully hit their primes in 2024, they should advance enough for businesses to use them in meaningful ways that drive their organizations forward.

Ultimately, substantial progress across the areas described above will contribute to the hyperautomation of businesses.

AI has the potential to transform how businesses function, improving automation in multiple areas.

With its ability to identify, vet and automate complex tasks and processes at an unprecedented pace, AI will create a critical inflection point in the coming year.

I’m excited to see how the future unfolds as AI becomes instrumental in discovering better business processes, identifying potential automation opportunities and prioritizing tasks based on their ROI.

is an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs and technology executives.

In context: It’s no secret that Nvidia is dominating in the AI space, with companies big and small using its GPUs as well as the CUDA software stack to power their machine-learning projects.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger says Team Green’s success is partly the result of luck, as the latter company enjoyed 15 years of Intel being inactive in the discrete GPU space.

Whether Intel can get lucky in the coming years now that Gelsinger is back at the helm Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger believes Nvidia’s dominance in AI is more the result of luck and not necessarily the software and hardware that Team Green has been developing over the past several years.

As you’d expect, it didn’t take long for someone from Nvidia’s machine learning group to fire back at his remark, though Gelsinger did explain how Intel might also get lucky in the coming decades.

During an interview hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Team Blue’s chief was asked about Intel’s AI hardware efforts and whether he believes they represent a competitive advantage.

Gelsinger began by lamenting Intel’s past mistakes, noting that Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang “got extraordinarily lucky” with his bet on AI and Intel could have been just as lucky had the company not given up on the Larrabee discrete GPU project.

Gelsinger went on to explain how his departure from Intel 13 years ago set the company on a bad trajectory where projects like Larrabee that “would have changed the shape of AI” got canceled, allowing Nvidia to thrive with very little competition in the high-performance computing space.

Then he characterized Jensen Huang as a hard worker who was initially laser-focused on graphics technology but then was lucky enough to branch out into AI accelerators when the industry started moving in that direction.

Related reading: The Last Time Intel Tried to Make a Graphics Card Now that he’s at the helm of Intel, Gelsinger is determined to course-correct with a strategy of “democratizing” AI.

To that end, Intel is looking to bake a neural processing unit (NPU) into every machine and we can already see that with the launch of the Meteor Lake CPU lineup.

Another area where Intel will focus is software, with a lot of work being put into developing open-source software libraries to eliminate the need for proprietary technologies like CUDA.

Moving forward, Gelsinger says we can expect at least two decades of innovations in the AI space.

He believes that since AI today is mostly used to tap into simple data sets like text to create services like ChatGPT, there’s a lot of room for advancements in training AI models for a variety of other applications using more complex data sets.

Demand for AI hardware is growing rapidly, so Intel’s investments into new chip factories could also pay off in spades in the coming years.

Even Nvidia is contemplating using Intel as a manufacturing partner, and it will be interesting to see if the latter company can use that interest to help its foundry business succeed in the long-term.

I worked at Intel on Larrabee applications in 2007.

Then I went to NVIDIA to work on ML in 2008.

So I was there at both places at that time and I can say: NVIDIA’s dominance didn’t come from luck.

It came from vision and execution.

Which Intel lacked. Gelsinger’s remarks look more like an admission that Intel made a big mistake in giving up on its discrete GPU ambitions for over a decade, but they still invited a response from Nvidia’s VP of Applied Deep Learning Research, Bryan Catanzaro.

Catanzaro explains that he was part of the Larrabee project at Intel before moving on to work at Nvidia and, from his point of view, Nvidia’s dominance came from executing a vision that Intel simply lacked.

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In context: It’s no secret that Nvidia is dominating in the AI space, with companies big and small using its GPUs as well as the CUDA software stack to power their machine-learning projects.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger says Team Green’s success is partly the result of luck, as the latter company enjoyed 15 years of Intel being inactive in the discrete GPU space.

Whether Intel can get lucky in the coming years now that Gelsinger is back at the helm Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger believes Nvidia’s dominance in AI is more the result of luck and not necessarily the software and hardware that Team Green has been developing over the past several years.

As you’d expect, it didn’t take long for someone from Nvidia’s machine learning group to fire back at his remark, though Gelsinger did explain how Intel might also get lucky in the coming decades.

During an interview hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Team Blue’s chief was asked about Intel’s AI hardware efforts and whether he believes they represent a competitive advantage.

Gelsinger began by lamenting Intel’s past mistakes, noting that Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang “got extraordinarily lucky” with his bet on AI and Intel could have been just as lucky had the company not given up on the Larrabee discrete GPU project.

Gelsinger went on to explain how his departure from Intel 13 years ago set the company on a bad trajectory where projects like Larrabee that “would have changed the shape of AI” got canceled, allowing Nvidia to thrive with very little competition in the high-performance computing space.

Then he characterized Jensen Huang as a hard worker who was initially laser-focused on graphics technology but then was lucky enough to branch out into AI accelerators when the industry started moving in that direction.

Related reading: The Last Time Intel Tried to Make a Graphics Card Now that he’s at the helm of Intel, Gelsinger is determined to course-correct with a strategy of “democratizing” AI.

To that end, Intel is looking to bake a neural processing unit (NPU) into every machine and we can already see that with the launch of the Meteor Lake CPU lineup.

Another area where Intel will focus is software, with a lot of work being put into developing open-source software libraries to eliminate the need for proprietary technologies like CUDA.

Moving forward, Gelsinger says we can expect at least two decades of innovations in the AI space.

He believes that since AI today is mostly used to tap into simple data sets like text to create services like ChatGPT, there’s a lot of room for advancements in training AI models for a variety of other applications using more complex data sets.

Demand for AI hardware is growing rapidly, so Intel’s investments into new chip factories could also pay off in spades in the coming years.

Even Nvidia is contemplating using Intel as a manufacturing partner, and it will be interesting to see if the latter company can use that interest to help its foundry business succeed in the long-term.

I worked at Intel on Larrabee applications in 2007.

Then I went to NVIDIA to work on ML in 2008.

So I was there at both places at that time and I can say: NVIDIA’s dominance didn’t come from luck.

It came from vision and execution.

Which Intel lacked. Gelsinger’s remarks look more like an admission that Intel made a big mistake in giving up on its discrete GPU ambitions for over a decade, but they still invited a response from Nvidia’s VP of Applied Deep Learning Research, Bryan Catanzaro.

Catanzaro explains that he was part of the Larrabee project at Intel before moving on to work at Nvidia and, from his point of view, Nvidia’s dominance came from executing a vision that Intel simply lacked.

Apple Mac Pro MSRP $3,999.00 Score Details DT Editors’ Choice “The Mac Studio is a diminutive floating monolith that packs a punch.”

Pros Superior build quality Small chassis Solid connectivity Excellent creativity performance Quiet operation Elegant aesthetic Cons Expensive Mediocre gaming The Mac Studio came out in 2022 and was updated with the latest M2 chips in 2023.

Filling the ground between the affordable Mac mini and the expandable Mac Pro, the Mac Studio is a classic middle child fighting for an identity.

Contents Specs and configurations A floating block of pure industrial design Very fast, very small, and very quiet, but not the fastest around Can it game?

Superior display support Expensive, but worth it Show 1 more item It’s strength, of course, is that the Mac Studio packs a lot of power into a very small format and plenty of ports.

In my transition to an all-Apple ecosystem , moving my desktop tower was saved for last, and I came into my testing to see how well it might replace it.

To my surprise, I found it a highly capable machine, despite its limited expandability.

Related This is one of my favorite Windows laptops.

But can it beat the MacBook Air?

Apple just dashed our iMac hopes and dreams Why the MacBook Air is still stuck on the M2 Specs and configurations Dimensions (HxWxD) 3.7 x 7.7 x 7.7 inches CPU/GPU M2 Max 12-core CPU/30-core GPU M2 Max 12-core CPU/38-core GPU M2 Ultra 24-core CPU/60-core GPU M2 Ultra 24-core CPU/76-core GPU Case Apple CNC aluminum Memory 32GB unified (M2 Max) 64GB unified 96GB unified (M2 Max 38-core GPU) 128GB unified (M2 Ultra) 192GB unified (M2 Ultra) Storage 512GB SSD (M2 Max) 1TB SSD 2TB SSD 4TB SSD 8TB SSD Power supply Apple 370W USB ports 4 x USB-C with Thunderbolt 4 on rear 2 x USB-C on front (M2 Max) 2 x USB-C with Thunderbolt 4 on front (M2 Ultra) 2 x USB-A on back 1 x HDMI 1 x 10GB Ethernet 3.5mm audio jack on back SD card reader on front Wireless Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3 Price $1,999-plus The Mac Studio is available in two versions based on the chipset, either the M2 Max or the M2 Ultra.

The table above shows that important configuration differences exist, including the amount of storage and RAM that can be selected and the port configuration.

These things are important to remember when equipping your Mac Studio.

The least you’ll spend on a Mac Studio is $1,999, for an M2 Max 12/30, 32GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD.

The most you’ll spend for an M2 Max version is a much more expensive $5,399 for an M2 Max 12/38, 96GB of RAM, and an 8TB SSD.

The Mac Studio with the M2 Ultra starts at $3,999 for an M2 Ultra 24/60, 64GB of RAM, and a 1TB SSD.

Fully configured, the Mac Studio is a whopping $8,799 for an M2 Ultra 24/76, 192GB of RAM, and an 8TB SSD.

This places the Mac Studio as a very premium desktop, and you’ll find Windows desktops that are more affordable and offer better performance.

Note also that the Mac Studio is a sealed enclosure with no expandable components.

What you buy is what you’ll get, forever, so choose wisely.

A floating block of pure industrial design Mark Coppock / Digital Trends As is typical with Apple PCs today, the Mac Studio looks chiseled from a single block of aluminum — which is essentially what it is.

The MacBooks have that aspect when they’re closed, and so does the Mac Mini.

Even the iMac shares the appearance, albeit with a pane of glass melded in.

The Mac Studio epitomizes the same starkly elegant design, with any vents and seams hidden on the bottom or on the back, out of the way.

Look at the Mac Studio from the usual slightly top-down angle when it’s sitting on a desktop, and it looks like a silver monolith floating a quarter-inch or so off the surface.

A large chrome Apple logo sits on top as the only adornment.

I like the aesthetic quite a bit.

There are two USB-C ports and an SD card reader upfront, but those look like carefully crafted cutouts.

The USB-A, Ethernet, and HDMI ports are on the back, likely because those would expose more of their untidy internals.

Having one or more of the former on the front might be more convenient, but that would break up the illusion.

The back is less tidy, with four USB-C ports, an audio jack, and a power connection to go with an exhaust vent that extends along the entire length.

