7 things Sonos’ first headphones will need to get right

7 things Sonos’ first headphones will need to get right

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7 Things Sonos’ First Headphones Will Need to Get Right

If the speculation and sneak peeks from the CEO are accurate, Sonos is edging closer to the launch of its inaugural wireless headphones in 2024. The company’s potential entry into this new product category arouses excitement, but the path to success is uncertain.

Comfort is King

Headphones must prioritize comfort, as any discomfort can limit wear durations. Some established headphone manufacturers have inadvertently created products with uncomfortable designs, causing fatigue.

Sonos, being new to headphone design, faces the risk of missing the mark in this aspect. A focus on ergonomics becomes crucial.

Home and Away

Wireless headphones have become indispensable for daily use, necessitating seamless transitions from various environments, such as commutes and workplaces, to home environments.

Sonos has demonstrated competence in this area with products like the Sonos Roam and Sonos Move 2 speakers, which seamlessly switch between usage contexts.

Peace and Quiet

Effective Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is now a standard feature in modern wireless headphones, expected to be on par with industry frontrunners like Apple, Bose, Sony, and Sennheiser.

Multiple Uses, Multiple Devices

Wireless headphones serve a dual function: not only do they need to deliver superior sound to the wearer, but they also must enable clear communication for the person speaking.

Additionally, supporting Bluetooth Multipoint would allow simultaneous connections to multiple devices, enhancing versatility.

Killer Spatial Audio

Sonos has excelled in spatial audio with its speakers, but delivering this experience through headphones poses distinctive challenges, necessitating an informed approach to virtual spatial audio and head tracking capabilities.

Exemplary performance on compatible content, akin to Sonos‘ existing soundbar offerings, becomes a benchmark for the headphones.

Gotta Be True TV

For compatibility with Sonos soundbars and an immersive audio experience on television, head-tracked Dolby Atmos presentation must be achieved wirelessly, in tandem with maintaining high-quality audio across multiple headphone units within a household.

Battery Blues

Battery life is critical, especially for headphones intended for travel. High power requirements of Wi-Fi and additional components necessitate substantial battery stamina.

Sonos has recognized this importance with its previous products and must carry forward this ethos to its headphones, ensuring a balance between performance and endurance.


Success for Sonos‘ foray into wireless headphones hinges on meticulous attention to various essential elements, ranging from comfort and versatility to advanced audio features and extended battery life.

As the company charts its path into uncharted territory, avoiding potential pitfalls and meeting user expectations will be pivotal to establishing itself as a formidable competitor in the wireless headphone market.

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