Another deceased music legend is about to get the hologram treatment

Another deceased music legend is about to get the hologram treatment

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Another deceased music legend is about to get the hologram treatment

Following in the footsteps of other iconic artists, elvis Presley is poised to make a digital comeback in the form of a hologram. The King will be brought back to the stage through immersive technology, with shows scheduled for various global cities, including London, Las Vegas, Berlin, and Tokyo. Layered Reality, a U.K.-based specialist in immersive experiences, is spearheading this groundbreaking endeavor.

elvis Evolution Show

Layered Reality recently unveiled its ambitious project, the ‘elvis Evolution’ show. This show is set to debut in London in November before embarking on a global tour, presenting audiences with an unforgettable concert experience. The company aims to blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy by showcasing a life-sized digital representation of elvis Presley, complete with his iconic songs and dance moves. This cutting-edge production will incorporate a blend of technology, augmented reality, theater, projection, and multi-sensory effects, promising an unparalleled experience for elvis fans.

The Ultimate Tribute

Andrew McGuinness, the Chief Executive of Layered Reality, described ‘elvis Evolution’ as a next-generation tribute to the enduring musical legacy of elvis Presley. With global superstar status, elvis continues to captivate audiences worldwide. McGuinness emphasized that modern audiences seek active participation in entertainment rather than passive consumption. This sentiment underscores the immersive and interactive nature of the ‘elvis Evolution’ show, aiming to provide fans with an experience that transcends traditional concert performances and celebrates the extraordinary legacy of the musical icon.

Unveiling the Experience

Layered Reality’s announcement has sparked immense excitement, promising that the event will be a memorable and bucket-list experience for elvis aficionados globally. Attendees are anticipated to be immersed in the world of elvis, enabling them to walk in the footsteps of the legendary artist and commemorate his unparalleled impact on the music industry. Moreover, the post-show activities, featuring an elvis-themed restaurant and bar with live music, DJs, and performances, offer an opportunity for continued engagement and the celebration of elvis‘s enduring influence.

Debates Surrounding Hologram Performances

The employment of hologram technology to revive deceased artists has sparked considerable debate within the music industry. While some embrace the technology’s ability to recreate larger-than-life events and enable the continuation of beloved artists’ legacies, others perceive it as disconcerting and surreal. Notably, discussions surrounding ethically and creatively navigating the use of holograms have intensified in recent years. Despite this, the approach continues to garner interest and curiosity from both artists and audiences alike.

Expanding Horizons of Holographic Entertainment

The phenomenon of utilizing holograms to resurrect departed musicians extends beyond elvis Presley. Notably, the 1970s pop sensation ABBA has embraced this technology, presenting a successful show in London featuring digital representations of its members. Similarly, rock band Kiss has announced plans to incorporate holographic performances into their future tours, offering a novel way for aging musicians to continue their artistic endeavors. Consequently, holographic entertainment has evolved into a contemporary method for artists to engage with audiences and sustain their musical legacy.

The Ethical and Creative Complexities

Critics and enthusiasts alike recognize the intricate ethical and creative considerations associated with holographic performances. While the technology facilitates the recreation of iconic artists and enriches the live music experience, it also poses significant challenges in preserving the integrity and authenticity of an artist’s legacy. Striking a balance between Innovation and reverence for an artist’s memory is crucial when harnessing hologram technology, emphasizing the importance of responsible and respectful implementation.

Innovating the Virtual Reality Landscape

The integration of holographic technology in revitalizing the legacies of iconic musicians signals a significant expansion within the virtual reality landscape. Developers and innovators continuously explore ways to merge immersive experiences and technological advancements, offering audiences unparalleled opportunities to engage with the arts. The convergence of art, technology, and audience participation reshapes traditional conceptions of live performances, ushering in a new era of experiential and interactive Entertainment.


The upcoming unveiling of the ‘elvis Evolution’ show and the broader trend of holographic performances signify a remarkable shift in the music industry. As technology continues to advance, the line between reality and fantasy becomes increasingly blurred, presenting novel avenues for artists to connect with their audiences. Whether viewed as a cutting-edge tribute or a contentious phenomenon, holographic performances undoubtedly provoke thought and reflection on the evolving relationship between technology, art, and audience engagement in the digital age.

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