Note that the four USB-C ports on the back support Thunderbolt 4 on both chipset versions, while the front two are Thunderbolt 4 only with the M2 Ultra.

Mark Coppock / Digital Trends Clearly, Apple was going for a particular aesthetic, and that’s well-accomplished at the cost of some minor convenience.

The Mac Studio is also remarkably small, given the power inside.

It’s less than 8 inches on each side and less than 4 inches tall, almost the same dimensions as two Mac Minis stacked on top of each other.

It fits quite easily under my center 27-inch display, which is held up by a dual-monitor arm.

The cables connecting to the three monitors and the Ethernet jack on my router are hidden in the back, making for an uncluttered appearance.

If you’re connecting wirelessly to the internet, as well as to your keyboard and mouse, you’ll appreciate the Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 support.

I’m using Apple’s Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, which is just as excellent as the keyboard on my MacBook Pro 14 .

My mouse is the Logitech MX Master 3S, which works perfectly with the Mac Studio and can also support my Windows desktop, which remains ready for standby use.

I also connected to external speakers via the 3.5mm audio jack, because the built-in speaker is quite weak and best for system sounds only.

If you want to connect a pair of headphones, you’ll be bummed that the connection is on the back, but you’ll appreciate the support for high-impedance cans.

Overall, the Mac Studio is an incredibly well-designed desktop that’s minimalist and incredibly attractive.

It exudes solidity and quality and epitomizes Apple’s fastidious design sensibilities.

You can find Windows mini-PCs that are similarly sized, like the HP Z2 Mini G9 , but in my opinion, they’re not nearly as cohesively designed.

Very fast, very small, and very quiet, but not the fastest around Mark Coppock / Digital Trends My Mac Studio is configured with the M2 Ultra , which is essentially two M2 Max chips glued together.

It’s a bit more complicated than that, of course, but compare the specs and you’ll find twice the CPU and GPU cores.

I chose the base 24-core CPU/60-core GPU rather than the 24-core/76-core version, simply because the latter is an additional $1,000 and the former is already overkill for my workflow.

Both versions have CPUs with 16 performance cores and eight efficiency cores, the same 32-core Neural Engine, and a whopping 800GB/s of memory bandwidth.

The only difference is the extra 16 GPU cores in the more expensive version.

As I ran through our suite of benchmarks, I was amazed at how quiet the Mac Studio remained throughout.

No matter how demanding the process, the machine remained essentially inaudible.

I had to put my ear to the Mac Studio to hear the fans running.

It clearly benefits from a well-engineered cooling system, and it’s orders of magnitude quieter than my Windows desktop (a medium-sized tower that sits on the floor next to my desk).

Windows mini-PCs are also much louder under high loads.

Even the MacBook Pro gets louder when working hard.

Speaking of that, it’s important to take a moment to consider the MacBook Pro that’s now available with up to the M3 Max .

That chipset is manufactured with the new 3nm node, improving on the 5nm process used in the M1 and M2 chipsets.

That transition offers additional power and efficiency, letting Apple retain the same core counts with the new chipsets while boosting performance.

More important, though, are the improvements to the GPU, which now utilizes new technology like Dynamic Caching, hardware-accelerated ray tracing, and mesh shaders.

The improved GPU shows up in gaming and applications that can utilize the GPU to speed up various processes.

Even the Neural Engine has been updated and is now considerably faster, and offers an advanced media engine that enables better hardware acceleration for various video codecs.

Importantly, these updates speed up creative applications, making the new chipset even more powerful for creators.

Mark Coppock / Digital Trends As we’ll see in the benchmark results, the MacBook Pro 14 with the M3 Max with 16 CPU cores and 40 GPU cores, a 16-core Neural Engine, and a 400GB/s memory bandwidth offers roughly the same performance as the M2 Ultra 24/60.

Even the M2 Ultra 24/76 wouldn’t greatly exceed the MacBook’s performance.

At some point in the future, probably in mid- to late 2024, Apple will likely introduce a Mac Studio with an M3 Ultra, which will certainly offer vastly improved performance over the M2 Ultra reviewed here.

The important takeaway from these results is that the Mac Studio with the M2 Ultra is a very fast PC, especially considering its diminutive stature and quiet operation.

It’s not as fast as the fastest Windows desktops or the MacBook Pro with the M3 Max in certain benchmarks.

In some cases, particularly where the GPU is concerned, it’s considerably slower.

In the all-important PugetBench Premiere Pro benchmark that runs in a live version of Adobe’s Premiere Pro, the Mac Studio is 10% faster than the MacBook and 17% slower than a powerful Windows desktop.

You can certainly build or buy a Windows desktop that will provide faster performance at a lower price, whether you’re a gamer or a creator.

But for MacOS users, the Mac Studio remains the best performance option, albeit by a slim margin over the M3 Max.

Cinebench R24 single-core Cinebench R24 multi-core Cinebench R24 GPU Handbrake (in seconds)

Pugetbench for Premiere Pro Mac Studio (M2 Ultra 24/60) 120 1,870 7,727 56 978 MacBook Pro 14 (M3 Max 16/40) 139 1,522 12,765 53 889 Custom Windows PC (Core i9-13900K/RTX 4090) 126 2083

34,230 N/A 1,148 Alienware Aurora R16 (Core i7-13700F/RTX 4070)

112 1,070 16,974 N/A 828

MacBook Pro (M2 Max) 121 1032 5592 85 N/A iMac (M3 8/10) 140 657 3728 112 N/A Can it game?

Gaming on a Mac is better than ever, but it still lags Windows by a considerable margin.

The biggest issue is the availability of top titles for MacOS.

Simply put, it’s slim pickings.

When I check my Steam account, I find only a handful of games that will run on my Mac Studio.

I’m not a big gamer, so gaming performance isn’t terribly important to me.

Some decent games are available for the Mac, though, and I’ve checked out a few.

First, in Civilization VI , the Mac Studio managed 65 frames per second (fps) at 1080p and ultra graphics.

That’s well below Windows gaming PCs, but still playable, and oddly enough, the Mac Studio achieved almost exactly the same fps as I ramped up the resolution to 4K. I also ran Baldur’s Gate 3 and Fortnite , and both ran well at their default settings.

The M3 Max in the MacBook Pro will provide much stronger gaming, as will well-equipped Windows desktops.

I wouldn’t recommend buying the Mac Studio for gaming, especially at such high prices.

Superior display support Looking at these benchmark results, you may be considering a MacBook Pro with the M3 Max rather than the Mac Studio.

That’s a reasonable proposition, but if you’re looking for a desktop configuration, you’ll want to carefully consider display support.

The Mac Studio with the M2 Max supports up to five displays.

That’s four displays with 6K resolution at 60Hz via Thunderbolt 4, and another 4K display at 60Hz over the HDMI ports.

You can also attach two displays at 6K and 60Hz and one 8K display at 60Hz or a 4K display at up to 240Hz via HDMI.

The M2 Ultra version supports up to eight displays at 4K and 60Hz, up to six displays at 6K and 6Hz, and up to three displays at 8K and 60Hz.

The HDMI port also supports a 4K display up to 240Hz.

Of course, other combinations are also possible.

The MacBook Pro with the M3 Max supports up to four external displays, with three at 6K and 60Hz and one 4K resolution at up to 144Hz via HDMI.

Or, you can run three external displays, one at 6K at 60Hz, one at 8K at 60Hz, and one 4K at up to 240Hz via HDMI.

It’s complicated, but the bottom line is that the Mac Studio supports more displays at higher resolutions and refresh rates.

If you plan a complex multi-monitor setup, the Mac Studio is the better choice.

Of course, as a desktop, you won’t be plugging and unplugging all those displays, although you could simplify things by using a Thunderbolt 4 dock with the MacBook Pro. Expensive, but worth it The Mac Studio is a standout desktop PC .

It’s incredibly small given that it offers such excellent performance, and I’m still amazed at how quietly it runs even while working hard.

The quality can’t be beat, which is typical of Apple products, and it provides plenty of connectivity and display support.

It’s also expensive, especially if you select the faster M2 Ultra model.

You could buy a MacBook Pro 16 with similar specs and an M3 Max for a couple of hundred dollars more and enjoy equal or better performance, depending on your application.

But the Mac Studio will support more displays and provide more ports out of the box.

If you’re looking for a powerful desktop PC and are devoted to macOS, then the Mac Studio is an excellent choice.

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The steady march towards AI job automation continues — even at companies pioneering the tech.

According to a new report by The Information , search giant Google is looking to reassign or let go of sales workers whose jobs were automated by the company’s new AI tools.

While it’s unclear how many humans will end up being affected, it’s a clear sign of the times.

Earlier this year, Google ushered in a “new era of AI-powered ads.”

As part of the initiative, Google is trying to leverage AI tech to “deliver new ad experiences,” including “automatically created assets” that scrape content from existing ads and landing pages.

Some of these ads created by the company’s Performance Max feature can even change in real-time based on click-through rates to maximize visibility, a task that’s labor-intensive for human workers.

According to the Information , a “growing number of advertisers have adopted PMax since,” which has eliminated the “need for some employees who specialized in selling ads for a particular Google service.”

Per the report, almost half of the company’s 30,000-employee ad division was once dedicated to this kind of work.

It’s a notable shift for Google‘s business, as advertising makes up a huge chunk of the company’s revenue.

By replacing human workers, the company is presumably aiming to increase profit margins by cutting costs.

But at what cost?

We’ve already seen several industries being affected by AI-driven job automation.

Earlier this year, IBM CEO Arvind Krishna told Bloomberg that the company is slowing or suspending hiring for any jobs that could be done by an AI.

“I could easily see 30 percent of that getting replaced by AI and automation over a five-year period,” Krishna told the publication at the time, which means that in total, AI could replace up to 7,800 jobs.

German tabloid Bild , which is owned by media publisher Axel Springer, similarly announced that it would “unfortunately be parting ways with colleagues who have tasks that in the digital world are performed by AI and/or automated processes,” according to a leaked email obtained by German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine .

Certain low-level jobs in particular are on the chopping block amidst the rise of AI technologies.

“It was [a] no-brainer for me to replace the entire [customer service] team with a bot,” Suumit Shah, a 31-year-old CEO of an Indian e-commerce platform called Dukaan, told the Washington Post in October, “which is like 100 times smarter, who is instant, and who cost me like 100th of what I used to pay to the support team.”

In short, AI is already snatching up jobs left and right — and according to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute, that trend could accelerate faster than anybody expected .

Goldman Sachs found in its research report earlier this year that roughly 300 million jobs could soon be lost due to AI.

More on AI job automation: IBM Replacing 7,800 Human Jobs With AI

The International Criminal Police Organisation better-known as Interpol has announced the arrest of 3,500 alleged cybercriminals and scammers, alongside the seizure of $300 million in cash and digital assets across 34 nations.

