Ancient civilization home to 30,000 people ‘hidden in Amazon rainforest’ found with 33ft-wide roads using laser-scanner

Ancient civilization home to 30,000 people ‘hidden in Amazon rainforest’ found with 33ft-wide roads using laser-scanner

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Ancient Civilization Home to 30,000 People ‘Hidden in amazon Rainforest’ Found with 33ft-Wide Roads Using Laser-Scanner

Archaeologists have made a remarkable discovery using advanced laser technology to unveil a previously unknown settlement deep within the amazon rainforest. This groundbreaking revelation sheds light on a civilization dating back 2,500 years in the Upano Valley site, situated along a stretch of the eastern Andes Mountain range.

This early civilization, which may have been Home to as many as 30,000 inhabitants at its peak, represents the earliest and most extensive agricultural civilization recorded in the area. The use of airborne lidar, a sophisticated light detection system, has played a pivotal role in uncovering the true extent of this ancient site.

The application of lidar technology involves pulsing thousands of lasers onto the landscape, allowing for the revelation of structures hidden beneath the dense vegetation. This revolutionary approach has provided archaeologists with an unprecedented view of the land, presenting a comprehensive understanding that was previously obscured by the obstacles faced during ground exploration.

A Glimpse into the Past

Through excavations and scientific studies, it has been determined that the settlement dates back to around 500 B.C. and was inhabited until 300 to 600 A.D. The site, spanning approximately 230 square miles, served as a home to the pre-Hispanic Kilamope and Upano cultures. Subsequently, members of the Huapula culture also inhabited parts of the settlement following a period of hiatus.

Interestingly, remnants of ceremonial buildings erected on large earthen mounds, canal systems, and extensive agricultural fields have been uncovered at the site. This evidence paints a vivid picture of the complex societal structure and advanced infrastructure that once thrived in this remote region.

The Network of Roads

One of the most fascinating discoveries pertains to the intricate street systems that crisscrossed the site and extended beyond its boundaries. These 33ft-wide roadways not only interconnected throughout the settlement but also extended beyond its perimeters, serving as crucial conduits for community connectivity and external interaction.

According to Stéphen Rostain, a renowned archaeologist and director of research at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), these roads operated in unison, fulfilling the vital function of connecting the entire community and establishing links with the external environs.

Redefining the Amazonian Heritage

The findings from this groundbreaking discovery challenge the conventional understanding of the Amazonian region, serving as a resounding testament to its rich and multifaceted heritage – both environmental and cultural. The magnitude of this revelation underscores the imperative need to revise preconceptions of the Amazonian world and promote inclusive and participatory scientific inquiry.

The authors of the study passionately advocate for a comprehensive reevaluation of the Amazonian worldview, emphasizing the indispensable role of an inclusive and participatory approach to science. This compelling perspective prompts a critical reconsideration of contextual frameworks and conceptual paradigms in the vibrant light of an encompassing and collaborative scientific ethos.

Unveiling an Enigmatic Past

The unearthing of this ancient civilization within the heart of the amazon rainforest serves as a catalyst for a profound reevaluation of our perception of this revered ecological expanse. It represents an enthralling chapter in the ongoing saga of archaeological exploration, redefining the cultural tapestry of the Amazonian region and shining a poignant spotlight on its indigenous legacy.


The revelation of this hidden civilization nestled within the amazon rainforest reverberates with profound implications, illuminating an enigmatic past dating back millennia. The use of advanced laser-scanning technology has unveiled a civilization that flourished in harmony with the natural landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the historical narrative of this captivating region.

As the echoes of this remarkable discovery resound through the annals of archaeological inquiry, it beckons us to embark on a journey of introspection and reevaluation, inspiring a renaissance in our understanding of the Amazonian heritage. This unprecedented revelation opens a gateway to a deeper appreciation of the intricate interplay between ancient civilizations and the bountiful embrace of the amazon rainforest.

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