10 health advances are stealing the show at CES 2024

10 health advances are stealing the show at CES 2024

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10 Health Advances Stealing the Show at CES 2024

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and its impact on healthcare is undeniable. From innovative devices that monitor vital signs to AI-powered solutions that improve sleep quality, the health gadgets showcased at CES 2024 have captured the attention of health enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 health advances that stole the show at the world’s biggest technology event.

1. Home Health Checkup in 1 Minute – BeamO (Withings)

Withings has introduced BeamO, a groundbreaking device that enables users to conduct a comprehensive Health checkup in the comfort of their homes, all within a mere minute. This device measures body temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen level, and electrocardiogram with just a touch of a finger, providing individuals with valuable insights into their Health. Furthermore, BeamO syncs with smartphones and offers detailed reports, allowing users to share data with their healthcare providers. Anticipated to be cost-efficient and user-friendly, BeamO is set to revolutionize the way people monitor their Health.

2. AI-Powered Anti-Snoring Pillow – Motion Pillow (10minds)

Addressing the common issue of snoring and breathing difficulties during sleep, the Motion Pillow from 10minds garnered attention at CES 2024. This AI-powered pillow, designed to reduce noise and detect snoring through sophisticated sensors, aims to enhance sleep quality and overall well-being. With its ability to adapt and adjust to individual needs, the Motion Pillow presents an innovative solution to a prevalent health concern, offering promise for a more restful night’s sleep.

3. smart thermometer for Easy Temperature Monitoring – HiitCheck (ADDPLUS Co.)

HiitCheck, a compact smart thermometer designed for effortless temperature measurement, simplifies the process of taking one’s temperature in a matter of seconds without direct skin contact. This innovative device, accompanied by a user-friendly app for data management, presents a convenient and efficient approach to monitoring body temperature, essential for various Health-related situations. HiitCheck is set to redefine conventional temperature measurement methods and streamline the monitoring process for users.

4. Lipcure Beam – Beauty and Health Combined (AMOREPACIFIC)

AMOREPACIFIC introduced Lipcure Beam, a revolutionary beauty device that not only enhances lip makeup but also measures lip moisture, contributing to overall lip Health. By emitting light and incorporating natural vitamins to boost lip collagen and hydration, this device aligns beauty and Health, offering a unique proposition for individuals seeking holistic beauty solutions. With its universal color system and emphasis on lip care, Lipcure Beam sets a new standard in the convergence of beauty and wellness.

5. Performance-Enhancing Wearable Leggings – WE-Stim Leggings (Barun Bio)

Barun Bio’s WE-Stim Leggings, integrated with wearable electric stimulation technology, offer a novel approach to stimulating and relaxing muscles during physical activity. By leveraging natural electric Energy to enhance muscle activation and recovery, these leggings provide a promising solution for individuals seeking to optimize their workout performance. Offering a wireless and hassle-free experience, WE-Stim Leggings reflect the innovative intersection of fitness and wearable technology.

6. Master Medical Bed – Integrated Health Platform (Ceragem Co.)

Ceragem Co. showcased the Master Medical Bed, a multifunctional product integrating massage, medical devices, AI, and IoT technology to provide personalized health management. This comprehensive platform addresses a wide spectrum of health issues, offering a amalgamation of comfort and advanced technology. With its synchronization capabilities and health monitoring algorithms, the Master Medical Bed represents a significant advancement in personalized healthcare solutions.

7. GyroGlove – Advanced Hand Stabilizer (GyroGear)

GyroGear’s GyroGlove presents an advanced solution for individuals with hand tremors, leveraging gyroscopic technology to counteract hand shaking and provide much-needed stability. Its durable Design and user-friendly features make it a potential game-changer for individuals seeking to regain control and confidence in their daily activities. The GyroGlove holds promise in enhancing the quality of life for those dealing with hand tremors.

8. Sens.AI – Brain Training System

Sens.AI, with its 5-in-1 brain training system, offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing cognitive and mental well-being. Employing brainwave sensors, heart rate sensors, and other cutting-edge technologies, Sens.AI provides personalized programs to aid individuals in achieving their brain performance goals. Backed by scientific research, the system aims to empower users to enhance their sleep, cognition, well-being, and meditation, representing a holistic approach to brain training.

9. iYU Massage robot (Capsix Robotics)

Introducing iYU, a personalized robotic masseuse leveraging artificial intelligence to cater to individual massage needs, from relaxation to stimulation. With its adaptive features and sophisticated massage capabilities, iYU represents a significant stride towards accessible and customized massage experiences. Offering an on-demand relaxation solution, iYU showcases the potential of AI in enhancing holistic well-being and comfort.

10. MyEye – AI-Powered Visual Aid (OrCam)

Combining Artificial Intelligence with visual recognition capabilities, OrCam’s MyEye device provides an advanced solution for individuals with visual impairment. By enabling users to obtain information through audial cues, MyEye significantly enhances independence and quality of life for individuals facing visual challenges. Its intuitive interface and innovative features make it a compelling aid for those seeking advanced visual assistance solutions.


The showcased health devices at CES 2024 underscore the rapid convergence of technology and healthcare, offering groundbreaking solutions to address various health concerns and improve overall well-being. As these innovative devices gradually make their way into consumers’ lives, they hold the potential to redefine how individuals approach health monitoring, fitness, beauty, and comfort, paving the way for a future where technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing holistic wellness.

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