The arrests marked the conclusion of what Interpol calls Operation HAECHI IV, a six-month investigation funded by South Korea.

The operation tackled seven particular types of cyberscam that Interpol lists as: “voice phishing, romance scams, online sextortion, investment fraud, money laundering associated with illegal online gambling, business email compromise fraud, and e-commerce fraud.”

It says that 82,112 suspicious bank accounts were blocked, and it seized $199 million in hard currency and $101 million in virtual assets.

Interpol says the majority of cases (75%) involved investment fraud, business email compromise and e-commerce fraud.

“The seizure of USD 300 million represents a staggering sum and clearly illustrates the incentive behind today’s explosive growth of transnational organized crime,” said Stephen Kavanagh of Interpol.

“This represents the savings and hard-earned cash of victims.

This vast accumulation of unlawful wealth is a serious threat to global security and weakens the economic stability of nations worldwide.”

Kavanagh also gives a shout-out to agents in Philippines and Korea, whose co-operation led to the arrest in Manila of a particularly high profile online criminal sought under a Korean Red Notice, and the dismantling of the illegal gambling network he led.

“Despite criminals’ endeavors to gain illicit advantages through contemporary trends, they will eventually be apprehended and face due punishment,” said the head of Interpol’s Korea bureau Kim Dong Kwon.

“To accomplish this, Project HAECHI will consistently evolve and expand its scope.”

Interpol has issued two Purple Notices based on the investigation, which warn countries about the kind of fraud practices it discovered.

One of these is a new scam in Korea involving the sale of NFTs “with promises of huge returns, which turned out to be a ‘rug pull’, a growing scam in the crypto industry where developers abruptly abandon a project and investors lose their money.”

This was accompanied by a picture of cat-themed picture art, presumably the NFTs involved in the rug pull.

The second is about the use of AI and deep fake technology to “lend credibility to scams by enabling criminals to hide their identities and to pretend to be family members, friends or love interests.”

This practice was discovered many times in the UK during the operation, where “AI-generated synthetic content” was used to defraud, harass and extort victims “particularly through impersonation scams, online sexual blackmail, and investment fraud.”

Other cases involved the impersonation of people known to the victims “through voice cloning technology.”

Which is pretty freaky stuff: I’d like to think I’d be able to recognise my own family members’ voices on the phone, but these things feel like they get more sophisticated by the week.

Countries from Argentina to Vietnam took part in Operation HAECHI IV, including India, Japan, Pakistan, South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

And while little else about this story is amusing, it did tickle me that Interpol held a debrief meeting in Singapore to analyse the operation’s results: and all those hard-working agents smiled and posed for the equivalent of an office Christmas photo.

In 1963, six years after the first satellite was launched, editors from the Encyclopaedia Britannica posed a question to five eminent thinkers of the day: “Has man’s conquest of space increased or diminished his stature?”

The respondents were philosopher Hannah Arendt , writer Aldous Huxley , theologian Paul Tillich , nuclear scientist Harrison Brown and historian Herbert J. Muller .

Sixty years later, as the rush to space accelerates, what can we learn from these 20th-century luminaries writing at the dawn of the space age?

Much has happened since.

Spacecraft have landed on planets, moons, comets and asteroids across the Solar System.

The two Voyager deep space probes, launched in 1977, are in interstellar space.

Related: How long could you survive in space without a spacesuit?

A handful of people are living in two Earth-orbiting space stations.

Humans are getting ready to return to the Moon after more than 50 years, this time to establish a permanent base and mine the deep ice lakes at the south pole.

There were only 57 satellites in Earth orbit in 1963.

Now there are around 10,000 , with tens of thousands more planned.

Satellite services are part of everyday life.

Weather prediction, farming, transport, banking, disaster management, and much more, all rely on satellite data.

Despite these tremendous changes, Arendt, Huxley and Tillich, in particular, have some illuminating insights.

Huxley is famous for his 1932 dystopian science fiction novel Brave New World , and his experimental use of psychedelic drugs.

In his essay , he questioned who this “man” who had conquered space was, noting it was not humans as a species but Western urban-industrial society that had sent emissaries into space.

This has not changed.

The 1967 Outer Space Treaty says space is the province of all humanity, but in reality it’s dominated by a few wealthy nations and individuals.

Huxley said the notion of “stature” assumed humans had a special and different status to other living beings.

Given the immensity of space, talking of conquest was, in his opinion, “a trifle silly”.

Tillich was a theologian who fled Nazi Germany before the second world war.

In his essay he wrote about how seeing Earth from outside allowed us to “demythologise” our planet.

In contrast to the much-discussed “ overview effect ” which inspires astronauts with a feeling of almost mystical awe, Tillich argued that the view from space made Earth a “large material body to be looked at and considered as totally calculable”.

When spacecraft began imaging the lunar surface in the 1960s, the process of calculation started for the Moon.

Now, its minerals are being evaluated as commodities for human use.

Like Tillich, Arendt left Germany under the shadow of Nazism in 1933.

She’s best remembered for her studies of totalitarian states and for coining the term “ the banality of evil ”.

Her essay explored the relationship between science and the human senses.

It’s a dense and complex piece; almost every time I read it, I come away with something different.

In the early 20th century, Einstein’s theory of special relativity and quantum mechanics showed us a reality far beyond the ability of our senses to comprehend.

Arendt said it was absurd to think such a cosmos could be “conquered”.

Instead, “we have come to our present capacity to ‘conquer space’ through our new ability to handle nature from a point in the universe outside the earth”.

The short human lifespan and the impossibility of moving faster than the speed of light mean humans are unlikely to travel beyond the Solar System.

There is a limit to our current expansion into space.

When that limit is reached, said Arendt, “the new world view that may conceivably grow out of it is likely to be once more geocentric and anthropomorphic, although not in the old sense of the earth being the center of the universe and of man being the highest being there is”.

Humans would turn back to Earth to make meaning of their existence, and cease to dream of the stars.

This new geocentrism may be exacerbated by an environmental problem already emerging from the rapid growth of satellite megaconstellations.

The light they reflect is obscuring the view of the night sky , cutting our senses off from the larger cosmos.

But what if it were technologically possible for humans to expand into the galaxy?

Arendt said assessing humanity from a position outside Earth would reduce the scale of human culture to the point at which humans would become like laboratory rats, studied as statistical patterns.

From far enough away, all human culture would appear as nothing more than a “large scale biological process”.

Arendt did not see this as an increase in stature: The conquest of space and the science that made it possible have come perilously close to this point [of seeing human culture as a biological process].

If they ever should reach it in earnest, the stature of man would not simply be lowered by all standards we know of, but have been destroyed.

Sixty years on, nations are competing to exploit lunar and asteroid mineral resources.

Private corporations and space billionaires are increasingly being touted as the way forward.

After the Moon, Mars is the next world in line for “conquest”.

The contemporary movement known as longtermism promotes living on other planets as insurance against existential risk , in a far future where humans (or some form of them) spread to fill the galaxies.

But the question remains.

Is space travel enhancing what we value about humanity?

Arendt and her fellow essayists were not convinced.

For me, the answer will depend on what values we choose to prioritise in this new era of interplanetary expansion.

close Video How a race car was built entirely from recycled electronic waste A Formula E team turned electronic waste into a racing car that can compete with the best in the world.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your old electronics when you throw them away?

Do you know that they can end up in landfills, polluting the environment and wasting valuable resources?

Well, one Formula E team has found a creative way to turn electronic waste (e-waste) into a racing car that can compete with the best in the world.


What is E-waste?

E-waste is any discarded electrical or electronic device that is no longer useful or wanted.

It can include anything from disposable vapes, mobile phones, laptops, MP3 players, plugs and batteries.

According to the Global E-waste Monitor, the world generated 53.6 million tonnes (118 billion pounds) of e-waste in 2019, and this figure is expected to reach 75 million tonnes (165 billion pounds) by 2030.

E-waste is not only a huge waste of resources, but also a major source of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Why is E-waste so dangerous?

E-waste contains toxic substances such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, which can leach into the soil and water, harming wildlife and human health.

Also, e-waste often ends up in developing countries, where workers dismantle it without proper protection or equipment, exposing themselves and their communities to hazardous materials.

Why is e-waste so hard to manage?

One of the main reasons why e-waste is so hard to manage is that many people are unaware of its impacts and how to dispose of it properly.

There is also a lack of effective policies and regulations to promote e-waste reduction, reuse, and recycling.

Furthermore, there is a shortage of adequate infrastructure and facilities to collect, transport, and process e-waste safely and efficiently.

How Envision Racing is driving change with an e-waste race car Envision Racing is the team behind the world’s first Formula E car made entirely out of e-waste.

Envision Racing is not only a leading Formula E team, but also a champion of sustainability.

Its Race Against Climate Change program aims to inspire and empower fans and the public to take action on climate change.


As part of this program, the team decided to create a car that would raise awareness of e-waste and its solutions.

They teamed up with Liam Hopkins, a British artist and designer who specializes in creating sculptures and installations from recycled materials.

They also collaborated with Music Magpie, a U.K. tech business that buys and sells used electronics, to source the e-waste for the car.

Liam Hopkins, left, and Aidan Gallagher stand next to the Recover-E race car.

(Envision Racing)

The e-waste car by the numbers The result is the Recover-E car, a full-size, drivable Formula E Gen3 car made entirely out of e-waste.

The car weighs 2,645 pounds and can reach speeds of up to 174 mph.



It is composed of various electronic products, such as laptops, keyboards, mice, phones, vapes, batteries, and wires.

The car demonstrates how e-waste can be repurposed and reused in a creative and innovative way, rather than being thrown away and forgotten.

The Recover-E race car (Envision Racing) MORE: THE WORLD’S FIRST ELECTRIC FLYING CRAFT IS SET FOR LIFT OFF How the e-waste car is a symbol of a larger campaign The Recover-E car is not just a car, but a symbol of a larger campaign to tackle e-waste and climate change.

The Recover-E campaign aims to increase awareness of the human impact of e-waste and the need to reuse and recycle old electrical products.

It also seeks to educate and encourage people to take action on e-waste and climate change, by making pledges, donating or selling their e-waste, and supporting renewable energy and electric mobility.

AIdan Gallagher, a NEP Goodwill Ambassador, drives the Recover-E race car.

(Envision Racing) MORE

REVOLUTIONARY FLYING SPORTS CAR COMPLETES ITS MAIDEN FLIGHT The Recover-E campaign activities and events The campaign has organized and participated in various activities and events to spread its message and reach a wider audience.

For example, it launched the Recover E-Waste to Race competition, inviting young people to create their own e-waste cars out of recycled electronic materials.

The winners were announced at the London ePrix, the final race of the 2022/23 Formula E season, where the Recover-E car was also unveiled.

Recover E-Waste race car (Envision Racing)

TOM BRADY APOLOGIZES TO F1 DRIVER FOR MISSING LAS VEGAS GRAND PRIX, PROVIDES WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT The car then traveled to COP28, the UN climate change conference, where it was displayed, attracting the attention of many onlookers.

The car will also head to Davos, Switzerland, in the New Year, to take the issue of e-waste to the global leaders and decision-makers.

A Recover E-Waste to Race competition (Envision Racing)

The campaign has achieved impressive results, such as generating 50,000 e-waste pledges and gaining recognition from influential figures and organizations.

Most importantly, the campaign has inspired and engaged young people and fans around the world to join the Race Against Climate Change and make a difference.

MORE: ELECTRIC CARGO BIKE AIMS TO REPLACE SUV How you can reduce and recycle

This is a good opportunity for you to think about your own e-waste and how you can reduce it and recycle it.

Here are some tips on how you can do that: Buy less and buy better.

Choose quality over quantity, and opt for durable and repairable products that last longer and have less environmental impact.

Sell or donate your old electronics .

Instead of throwing them away, you can sell them to a reputable company, or donate them to a charity or a school that can use them or refurbish them.

Recycle your e-waste properly.

Find out where and how you can recycle your e-waste in your area, and make sure you follow the instructions and guidelines.

You can also look for certified e-waste recyclers that ensure safe and responsible handling of e-waste.

Support renewable energy and electric mobility.

By switching to green energy and electric vehicles, you can reduce your carbon footprint and help fight climate change.

You can also support initiatives and policies that promote renewable energy and electric mobility.

MORE: HOW TO RECYCLE YOUR OLD ELECTRONICS INTO AMAZON GIFT CARDS Kurt’s key takeaways Envision Racing has created the world’s first Formula E car made entirely out of e-waste.

This car is part of a larger campaign to raise awareness and action on e-waste and climate change.

E-waste is a global challenge that affects the environment and society.

Hats off to the Envision Racing team for creating the Formula E-waste race car.

What a creative way to showcase the potential of recycling and reuse.



How do you feel about the e-waste problem, and what are some ways that you try to reduce, reuse, or recycle your old electronics?

Let us know by writing us at .

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offers exclusive Apple original TV shows and movies in 4K HDR quality.

You can watch across all of your screens and pick up where you left off on any device.

Apple TV+ costs $9.99 per month.

Here’s every Apple original television show and movie available now on Apple TV+, as well as the latest trailers … Apple TV+ content is available exclusively through .

You can watch on your Apple TV set-top box, iPhone, or iPad as you might expect.

But you don’t need the latest to enjoy Apple TV+.

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Apple TV+ offers original comedies, dramas, thrillers, documentaries, and kids shows.

For your $9.99/month subscription, you can watch all of Apple’s originals — as listed below.

You can download to watch offline too.

Apple is adding new content every single month.

How to watch the free Apple TV+ shows The TV app is the exclusive destination for Apple TV+, but the TV app is a little confusing because it blends together purchasable TV shows and movies from the iTunes Store, which you can buy or rent, content from other apps like Amazon Prime and Disney+, and Apple TV Channels.

The Watch Now screen does not really distinguish between content that you own and can watch, and just Apple’s general recommendations.

The easiest way to get started with Apple TV+ is to open the , and tap on the Originals tab.

(On some platforms, this tab is simply labelled using the ‘tv+’ logo.)

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This shows you all of the Apple TV+ shows and movies available to watch, separated into categories like comedy, drama and family fun.

Be aware, the web experience at is a bit barebonds compared to the native TV app on devices, and it only shows Apple original content.

For the best experience, use the TV app on a device like .

What to watch on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ (Apple TV Plus, or as some erroneously call it Apple+ TV) is still in its infancy but has already seen breakout hits including comedy and workplace sci-fi drama .

Apple aims for premium quality across its drama, comedy, and documentary TV shows and movies so everything should reach a reasonable level of quality and hopefully be worth your time.

In terms of personal recommendations, I suggest starting with , , , , and the movie .

Read on to see all of the TV shows, movies and specials streaming now on Apple TV+ as well as trailers for upcoming releases.

Peter Calpaldi stars in new thriller .

Epic limited series premieres January 26.

( ) In this three-part documentary, people close to John Lennon reflect on his life and death.

The series examines the events surrounding his murder, including new eyewitness interviews and never-before-seen crime scene photos, as well as the many conspiracy theories that sprung up in the aftermath of the killing.

Gary Oldman leads this adaptation of the Mick Herron book series, about a division of MI5 rejects.

The Slough Horse group are consigned to a live of admin and drudgery, until they become embroiled in an active hostage situation.

A fourth season of Slow Horses is in development.

A release date is not yet known.

Set in the world of Godzilla, this cinematic series follows two siblings as they uncover their family ties to the mysterious Monarch organization.

With the show spanning multiple generations, stars Kurt and Wyatt Russell portray younger and older versions of the same character, officer Lee Shaw.

For All Mankind explores what could have happened if the Russians got to the Moon first in 1969.

This inspires the US government to continue the space race.

The show forges an alternate timeline of NASA with the first season covering the 1969-1974 period.

Season two picks up in 1983, as the USA and USSR face off in a space race cold war.

Inspired by an unfinished Edith Wharton novel, The Buccaneers sees a group of rich American women trying to find a posh English other half.

The group descend into a culture clash of 1870s London society.

The Buccaneers is currently on its first season.

A second season is in development.

The infamous poltergeist case is explored in this docuseries with dramatic recreations that use the original audio recordings of the events in question.

Subject Janet Hodgson is interviewed and reflects on the long-lasting consequences of the investigation.

In this animated series, an ancient curse turns a beloved father, Alex, into a stone statue.

His two children, Pandora and Russ, embark on a magical quest to collect stolen artifacts, lift the family curse, and bring Alex back.

Elizabeth Zott’s dream of becoming a scientist is stalled by the realities of a patriarchal society.

Fired from the lab, she finds her feet as the host of a TV cooking show.

And suddenly, everyone is listening to her.

Brie Larson stars in this adaptation of the best-selling book of the same name.

Soccer legend Lionel Messi joined Major League Soccer in July 2023 and immediately made his mark.

This docuseries covers Messi’s arrival at Inter Miami and the events of his thrilling match debut.

The series shows how Messi propelled MLS’s popularity, garnering worldwide attention, record-breaking merch sales, and sold-out stadium crowds.

Inspired by the Interrupting Chicken book series, this preschool series introduces children to the world of creative writing.

The show revolves around the main character Piper, a little chicken with a big imagination.

Lisa is an illustrator, Danny is a journalist.

Their friendship is bonded by a common trait — insomnia.

Despite never meeting in person, while everyone else sleeps at night, they text each other for hours.

The series follows the antics of their lives as their relationship blooms.

A four-part documentary series on the four elite supermodels of the ’80s; Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington.

With exclusive interviews and archive footage, the documentary shows how the illustrious models catapulted themselves to stardom, disrupting the power dynamics of an entire industry along the way.

A drama exploring the power dynamics in the world of morning news broadcasts.

The story opens with anchor Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) facing sexual misconduct allegations.

Newcomer Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) aspires to replace Kessler in the prime-time slot, and clashes with longtime host Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston).

In the second season, the show unravels the ramifications further against a backdrop of the beginnings of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Morning Show fans will welcome the news that the series has been renewed for a fourth season.

A release date for the upcoming season is yet to be confirmed.

Based on the book by Victor LaValle, The Changeling is described as a dark fairy tale.

Apollo (LaKeith Stanfield) first believes that Emma is experiencing the effects of postpartum depression, but it quickly unravels into a whole other world of horror, fantasy, and mythology.

Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn was one of the most respected business leaders in the world, until a 2018 scandal saw his entire reputation destroyed.

He was facing lengthy jail time for fraudulent misuse of company assets.

Incredibly, Ghosn escapes Japanese arrest by being smuggled out of the country inside a musical equipment case.

This four-part documentary dives deep into this extraordinarily weird tale.

This sci-fi series shows the effects of an alien invasion from several different perspectives around the world.

Spanning five continents, Invasion is theoretically huge in scope, although it prefers to focus on the minutiae of individual characters’ experiences rather than a character-driven adventure.

Invasion is renewed and a third season is in the works.

Adapted from Nathan W. Pyle’s viral social media comic of the same name, Strange Planet is an animated TV series that explores the absurdity of human life through the lens of these cute blue alien beings.

Rose Byrne stars as Sheila Rubin in this dramedy set in the ’80s.

Stricken by a serious eating disorder, Sheila turns to the aerobics craze to find motivation and self-worth.

Her hobby quickly develops into something more however, as student becomes teacher and she forges a new career.

Physical ended with its third season on August 2.

Based on the genre-defining novels by Isaac Asimov, Foundation is an epic sci-fi adventure.

Hari Seldon (Jared Harris) predicts the downfall of the Galactic Empire and recruits a band of exiles to carry out his plan to save the future of humanity.

Foundation is renewed and a third season is in the works.

The Afterparty retells the story of a night gone wrong from eight different perspectives, with each account presented through the lens of a different film genre.

Tiffany Haddish plays the lead detective in this murder mystery whodunnit comedy series.

The Afterparty ended with its second season on July 12.

Based on the best-selling children’s books, Duck & Goose is a cartoon series aimed at preschool age.

Titular characters Duck and Goose learn to appreciate each other’s differences and become even closer friends.

Idris Elba stars in this airplane hijack thriller, with the seven hour ordeal portrayed in real-time across seven episodes.

Sam Nelson (Elba) negotiates in-the-air while ground control investigates the histories of the people onboard.

Swagger dissects the world of youth basketball, inspired by the experiences of NBA legend Kevin Durant.

O’Shea Jackson Jr. stars as coach Ike, who helps Jace Carson (played by Isaiah Hill) navigate his burgeoning sports career.

Ike is as much father-figure as he his coach.

The show covers off-the-court storylines too, including the pressures of social media, child abuse and police brutality.

The run of Swagger on Apple TV+ has ended.

The show was cancelled after the release of its second season.

Sisters Jacky and Jill explore what it is like to work, and grow up, on a farm.

In the series, they nurture a mysterious golden egg that hatches into a baby dragon.

Lovely Little Farm is a loving children’s series that beautifully blends live-action and computer animation.

Tom Holland stars as Danny Sullivan in this 10-part series, who is arrested on suspicion of his involvement with a New York City shooting.

He claims innocence, initially.

Much of the story is revealed through interviews with interrogator Rya Goodwin (played Amanda Seyfried), in which the mystery unravels as Sullivan is forced to reflect on all aspects of his life.

A whole new set of adventures with Snoopy and friends for the whole family to enjoy, drawing on the spirit of the classic cartoons but rendered in a modern computer animated 2D style.

The series will surely delight young viewers as well as parents with pangs of nostalgia.

Rose Byrne and Seth Rogan star in this new comedy series, which flirts with the idea of two people just being friends.

Playing Sylvia and Will respectively, the series sees the characters rekindle their friendship after many years apart, leading to some hilarious antics and midlife escapades.

Platonic is currently on its first season.

A second season is in development.

David Attenborough narrates this stunning dinosaur docuseries.

From the creators of Planet Earth, Prehistoric Planet blends state-of-the-art visual effects with the latest scientific understanding to demonstrate dinosaur behavior like never before.

In this charming animated kids series, three kids gain new perspectives on the world thanks to their new best friend, Stillwater the panda.

Stillwater helps the children make sense of their emotions.

The series received a Peabody award for outstanding children’s programming.

Patricia Arquette stars as Peggy, a drug addict who wants to make a fresh start following the death of her mother.

She decides to become a private investigator, and becomes entwined in a web of mysteries in this dark comedy series.

High Desert was cancelled after only one season.

Samantha, an NYU student, is shot in Central Park on July 4th, 2003.

She appears to have been alone — there are no witnesses.

As the mystery of the show unfolds, It turns out the truth of her apparent murder is connected to a series of fires that have been started across New York.

Unfortunately for fans of the series, City on Fire has been cancelled and will not return for a second season.

Based on Hugh Howey’s best-selling book series, Silo sees the last of mankind living in a vast underground bunker, without knowing exactly why they ended up down there.

No one is allowed to leave.

The mystery of the silo unravels as the protagonists hunt for the truth.

The show has been renewed for a second season.

An exact release date for the new season is not yet known.

Inspired by the classic children’s novel, Harriet the Spy is newly adapted for television as an animated series.

11-year-old Harriet (voiced by Beanie Feldstein) is an aspiring writer and absorbs as much as information about the world around her as possible, jotting it down in her notebook.

Based on the popular children’s books by Arnold Lobel, this cartoon centers on two best friends, Frog and Toad.

The show explores friendship in all its forms, and how we should all embrace what makes us different and unique.

Fine wine is on the line in this dramatic adaptation of popular manga Drops of God.

Camille is the daughter of Alexandre Leger, a highly respected figure in oenology.

Following his death, Camille has to compete to earn the rights to her father’s endowment — an extraordinary wine collection.

The series features both French and Japanese language dialogue.

From the same producers as Apple TV+ docuseries Tiny World, Big Beasts looks at the giants of the animal kingdom, including the gray whale, the orangutan, and the polar bear.

Filmed across seventeen countries, the series features never-before-recorded sequences of animal behavior.

The show is narrated by Tom Hiddleston.

Jane, an aspiring young environmentalist, who wants to save as many endangered animals as possible.

Using leading computer graphics techniques to bring the animals featured in the stories to life, the series charts epic adventures to save wild animals from across the globe.

The New York Times bestseller The Last Thing He Told Me is dramatised in this limited series adaptation starring Jennifer Garner.

The story follows Hannah, whose seemingly-perfect partner Owen unexpectedly vanishes.

He leaves behind a note for his daughter that ominously reads ‘Protect her’.

Hannah realizes she didn’t really know her husband at all.

A two-part documentary on the topsy turvy life of tennis player Boris Becker, who was ultimately sent to prison for bankruptcy fraud.

The series includes interviews with Becker, as well as other tennis icons like John McEnroe and Novak Djokovic.

Schmigadoon embraces the parody of classic musicals with a story of a couple getting trapped in a mystical musical town until they can find true love.

Keegan-Michael Key and Cecily Strong are joined by Broadway heavyweights including Alan Cumming, Jane Krakowski, Kristen Chenoweth, Aaron Tveit and Ann Harada in this star-studded cast.

Based on the book series ‘Owl Diaries’, Eva the Owlet is a beautifully animated childrens series.

With ambition and personality, Eva and her best friend Lucy go on many different adventures, logging her progress in her journal as she goes.

Chris O’Dowd leads this comedy series adaptation of best-selling book The Big Door Prize, in which a mysterious machine appears in a small town shop.

The machine promises to tell people their true life’s potential.

An exact release date for the second season of The Big Door Prize has not yet been announced.

So far, we know that it is coming on February 2, 2024.

Apple TV+’s first competition series, My Kind of Country, highlights upcoming talent in country music.

Artists are scouted and mentored by Jimmie Allen, Mickey Guyton and Orville Peck.

The contestants are hoping to win a prestigious endorsement prize from Apple Music.

This documentary series explores the world of wrestling through the lens of the Monster Factory, a training school in New Jersey led by a tough-yet-caring coach Danny Cage.

As a former wrestler himself, Cage is motivated to help the new recruits achieve their dreams of going pro.

Director Scott Z. Burns brings climate change to the fore in this star-studded limited series.

Across eight interconnected episodes, Extrapolations speculates how human life will be forced to adapt to the changing climate, and whether there’s a chance to turn back the the clock and reverse the trends of what seems like an inevitable fate.

Ted Lasso follows an American football coach who comes to England to lead … a soccer team.

However, this show is much richer than a typical fish-out-of-water story.

Ted Lasso may not know about the intricacies of soccer but he employs his unyielding optimism to bring out the best in his players.

This heartwarming and funny comedy series has been widely received by audiences and earned much critical acclaim.

This three-part series gives an inside look at Real Madrid’s legendary run during the 2021-2022 Champions League football season.

The team ultimately defy their critics to score their 14th Champions League title.

Vincent Cassel and Eva Green star in Apple’s first French language original series.

The crime thriller sees Alison Rowdy (Green) and Gabriel Delage (Cassel) struggle with the secrets of their relationship in the wake of major international cyber attacks against the United Kingdom.

Eugene Levy travels the world in this fun docuseries, facing all manner of personal challenges along the way.

Levy takes a helicopter tour across the Utah desert, tries sumo wrestling in Toyko, stays at a deluxe island resort in the Maldives, assists conservation efforts in South Africa, and more across eight awe-inspiring episodes.

The Reluctant Traveler is renewed and a second season is in the works.

Pretzel is the world’s longest dachshund.

He has a supportive dad to five puppies, and husband to wife Greta.

In this animated series, follow Pretzel and his family as they try to make the world a better place.

Make or Break jumps into the world of professional surfing, with exclusive access to follow some of the best surfers on the planet as they experience the highs and lows of competing in the World Surf League season.

Billy Crudup stars as salesman Jack in this retro-future sci-fi series, in which Jack and a cohort of others are trying to find homebuyers for promised lunar timeshares.

But everything is not as it first seems and Jack’s headstrong ambition and charisma masks a darker truth.

A horrific plane crash kills everyone onboard apart from Edward, a 12-year-old boy.

Based on the novel of the same name by Ann Napolitano, this emotional drama series explores the effects of grief and spontaneous camaraderie of the families left behind.

Dear Edward was cancelled after only one season.

Based on the book by Kate Beaton, Pinecone & Pony is a beautiful family cartoon starring a young warrior, Pinecone, and her best friend, Pony.

A world of magic and adventure awaits in this children’s comedy series.

Jason Segel plays James Laird, a grieving therapist who throws out the classical rulebook.

Instead, he tells his clients his raw, unfiltered, thoughts about their problems.

This has life-changing consequences on them, and himself.

Harrison Ford also stars in the series.

A second season of Shrinking is in development.

A release date is not yet known.

True-crime podcaster Poppy Parnell, played by Octavia Spencer, reopens a murder case as new evidence comes to light about the crime she originally investigated and brodcast to the world.

In season two, Poppy Parnell follows the trail of a different case with help from lifelong friend Micah Keith (Kate Hudson).

Unfortunately for fans of the series, Truth Be Told has been cancelled and will not return for a fourth season.

Go on adventures with Circle, Triangle and Square in this stop-motion animation adaptation of the children’s book series by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen.

The Shapes aren’t all the same, but they learn how best to work together.

A psychological thriller produced by M. Night Shyamalan, told in 30-minute chunks.

The family suffers the death of their baby at 13-weeks, and get a substitute baby doll as a kind of therapy.

The grief-stricken mother becomes so attached to the doll she hires a mysterious nanny to care for it.

Servant concluded with its final season on January 13.

A four-part series detailing the (ultimately failed) attempts to create a breakway league of top clubs in European football.

The documentary features exclusive interviews with the masterminds of the planned European Super League, including access to club owners and league presidents.

Siblings Charles and Lizzie share their love for dogs in this live action TV show for kids, inspired by the Scholastic book series.

In each episode, the family find a caring and loving home for each of the puppies that come their way.

Little America is a half-hour anthology series that explores amazing tales of immigrants in America, spanning the gamut of human emotion and experience.

Each episode is based on a true story from the Epic Magazine feature of the same name.

A young scientist, Amber, has been captured and held hostage somewhere near the Colombia-Venezuela border.

Amber’s military veteran brother Bambi (Luke Evans) and husband Prince (Michiel Huisman) undertake a treacherous search and rescue mission to try to find her, in this intense action thriller.

Circuit Breakers is an anthology series for kids and families to enjoy together, featuring seven unique science-fiction stories.

Go on futuristic adventures to space and more, all while exploring the highs and lows of what it means to grow up.

Mythic Quest centers on a video game studio working on their next hit game.

This fun workplace sitcom stars Rob McElhenney and Charlotte Nicdao, featuring subtle — and not so subtle — commentary on the universe of gaming culture in every episode.

Mythic Quest is renewed and a fourth season is in the works.

Combining puppetry and 2D animation, Slumberkins is an enchanting show about feelings, based on characters from the popular children’s book series.

Go on adventures with Bigfoot, Unicorn, Sloth, Yak and Fox, learning about mental wellness along the way.

Although it shares a name with ‘The Mosquito Coast’ book, this TV adaptation is more of a prequel.

It follows Allie Fox (Justin Theroux) as he takes his family on the run from the US government, in a perilous journey to Mexico.

Unfortunately for fans of the series, The Mosquito Coast has been cancelled and will not return for a third season.

Headlined by Eugenio Derbez, this fun bilingual comedy series is set at a popular hotel resort in Acapulco.

Derbez plays the present-day version of lead character Maximo Gallardo, who narrates the life experiences of his younger self, starting from when he joined the resort in 1984.

Acapulco is renewed and a third season is in the works.

A reboot of the classic children’s show of the same name, Ghostwriter follows the adventures of four kids in a haunted bookstore.

The ghost brings classics of literature to life, and the kids must solve the mysteries that they entail.

Based on the popular novel of the same name, Charlie Hunnam stars as Lin Ford, a runaway criminal who tries to start a new life in Bombay, India.

However, his ties to crime ultimately reel him back into the underworld.

Twelve episodes of Shantaram were released.

Since the first season came out, the show has been cancelled.

Jon Stewart returns to television with a more serious tone.

In each hour-long episode, The Problem with Jon Stewart examines global issues relating to current affairs and Stewart’s advocacy work, and aims to raise conversations around possible solutions.

The Problem with Jon Stewart concluded with its final season on October 7, 2022.

Jack McBrayer highlights small acts of kindness in this charming kids series aimed at preschoolers, with an original soundtrack produced by award-winning band OK Go.

The Kindness Show reinforces the values of caring and connecting with others.

Otis the tractor is here to help others in this animated kids series that takes place on Long Hill Dairy Farm.

Whenever he sees a friend in need, Otis rolls into action.

You may recognize Otis from the popular children’s book series of the same name.

In this charming animated series, William Wolf lets his imagination run wild.

Along with his new Spryte friends, he might even have the power to change the world.

William is voiced by Kassian Akhtar.

The show is executive produced by Joseph-Gordon Levitt.

Based on characters from the award-winning app Sago Mini World, this preschool series explores gratitude and thankfulness with fun animated adventures and original music, set in the world of Sagoville.

Hillary Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, highlight bold and influential women in this interview series.

Featured celebrities include Kim Kardashian, Wanda Sykes, Megan Thee Stallion, Jane Goodall and more.

Central Park is an animated series from the creator of Bob’s Burgers.

With a cast that includes Josh Gad, Kristen Bell and Tituss Burgess, the story revolves around a family of caretakers trying to save the city’s green space from being converted into a shopping mall.

The show is an animated musical comedy, with 3-4 original songs per episode.

Unfortunately for fans of the series, Central Park has been cancelled and will not return for a fourth season.

Following a stint of chemotherapy, Ella just wants to be a regular teenage girl as she starts a new year of school.

Empowered by a new perspective on life, Ella faces her fears head-on with an aim to make memories she’ll remember forever.

A post-apocalyptic adventure set 600 years in the future.

The remaining population of Earth is blind.

A war breaks out as sighted twins are born into a tribe, and the queen of the lands fears the mythic twins will threaten her rule.

Jason Momoa stars as Baba Voss, who will do anything to protect his sighted children.

Dave Bautista joins the cast as Edo Voss, Baba’s brother, in the second season.

Based on the popular young adult graphic novels, Surfside Girls sees best friends Sam and Jade explore supernatural happenings in their seaside town, with a mysterious pirate ship docking at the bay.

It all culminates in a showdown at the Danger Point coastal bluff.

From executive producer and writer Sharon Horgan, Bad Sisters features a dark comedy plot revolving around the mystery of how Grace’s husband ended up dead.

The insurance company certainly wants to believe the death came about by malicious intent, suspecting fraud.

Horgan stars as Eva, one of the five sisters in the family.

Apple TV+ has confirmed that Bad Sisters is renewed and will return for a second season.

We don’t yet know when season two will be released.

This limited series tells the harrowing true story of what happened at Memorial Medical Center, in the aftermath of the devastation by Hurricane Katrina.

The events of the first five days inside the hospital are re-enacted over the first five episodes, combining dramatic performances with archive footage.

The remainder of the season shifts to focus on the investigation into possible charges of euthanasia, raising questions about whether human failures prevented more lives from being saved.

Sophie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) is suffering from severe memory loss, as a consequence of a suicide attempt.

Or at least, that’s what she was led to believe.

Battling amnesia, Sophie begins to piece together the truth of what happened.

Surface is currently on its first season.

A second season is in development.

Based on the books by Paula Danziger, Amber Brown is a fun TV series for the whole family to enjoy.

It addresses issues of friendship, communication and growing up.

Brown’s love to draw is brought to life in the show with beautifully animated illustrations.

Amber Brown was cancelled after only one season.

Based on the book Just Don’t Fall by paralympic athlete Josh Sundquist, the show centers on 12-year-old Josh Dubin, who has a prosthetic leg, as he starts a new chapter of his life at middle school.

He teaches his peers at school that he is really just like them, disability or otherwise.

A fun British comedy revolving around a couple who are unable to conceive, and instead opt to go down the path of adoption.

‘Trying’ stars Rafe Spall and Esther Smith as their characters negotiate all the various hurdles associated with adopting a child.

Trying is renewed and a fourth season is in the works.

Based on a true story, inmate Jimmy Keene is giving a chance for freedom.

But first, he must be transported to a maximum security prison and elicit a confession out of a suspected serial killer, Larry Hall.

Taron Egerton and Paul Walter-Hauser lead the cast of this thrilling six-part series.

Loot follows Molly, played by Maya Rudolph, who is figuring out what to do with her $87 billion divorce settlement.

Across the series, she reckons with the comings and goings of her new life focus; running her charitable foundation.

Loot is renewed and a second season is in the works.

A series that takes you inside some of the world’s most innovative homes, and the stories of the people that made them.

The optimistic docuseries explores incredible dwellings from places around the world.

Based on the popular James Corden format, Carpool Karaoke

The Series expands on the premise with different celebrities taking the wheel for various comedic skits and classic karaoke sing-alongs.

An educational children’s live-action puppet series starring Cody and the Helpsters, from the makers of Sesame Street.

The show teaches the fundamentals of problem solving and coding through the lens of activities like party planning, climbing a mountain, and magic tricks.

A cover up of a deadly car crash leaves a group of friends forever implicated.

Twenty years on, their secret is threatened to be revealed.

This Spanish and English language thriller contrasts the freedom of youth with the realities of adulthood.

A short-form documentary series covering some of the greatest stories in sports.

The show features sporting legends including LeBron James, Tom Brady, Alex Morgan, Usain Bolt, Katie Ledecky and more, as they discuss the critical moments that defined their careers.

Religion, superstition and science wage war in a town on the coast of Essex.

Following the mysterious disappearance of a young girl, Cora (played by Clare Danes) moves to the town to hunt for proof of the rumored serpent.

Church rector Will Ransom (Tom Hiddleston) refuses to believe the myths.

Apple TV+’s first non-English language show is ‘Tehran’.

A Mossad agent goes undercover in Tehran, Iran, in this espionage thriller starring Niv Sultan and Shaun Toub.

The series is created by Moshe Zonder, head writer of Fauda.

Tehran is renewed and a third season is in the works.

From the makers of McMillion$, The Big Conn explores one of the largest government frauds in US history, with ill-gotten gains valued in the billions of dollars, all centering on one man

Eric C. Conn.

The four-part docuseries tells an incredible tale of how Conn evaded the eyes of the law for so long.

Elisabeth Moss leads this adaptation of the award-winning novel, Shining Girls.

She plays journalist Kirby, who realizes that a modern day murder is somehow linked to her own personal childhood assault.

Kirby’s reality continously shifts as she discovers just how interconnected she is with the killer.

Makur Maker accepted a position at Howard University in 2020, becoming the first top 100 NBA draft prospect to commit to a historically Black college.

This five-part docuseries covers what is behind behind Maker’s groundbreaking decision.

With intimate access to Earvin Johnson, and his friends and family, They Call Me Magic charts Johnson’s incredible career as an NBA basketball legend as well as his business and philanthropic impacts later after he retired from the game.

The four part docuseries also examines Johnson’s HIV diagnosis and the effect it had on changing how the disease was perceived in worldwide culture.

Roar is an eight-part anthology series of genre-bending feminist fables, based on a novel of short stories by Cecelia Ahern.

Cast includes Nicole Kidman, Alison Brie, Cynthia Erivo, Meera Syal and more.

Told in three languages — Korean, Japanese and English — Pachinko is a sweeping epic with a story that spans four generations of a Korean immigrant family.

The show flashes between timelines to follow the main character, Sunja, from a child and all the way through to elderly adulthood.

Apple TV+ has confirmed that Pachinko is renewed and will return for a second season.

We don’t yet know when season two will be released.

Jared Leto and Anna Hathaway star as Adam and Rebekah Neumann, in this limited series drama about the whirlwind rise and fall of WeWork.

Based on insane real events, the series highlights the crazy and — often — unhinged decision-making at the top of the office space startup.

Samuel L. Jackson (as the titular Ptolemy Grey) leads this six-part series about a man suffering with dementia.

A miracle treatment restores Grey’s memories … but only for a month.

With renewed vigor, Grey can finally right some wrongs of his past that he had previously forgotten all about.

A documentary inspired by the Apple ad campaign ‘Dear’.

The series finds people who have written letters to their heroes, expands on their stories and shows how everyone can be inspired.

Famous faces featured include Lin-Manuel Miranda, Stevie Wonder, Oprah Winfrey and Spike Lee.

This four-part docuseries explores the details and nuance in the story of former President Abraham Lincoln’s journey to end slavery.

Using archival footage and interviews with scholars, journalists and educators, the series lays out a more complete view of an America struggling to reconcile issues of economy and race.

Severance is a dystopian workplace thriller, in which employees at Lumon Industries undergo a procedure that separates their home and work memories.

In the ultimate test of work-life balance, Mark Scout (played by Adam Scott) slowly confronts the secrets of the mysterious corporation that he works for.

The show has been renewed for a second season.

An exact release date for the new season is not yet known.

Four suspects are at the center of an investigation into the abduction of an American businesswoman’s son.

Suspicion follows the FBI as they down track the suspects and hunt for clues as to the perpetrator.

The focus of doubt shifts across the series, as more information comes to light about each person’s whereabouts and motivations.

Eight episodes of Suspicion were released.

Since the first season came out, the show has been cancelled.

Back to the Rock is a full series reboot of the original franchise, featuring recognizable characters like Gobo, Red, Boober, and Mokey as well as some new additions and celebrity guest cameos.

Follow the Fraggles and Doozers as they embark on a new set of fun adventures, down in Fraggle Rock.

More episodes of Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock are on the way.

Apple has officially announced that the show has been renewed for a second season.

El Deafo is a three-part animated story about Cece, who is somewhat isolated from other kids at school because of her need to wear hearing aids.

But with the help of an alter ego ‘El Deafo’, she learns to treat her hearing aids as a superpower rather than a disability.

Her increasing confidence helps her to make new friends.

This docuseries explores the ambiguity of war, centering on the 2018 case in which US Navy platoon chief Eddie Gallagher was accused of war crimes.

The show includes interviews with Gallagher as well as members of the team that reported him to authorities, and never-before-seen footage of the controversial mission in Mosul, Iraq.

Psychiatrist Ike Herschkopf (played by Paul Rudd) crosses ethical and moral boundaries to exploit the vulnerable patient Marty (played by Will Ferrell) for his own gain, slowly taking over his entire life.

Based on a true story, dark comedy drama The Shrink Next Door exposes this wholly-dysfunctional relationship.

Snoopy and Charlie Brown start a whole new adventure … in space.

Follow Snoopy on his steps to becoming a NASA astronaut as the Peanuts gang explores the moon and beyond.

Snoopy in Space is part of a wider Apple deal that includes Charlie Brown and Peanuts classics, and new original titles.

In a modern interpretation of Emily Dickinson’s life, Hailee Steinfeld stars as the misunderstood American poet in her coming-of-age story.

Dickinson blends classical themes and carefully-crafted set pieces with anachronistic language and flair, personifications of Death, among other twists.

Dickinson ended with its third season on November 5, 2021.

Apple’s first Korean drama is the six-part series Dr. Brain.

The show features a daring brain scientist named Sewon.

He discovers that the closest members of his family have mysteriously died.

In an attempt to find closure, Sewon connects to their brains to try and uncover exactly what happened.

Have fun with Doug, the inquisitive robot, in this kids animated adventure series.

Most robots spend their days downloading facts.

Doug wants to explore the world.

Doug Unplugs encourages children to always be curious, try out new activities, and learn more about Planet Earth.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt wrote, directs and stars in this ten-part series about a teacher who thinks he is stuck in a rut.

The show explores Mr. Corman’s anxieties and his underlying musical ambitions, as he struggles to find happiness in the daily grind of life.

Unfortunately for fans of the series, Mr. Corman has been cancelled and will not return for a second season.

Mark Ronson reveals how musicians turn sound into music, specifically tackling how technology is changing the development of modern songs and soundtracks.

This docuseries features interviews with Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Charli XCX and more.

Based on the true story of young investigative reporter Hilde Lysiak, Home Before Dark shows how a young girl uncovers a cold case that even her own family tried to hide.

The appeal of the show spans generations, just like its cast.

With all episodes written by Stephen King, Lisey’s Story is a deeply personal horror thriller.

Following the death of her husband, Lisey, played by Julianne Moore, must confront her past relationship.

The show blends real-world heartbreak and despair with supernatural encounters.

Produced by Oprah and Prince Harry, this docuseries tackles issues of mental health in modern society.

It features interviews with people from all walks of life, united by the challenges and struggles of emotional well-being.

Stars featured include Lady Gaga, Glenn Close and DeMar DeRozan.

The music of 1971 reflected the political and cultural upheaval of the time.

This docuseries explores the innovative artists and bands of the era, featuring John Lennon, Marvin Gaye, Tina Turner and more.

This docuseries explores the life of living creatures at microscopic scale.

Paul Rudd narrates stunning sequences of animals that are so, so, small.

Tiny World features a variety of species and habitats, including the depths of the forest, the dry sands of the desert and the underwater biodiversity of the coral reef.

What would be pitch black to human eyes, is revealed in full color in this innovative docuseries.

The show used cutting-edge camera equipment to film animals going about their normal business, in the dead of night.

Tom Hiddleston narrates.

Calls is a strange addition to Apple TV+’s lineup, as it relies on audio for storytelling and features almost no visuals at all.

Each episode features an eerie phone call conversation as a group of strangers simultaneously experience an apocalpytic event.

A fictional psychological thriller that follows Alice, a film director, as she becomes obsessed with a young screenwriter.

The show examines how Alice succumbs to the allure of power and success.

Olivia Colman narrates ‘Becoming You’, a docuseries covering the first 2000 days of 100 children’s lives.

It features a wide variety of kids from an array of cultures and from all walks of life.

The show highlights young people find their own way in the world, from their very first step.

Long Way Up follows Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on a 100-day journey riding electric Harley-Davidson motorbikes.

The show is about best friends travelling through Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Mexico.

The new trip is the latest installment in the Long Way franchise.

Apple TV+ is also streaming the prior adventures, Long Way Down and Long Way Round.

The Oprah Conversation is the reincarnation of Oprah’s iconic talk show format.

The interview format explores deep topics affeecting the world.

In the opening episode, Oprah explores racism in culture, in conversation with Emmanuel Acho.

Featuring original music from Sara Bareilles, Little Voice charts the path of a fledgling music artist trying to make a name for herself in New York.

Brittany O’Grady stars as Bess in this romantic tale as she finds her voice in the big city.

Nine episodes of Little Voice were released.

Since the first season came out, the show has been cancelled.

Defending Jacob tells the story of a legal attorney whose teenage son has been accused of murder, based off the best-selling book of the same name.

The story culminates with an epic twist that you can’t predict.

The limited series stars Chris Evans, Jaeden Martell, and Michelle Dockery.

As everyone self-isolates, Oprah Winfrey hosts video conversations with noted doctors, scientists, recovering COVID-19 patients, and the health workers on the front line fighting this pandemic.

Every episode is free to watch, no TV+ subscription required.

A remake of the 1980’s classic sci-fi show, the Amazing Stories anthology series is produced by Steven Spielberg.

Each episode follows a different tale in a completely different setting.

With a family-friendly age rating, the series aims to appeal to parents and children alike.

Described as a five-part documentary series, Visible looks at the portrayal and development of LGBTQ characters on television.

It also examines the consequences of coming out in the television industry and how attitudes have evolved, albeit slowly.

Renowned American talk show host Oprah Winfrey brings her famous Book Club to Apple TV.

Every few months, Oprah records interviews with the author of her book picks at locations around the world.

Mark Wahlberg stars as Dan Morgan in this action comedy film.

Dan is living comfortably with his family, having withheld the fact that he was once a career assassin.

When he realizes that he has been located by someone that wants him dead, he takes his family on a ‘road trip’ to Las Vegas to try and end it once and for all.

His cover is blown, and his family is now along for the ride.

Jessie Buckley, Riz Ahmed, and Jeremy Allen White star in this sci-fi romantic drama.

This film explores what happens in a world where the compatibility of couples can be tested for.

Anna (Buckley) and Ryan (White) are told they are a perfect match for each other, but Anna isn’t so sure.

She forges a new love interest with Amir (Ahmed), a co-worker at the love testing institute Writer of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and other espionage fiction, John le Carré’s life is brought to the fore in this insightful film, directed by award-winning documentarian Errol Morris.

The film explores the throughline between le Carre’s relationship with his father, and the themes explored in his written work.

Flora (Eve Hewson) attempts to get her wayward son, Max, a meaningful hobby.

With the help of a second-hand acoustic guitar and the teachings of an LA musican (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Flora and Max’s connection deepens.

Zach Galifianakis, Elizabeth Banks, Sarah Snook, and Geraldine Viswanathan star in this retelling of the late 90s Beanie Babies craze.

The film shows who came up with the smart business strategy that helped keep the hype train moving, and who took credit for it.

From Apple and A24, this documentary explores the rise of Stephen Curry in the world of basketball, charting his course from an unknown college player to a four-time NBA champion.

The film features a mix of exclusive interviews and new fly-on-the-wall footage.

Michael J. Fox tells his story in this documentary that cleverly blends scripted elements, new interviews, and archive footage.

As well as showcasing his rise to stardom in the 1980s, the film uncovers his private journey battling Parkinson’s disease, having been diagnosed at just 29 years old.

Cole (Chris Evans) is infatuated by Sadie (Ana de Armas) in this rom-com action thriller.

Before he can get a second date, he learns that Sadie is actually an undercover secret agent and is caught up in an international espionage mission.

Starring Taron Egerton as Henk Rogers, the movie Tetris is a dramatic retelling of the story behind acquiring the distribution rights for Tetris.

Rogers must collaborate with Tetris’s Russian inventor, Alexey Pajitnov, to secure the deal amid a tense Cold War environment.

Max hunts larger ill-gotten gains and plots to scam the New York elite, in a proposed heist of epic proportions — but will his greed backfire?

Julianne Moore, Sebastian Stan, John Lithgow and more star in this twisty thriller.

Will Smith stars as Peter, a slave who takes it upon himself to flee his captor, escaping his life of cruelty in the hopes of returning to his family.

He traverses the dangers of the Louisana swamps as part of his journey to freedom.

The film is inspired by the famous photos of ‘Whipped Peter’, whose depiction of Peter’s brutal lashings helped accelerate the emancipation movement in the US.

Will Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds and Octavia Spencer star in this modernized, musical, comedic reimagining of A Christmas Carol.

In this adaptation of the iconic Charles Dickens tale, it is the Ghost of Christmas Present (Ferrell) that reflects on his own past, present and future.

Mental health is the focus in this documentary on Selena Gomez, who shot to fame as a child star on the Disney Channel.

Using footage filmed across the last six years of her life, the Emmy-nominated actress intimately reveals her struggles with lupus and bipolar disorder.

Jennifer Lawrence stars as a soldier, Lynsey, who has just returned from the warzone of Afghanistan.

She is dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic brain injury she sustained in the field.

Lynsey bonds with James (played by Brian Tyree Henry).

Black & Blues is a feature-length documentary on Louis Armstrong, one of the most influential figures in jazz music.

Using archive footage and never-before-heard home recordings, the film presents intimate insights into the mind of the culture-defining musician.

Half-brothers Raymond (Ewan McGregor) and Ray (Ethan Hawke) must come together to fulfill their estranged father’s final wish following his death: to have them dig his grave.

In inviting guests to his funeral, they discover that their dad treated his friends very differently to how he treated them.

Based on the incredible true story, Zac Efron stars as Chickie, who takes it upon himself to travel to the front lines of the Vietnam war, to give allied soldiers a little bit of hope — and a can of beer.

Upon arriving at the trenches, Chickie is forced to confront the harsh realities of war.

The film also stars Russell Crowe, with Bill Murray in a supporting role.

The life of Sidney Poitier is explored in this documentary film, produced by Oprah Winfrey in collaboration with the Poitier family.

Poitier’s legacy is brought to life with archive footage and interviews with Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Barbra Streisand and more.

The unluckiest person ever, Sam Greenfield, journeys into a secret world where magical creatures manage the good luck and bad luck experienced on Earth.

Sam’s arrival threatens the balance of fortune, and chaos ensues.

Luck’s voice cast features Eva Noblezada, Simon Pegg, Jane Fonda, Whoopi Goldberg and more.

Cooper Raiff wrote, produces, directs, and stars in this Sundance award-winning film.

In Cha Cha Real Smooth, Andrew is a wayward unemployed young man working as a Bar Mitzvah party starter.

He strikes up a friendship with Domino (Dakota Johnson) and her autistic daughter, Lola at one of these parties — beginning a very unconvential love story.

Based on the novel by Jandy Nelson, The Sky is Everywhere tells the story of Lennie Walker, who is struggling with grief following the death of her older sister.

Lennie navigates love and loss as she meets Joe Fontaine, the new guy at school, and is inspired to write a song of her very own.

Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand lead a bold black-and-white adaptation of the Shakespeare classic.

Joel Coen’s interpretation retains much of the original dialogue, albeit abridged to keep the story lean and focused.

The stunning sets are stark and geometric, with clear German Expressionism influences, evoking the tone of a classical stage setting whilst still feeling impressively cinematic.

Starring Mahershala Ali, Swan Song explores the ultimate dilemma: would you let a clone take your place?

Ali’s character, Cameron, is tragically diagnosed with a terminal illness.

But, in the near-future sci-fi setting, Cameron has the opportunity to replace himself with a perfect, healthy, human clone.

The catch is that he cannot tell his family what he has done.

Cameron struggles with the ramifications of this heart-breaking choice, learning much about love and life along the way.

Jeremy Morris is perhaps the only person who has been banned by a federal court from putting up Christmas decorations.

This documentary film shows the extreme lengths Morris will go to celebrate the holiday season, and the neighborhood’s less-than-welcoming response to a Christmas bonanza taking place on the driveway of his North Idaho home.

Tom Hanks stars as the eponymous inventor, who is one of the last human survivors in this post-apocalyptic world.

Finch builds a robot to keep him — and his beloved dog — company as they embark on a cross-country expedition in increasingly harsh conditions.

Todd Haynes brings a refined perspective on a genre-defining rock band in The Velvet Underground.

Leaning heavily on the cinematic language of the ’60s — such as montage and split screen compositions — the film is far from a standard run-of-the-mill rock documentary.

The Come From Away musical tells the story of the small town of Gander, who generously opened their doors to more than 7,000 people who found themselves stranded in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

They would go on to develop long-lasting bonds and friendships.

This filmed version of the musical features many original Broadway cast members, and was performed to an audience of 9/11 survivors and front-line workers.

Ruby, played by actress Emilia Jones, is the only hearing person in her family.

She has grown up helping out, and generally acting as interpreter, for her deaf parents.

In this heartwarming and hilarious film, Ruby discovers a passion and a talent for singing.

She must reconcile her new-found career ambitions with her family commitments.

CODA premiered at the 2021 Sundance film festival and took home the grand jury prize for drama.

The film has also been commended for its real-world representation of the deaf community, including casting deaf actors for all deaf roles.

Featuring interviews with people that worked with him and were inspired by him, this documentary explores the life of Charles Schulz, creator of Charlie Brown.

It shows how Schulz became interested in cartoons and how that evolved into the development of the Peanuts series.

The film interweaves a new Peanuts animation featuring Charlie Brown and the gang tackle the question of ‘who are you?’

in a school essay.

Dr Michelle Fournet wants to prove that whales identify each other by sound and Dr Ellen Garland aims to show how whalesong is not so dissimilar to human speech.

Fathom centers on the intricacy of scentific research.

It also highlights how the scientists readjust to normal life, after spending months dedicated to observing one species of animal.

The year of human quarantine allowed wildlife flourished in unexpected and profound ways and The Year Earth Changed explores 2020 from the perspective of the natural world.

David Attenborough narrates this fascinating documentary film, featuring scenes such as the penguin takeover of Cape Town and the appearance of whales in Glacier Bay.

Tom Holland stars as Cherry, in this hard-hitting drama feature directed by the Russo brothers.

After joining the army at a young age, Cherry falls into the depths of heroin addiction.

He becomes a bank robber to service his cravings, with the film examining the real impact of the opoid crisis in America.

A documentary film depicting the meteoric rise of Billie Eilish’s career.

Recorded mostly in 2019, the film shows the artist’s triumphs and personal struggles as she crafts her debut album.

An album so successful that it lands her five Grammy wins, at the age of eighteen.

Justin Timberlake stars as Eddie Palmer, who has just completed a 12 year prison sentence.

Palmer’s neighbor disappears, leaving him in the care of her 7 year old son Sam.

As the pair develop a close bond, Palmer’s past comes back to haunt the relationship.

Wolfwalkers is the latest installment from Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon.

A young hunter, Robyn, comes to Ireland and discovers the magical world of the Wolfwalkers, after originally intending to exterminate the last remaining wolf pack.

The film tells an enchanting folklore tale and received glowing reviews from critics, including an Oscar nomination for best animated feature.

Fireball is a documentary film about the human response to meteorites and shooting stars, or more cryptically the ‘visitors from darker worlds’.

Werner Herzog explores how these happenings have shaped human culture and beliefs.

On The Rocks stars Rashida Jones and Bill Murray, in a romantic comedy film directed and written by Sophia Coppola.

Jones’ character, Laura, suspects her husband might be having an affair.

On the Rocks is a light-hearted and fun caper to find out the truth.

A documentary showcasing the creative process of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, as they record their new album ‘Letter to You’.

The film includes 10 final take performances from the album.

An illuminating documentary following the 2018 Boys State in Texas, providing a fascinating insight into the machinations of politics.

Boys State won the Grand Jury prize at the Sundance festival.

A cinematic World War II naval thriller starring Tom Hanks.

Hanks play Krause, a commander on his maiden voyage to escort a convoy of merchant Allied ships across the North Atlantic.

The film follows their quest as they face the German submarines trying to stop them in their tracks.

A documentary about the father relationship in a family.

The 80-minute movie starts with interviews with famous faces but pivots into an exploration of how fathers in ordinary families are dealing with the many stresses of life.

The Beastie Boys Story takes a personal look at the band’s highs and lows over the last 40 years.

The documentary is narrated by band members Mike Diamond and Adam Horvitz, in an intimate live theater setting, and directed by the award-winning Spike Jonze.

Based on a true story, the movie follows two businessmen who take on the oppressive racial climate of the 1960s by pretending to be just a janitor and chauffeur, whilst they secretly grow their business empire.

Hala puts the spotlight on a teenager attempting to balance the innate freedoms of teenage life with her traditional Muslim upbringing.

A secret romance could split the family relationship altogether.

A documentary spanning footage shot over four years of an elephant herd traveling across Africa.

The film centers around the matriarch Athena but also pays attention to other animal species encountered along the way.

Watch all Major League Soccer games, with no blackouts or geographic restrictions, exclusively on the Apple TV app with MLS Season Pass.

Apple TV+

subscribers can watch some of the matchups at no extra charge, and get a discount on the full Season Pass package.

Apple has partnered with the MLB to offer a doubleheader of two live baseball games, every Friday of the regular season, exclusively for Apple TV+ subscribers.

Apple also streams ‘MLB Big Inning’, a daily live show featuring game highlights.

You can also watch a 24/7 stream of MLB replays, historic games and more content.

Hannah Waddingham stars in a musical extravaganza holiday special, filmed at the London Coliseum.

Singing iconic Christmas classics to a rapturous crowd, Waddingham is joined by special guests including Leslie Odom Jr., Luke Evans, Sam Ryder, and surprise appearances from her Ted Lasso co-stars.

Based on the beloved children’s book by Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit comes alive in this holiday special.

Combining animation and live action, William gets a new toy for Christmas, a woven rabbit doll.

The rabbit magically comes alive and the pair go on a wondrous adventure.

The newest Snoopy special for Apple TV+ sees introvert Marcie in the running for class president.

She has a bunch of great ideas to improve lunchtimes, but lacks the confidence to be in the spotlight.

She finds a way to express her ideas — to great effect — without taking all of the attention.

In collaboration with Apple Music, Apple TV+ streams live concerts from some of the biggest artists in music.

The series debuted with a performance by Ed Sheeran, premiering tracks from his new album, Subtract.

Charlie Mackesy’s book is brought to life in this carefully-crafted Christmas Day special, featuring beautiful hand-drawn animation.

Four unlikely friends team up on an inspiring journey of exploration.

Lucy is worried about starting at a new school in the fall, so she decides to start her own instead.

The Peanuts gang enroll as her students.

However, Lucy soon learns that running a school is easier said than done.

The new Peanuts special debuts in time for back-to-school season and pays respect to the important role of teachers in children’s lives.

In the latest Charlie Brown special for Apple TV+, Peppermint Patty grew up with a mother, so she isn’t quite as excited for Mother’s Day as everyone else.

However, the Peanuts gang help to make her see that the day celebrates all kind of families too.

In this brand new animated special, Charlie Brown looks to see how he can best make a positive impact on the environment.

Starring Snoopy and all your favorite Peanuts characters, It’s The Small Things aired to help celebrate Earth Day 2022.

‘For Auld Lang Syne’ is a brand new Peanuts holiday special, featuring Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the gang.

In this special, Lucy tries to arrange the best New Year’s Eve party ever to make up for a somewhat disappointing Christmas.

Mariah Carey returns to Apple TV+ in a more subdued affair than her 2020 special.

It features an exclusive performance of her new holiday song ‘Fall in Love at Christmas’, featuring Khalid and Kirk Franklin, as well as an interview with Zane Lowe.

This beautiful short film follows the journey of a nature-loving astronaut who is stranded on a small, desolate, planet.

The astronaut visibly blushes at the arrival of a friendly, pink, alien lifeform.

This documentary special features exclusive access to the highest-level of decison makers in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attack, including interviews with President George W. Bush and his chief of staff, as they break down — minute-by-minute — the government response to the events of that terrible day.

Mariah Carey leads a holiday celebration spectacular, featuring original performances of a dozen Christmas classics.

The special includes the debut performance the new holiday track ‘Oh Santa’, sung by Carey, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson.

Shot on iPhone during the pandemic, Cody the monster broadcasts from the Helpsters workshop to demonstrate how it is still possible to learn, play, and have fun whilst stuck at home.

Band Grouplove join Cody for a special celebration to thank all the people helping to keep others safe and healthy.

The classic Fraggle Rock puppet show returns with a new series of shorts that show how friendship can bind us all.

Amidst coronavirus lockdown measures, ‘Fraggle Rock: Rock On’ is recorded in the homes of the production team, shot on iPhone 11.

An animated short film that follows a young boy learning about wonders of nature, in celebration of Earth Day.

The story is based on the best-selling book by Oliver Jeffers.

The film is narrated by Meryl Streep.

Peanuts celebrates the 50th anniversary of the moon landing in this live-action mockumentary revealing Snoopy as the fourth member of the Apollo 10 mission, also starring Jeff Goldblum and Ron Howard.

Apple TV+ is focused on producing new TV shows and movies, which means exclusive originals make up the vast majority of the available content.

However, the service includes a handful of older titles to stream: , , , , , , , , , , , and .

These classics are now airing on Apple TV+ as Apple has reached deals to make new seasons, or reboot the franchise entirely, so the older episodes are made available for customers to catch up.

That’s a total of 223 TV shows and films to watch on .

Apple has a lot more originals in development, with new content being added every couple of weeks.

We’ll keep this post updated with the latest official announcements of new Apple TV+ content.

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